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Page 2 Last Minute Gift Guide • Friday, December 11, 2015

The advantages of last-minute holiday shopping Tackling tasks well in advance has many advantages, and often it is in one’s best interest to be ahead of the game, including when the game at hand is holiday shopping. But men and women who simply can’t get a head start on their holiday shopping need not fear, as waiting until the eleventh hour to do the bulk of your shopping can have some distinct advantages, too. Consumer Reports’ 2012 Holiday Poll found 9 percent of shoppers - an estimated 17 million people - planned to shop in stores on Christmas Eve in 2012. Many stores are still open on Christmas Eve, even if the doors are only unlocked for a limited number of hours. That gives shoppers one last chance to find the perfect presents. In addition to having more time to decide on gifts,

Shopping late in the season may be advantageous for some people.

here are some other benefits to shopping later in the season. • Smaller crowds: As the holiday season winds down, many shoppers have already completed their shopping. Fewer people tend to be in stores in the final days before

Christmas, as they are readying their homes for company or making travel plans. This can be a prime time for shopping and getting through malls or other retailers in less time. • Discounted prices: Anxious to reduce inventory and

make the most of end-ofthe-year profits, stores may discount merchandise even further for fast sale. Shoppers anxious to save a little bit more or come in under budget may find waiting to shop is to their financial advantage. • Lower chance of discovery: One difficulty of shopping early is keeping all of the gifts hidden for the duration of the month. Waiting until later to shop means only having to camouflage gifts for a few days. When you wait, curious kids are less likely to find their gifts before the big day. • Last-minute specials: Some online retailers offer “doorbusterâ€? sales at various times during the holiday shopping season. These sales may offer additional discounts or even free shipping. Just be sure to balance the benefits of the discount against the shipping

price. If it means having to pay a premium for overnight shipping, it may not be worth the investment. • More time to plan: By the end of the holiday season you may have a better idea of what you need to purchase. You also may have polled others regarding what they are giving, reducing the chances of giving duplicate gifts. • Gift cards galore: Some people prefer to give gift cards, which are available all season long. Consumer Reports says 62 percent of last-minute shoppers grab gift cards. If you fall into that category, waiting to buy the cards won’t be an issue so long as you make it to the stores before they close. Last-minute shopping has its advantages. If time is ticking away, there are still deals to be had.




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Page 4 Last Minute Gift Guide • Friday, December 11, 2015

The economic downturn that began in late 2008 forced many holiday shoppers to curb their spending on gifts for friends and family. But even though the economy has since recovered, savvy holiday shoppers are still taking a conservative approach to their shopping, and saving lots of money along the way. Shoppers often struggle with how much to spend on gifts for their loved ones come the holiday season. The quest for the perfect gift leads many to overspend, but there are ways holiday shoppers can give great gifts without breaking the bank. • Leave credit cards at home. Stretching a budget when holiday shopping can be tempting, especially when shoppers come across “can’t

miss� gifts they know their loved ones will treasure. Succumbing to such temptation typically finds holiday shoppers using their credit cards to make purchases they otherwise cannot afford, and that only lands shoppers in post-holiday debt that can be difficult to pay off. Leaving credit cards at home when shopping for the holidays significantly reduces the likelihood that shoppers will overspend, and it guarantees they won’t be mired in debt come January. • Whittle down your shopping list. Many holiday shoppers find themselves in financial hot water come the end of the holiday season thanks in large part to seemingly endless holiday shopping lists. Lists may include coworkers, distant cousins,

neighbors, and a host of other acquaintances. Whittling down holiday shopping lists can save shoppers money. Contact loose acquaintances and distant relatives to suggest you stop exchanging gifts come the holidays, saving both parties time and money. • Make a list of gifts. Blindly shopping for holiday gifts can prove disastrous to your finances. Before heading out on a holiday shopping trip, make a list of gifts you intend to buy for each person on your list. This can help you focus your search and reduce the likelihood that you will make potentially costly impulse purchases as you wander around the mall for hours on end. • Spread out your shopping. Holiday shoppers with

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¨£|Â?enÂŁ[n 2AĂŚÂƒÂŒĂ? QĂś 4½0½ $Â˜ĂśÂžÂˇÂ?[ ¨A[ÂŒ Ă?AÂŁežAĂ“Ă?nĂ? nn½ Ă—Ă?ÂŒ nƒĂ?nn ˜A[— n˜Ă?½

especially long shopping lists can spread out their shopping over several months to reduce the likelihood that they will accumulate credit card debt or run out of cash during the holiday season. Begin shopping in late summer or early fall, periodically buying gifts for loved ones when you have the cash to do so. This has the added benefit of freeing up time during the often hectic holiday season, and it greatly reduces the risk of compiling postholiday debt. Many people stretch their budgets during the holiday season. But savvy holiday shoppers can employ several strategies to keep themselves out of debt this holiday season.

ä :0 I 4"$/! / :Â?Ă?ÂŒ ÂŁĂ?¨˜˜žnÂŁĂ?½ "¨ ¨£Ă?Ă?A[Ă?z :¨Ă?˜e 2An—ô¨£e¨ [AenžÜ

The quest for the perfect gift leads many to overspend, but there are ways holiday shoppers can give great gifts without breaking the bank.

ÂŻĂźbßßß 0Ľ Ă?z |Ă?nĂ? 0[Œ¨¨˜ -Ă?¨ƒĂ?Ažb ĂŚÂ˜Â˜Ăś n|nÂŁĂ“nb Â?[—Q¨þÂ?ÂŁÂƒb Â?ĂŚ Â?Ă?Ă“ĂŚz

!AĂ?Ă?Â?A˜ Ă?Ă?Ă“a ÂŁ [Ă?Â?ĂłÂ?Ă?Ăś Ă?ÂŒn ÂŁĂ?Â?Ă?n AžÂ?Â˜Ăś AÂŁ £–¨Ü "¨ ¨£Ă?Ă?A[Ă?Ă“z 0AĂś "$

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2¨ AĂ?AĂ?n !AĂ?Ă?Â?AÂ&#x2DC; AĂ?Ă?Ă&#x201C; [Â&#x2DC;AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;nĂ&#x201C; AĂ?n A |ĂŚÂŁ AÂŁe Ă&#x201C;A|n

¨£Ă?Ă?A[Ă?Ă&#x201C;z A[Ă?Â?ĂłÂ?Ă?Ăś Ă?Â&#x152;AĂ? Ă?Â&#x152;n nÂŁĂ?Â?Ă?n |AÂ&#x17E;Â?Â&#x2DC;Ăś [AÂŁ nÂŁÂ&#x2013;¨Ü Ă?¨Â&#x192;nĂ?Â&#x152;nĂ?½ :Â&#x152;Â?Â&#x2DC;n AeĂŚÂ&#x2DC;Ă?Ă&#x201C; Â&#x192;nĂ? Â?ÂŁĂ?¨ Ă&#x201C;Â&#x152;A¡n AÂŁe Ă?nÂ&#x2DC;Â?nĂłn Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;b [Â&#x152;Â?Â&#x2DC;eĂ?nÂŁ AĂ?n Â&#x2DC;nAĂ?ÂŁÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;nÂ&#x2DC;|Â&#x17D;en|nÂŁĂ&#x201C;n |Ă?¨Â&#x17E; ¡¨Ă&#x201C;Â?Ă?Â?Ăłn Ă?¨Â&#x2DC;n Â&#x17E;¨enÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x201C;½ AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; Ă?¨eAĂś AÂŁe Ă&#x201C;nn Ă´Â&#x152;Ăś Ă&#x201C;¨ Â&#x17E;AÂŁĂś |AÂ&#x17E;Â?Â&#x2DC;Â?nĂ&#x201C; nÂŁÂ&#x2013;¨Ü Â&#x17E;AĂ?Ă?Â?AÂ&#x2DC; AĂ?Ă?Ă&#x201C; Ă?Ă?AÂ?ÂŁÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192;½

!A¡Â&#x2DC;n Ă?¨ón Ă&#x2DC; Ă&#x2DC;Ă&#x; 0Ăś[AÂ&#x17E;¨Ă?n Ă?½ "½ š$||  ¤ I AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C; AÂ&#x2014;n /e½º

Ă&#x2014;Ă&#x2DC;Ă&#x;Â&#x17D;~~¤Â&#x17D;Ă&#x2014;ߤ¯ ôôô½ôĂ?A Ì½[¨Â&#x17E;

Last Minute Gift Guide â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, December 11, 2015 Page 5





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Page 6 Last Minute Gift Guide â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, December 11, 2015

Avoid the hidden costs of online shopping Online shopping saves shoppers the trouble of waiting in long lines while offering the convenience of around-the-clock hours. With a few clicks of the keyboard or scrolls on a tablet, shoppers can typically find just about any product or service they desire. But additional fees and service charges that can quickly accumulate also are a part of online shopping. However, shoppers can mitigate such costs by identifying potential fees and learning how to keep them manageable. SHIPPING Shipping costs are a burden to online shoppers. Even when prices are low, shipping costs can offset those savings,

especially for last-minute shoppers forced to select overnight or two-day shipping. Before completing checkout, check the estimated shipping costs to determine what the final cost will be. Avoid retailers who charge high fees or limit your shipping options. Watch for specials that advertise free shipping, and stick with retailers that offer free or reduced shipping on particular days or times, then do the bulk of your shopping during those discounted periods. Some retailers offer free shipping to a store location. This affords consumers the convenience of shopping online without the added cost of having merchandise delivered to your home.

POOR RETURN POLICY Before buying any items online, familiarize yourself with the return and exchange policies of the retailer. Although many sites post sizing charts and dimensions for furniture and other products, sizing mistakes can be made, and you may be responsible for the shipping costs when returning or exchanging items. Shop with retailers who have lenient return policies, including accepting exchanges or returns at area stores. Otherwise, rely on companies that include return labels and take care of the cost of exchanges. RESTOCKING FEES Read the fine print when shopping online.

nÂ&#x2DC;nQĂ?AĂ?n "nĂ´ <nAĂ?Ă&#x152;Ă&#x201C; Ăłn :Â?Ă?Â&#x152; 4Ă&#x201C;z ÂŁÂ&#x2013;¨Ü -Ă?Â?Â&#x17E;n /Â?Q Â?ÂŁÂŁnĂ?b

Â&#x152;AĂ?nAĂŚQĂ?Â?AÂŁe AÂŁe Ă?Â&#x152;n ĂŚÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; Â?ÂŁÂŁnĂ? !nÂŁĂŚ

Hidden fees can offset the beneďŹ ts of shopping online. Although rare, some retailers charge a restocking fee for returned items, particularly electronics. This fee may be 5 to 20 percent of the purchase price. IDENTITY THEFT The potential for identity theft is another concern when shopping online. Reputable retailers employ security measures to safeguard shoppersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; personal information. Encrypted data, identifiable by a â&#x20AC;&#x153;lockedâ&#x20AC;? icon on the check-out page, protects billing information from hackers. Although no system is entirely im-

penetrable, encrypted sites are generally safe. Never enter personal information unless a site is encrypted. It will cost you time and maybe even money to refute fraudulent purchases, and such issues may negatively affect your credit rating, even when theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not your fault. INTERNATIONAL FEES Shopping online puts you in touch with global retailers. Purchasing from around the world may be easy, but navigating currency exchanges and


other fees can be difficult. International sites may list the prices of items at their currency rate, so what seems like a good deal may be anything but. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, some shoppers may incur duty fees when accepting items from other countries, particularly if the value of the product is high. The Internet may be a good place to buy items at attractive prices from the convenience of home. However, shoppers should be aware of any hidden charges that can offset the benefits of shopping online.






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Last Minute Gift Guide â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, December 11, 2015 Page 7

Make sure gifts arrive on time Come the holiday season, shipping companies work around the clock to ensure packages, merchandise and more make it to their destinations on time. What would December holidays be without gifts under the tree? In 2013, overtaxed carriers failed to meet Christmas deadlines for many packages. Some analysts say big retailers and carriers may have underestimated consumersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; growing reliance on online shopping - especially for last-minute presents. Since those mishaps, both UPS and FedEx have spent millions on upgrades. More fuelefficient planes, upgrades to air cargo networks and improved infrastructure and ground shipping operations have helped shipping companies better handle the increased volume. As shipping companies

work harder to ensure holiday packages arrive at their destinations on time, there also are things consumers can do to increase the chances that gifts make it under the tree before the big day. â&#x20AC;˘ Double-check all mailing addresses. Make sure you have the correct addresses for all friends or family members you will be sending gifts to. An incorrect address can result in packages being returned to sender or floating around in shipping limbo. All of this only decreases the likelihood that gifts will arrive on time. â&#x20AC;˘ Consider a ship-tostore option. A number of big retailers now offer various options that allow customers to purchase items online and pick them up in a nearby store. In-stock items may be available the same day, while others may have to be shipped to the store for

When buying gifts online or mailing them to faraway loved ones, consumer must leave ample time for shipping.

a later pickup. â&#x20AC;˘ Enter shipping parameters. Signing up for either My FedEx or MyUPS gives you a little extra control over how packages are sent to you. For example, you can request that packages be held at a delivery center or you can presign for deliveries. These perks can help limit some lost or delayed packages. â&#x20AC;˘ Use proper postage. Bulky envelopes or large packages are better off brought to the post office for shipping instead of mailing them from home. Inadequate postage could stall delivery of your items and have them returned to you. â&#x20AC;˘ Research shipping cut-off dates. Shipping carriers often list the â&#x20AC;&#x153;last days to shipâ&#x20AC;? for their services so that packages will arrive by the date you need them. This way you can plan around the cutoffs. â&#x20AC;˘ Sign up for membership programs. Online retailers, such as Amazon, offer expedited shipping on many products as part of their membership programs. For example, Amazon Prime-eligible products will generally arrive within two business days as part of your annual membership fee. The added cost may be well worth the peace of mind fast shipping provides. An increase in online shopping as well as families living further apart has led to a high volume of gifts being shipped around the holidays. Plan accordingly so that gifts will arrive on time.



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Page 8 Last Minute Gift Guide • Friday, December 11, 2015

9ÓÝ 4Ó Ý ß ¨æ£Ýö /¨Ae s¯ ½ Z $ÓÓn¨b !" "nõÝ Ý¨ -nϗ£Ó –æÓÝ ¨|| ôö½ ¯Ø¤



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e ·Ï[nÓ ƒ¨¨e |Ϩž n[nžQnÏ ¯~݌ Ž n[nžQnÏ ß¯ÓÝ

A󏣃  -AÏÝöÅ

¨˜eAö Aó¨ÏÝnÓ Z Ïnӌ ˜˜ "AÝæÏA˜ 2æϗnöÓ ¯üŽä ˜Q ӏúnÓ AóA˜AQ˜n Z 0ž¨—ne 2æϗnöÓ ¯üŽ¯ä ˜Q AónÏAƒn

-Ϗžn /Q ¨£nŽ" ¨Ï ¨£n˜nÓÓ ¹Aƒneb ÝϏžžneb ÓnAÓ¨£ne ¨£ ÏnÄænÓݺ

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¨˜eAö ¨¨enÓ Z Ïnӌ æÝn|Ó—

Z ¨žnžAen

Z Ïnӌ $öÓÝnÏÓ

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Z :¨£enÏ|æ˜ Ï¨ô£ -¨Ï— /¨AÓÝ Z nnÓn Z æ[—Ó Z nƒ ¨| AžQ

Z æžQ¨ -ÏAô£Ó

¹0ôneÓŒ 0AæÓAƒnº

Z 0[A˜˜¨·Ó

Z -[—˜ne nÏϏ£ƒ Z ÏneeöÌÓ n|Ón

Z ¨QÓÝnÏ 2A˜

Z "¨ÏӘA£e n|Ón

ÏnAÝ |Ý ÝnžÓ I 0£A[—£ƒ 2ÏnAÝÓ

¤½¤¤ ·nÏ ˜Q½

¨˜eAö |Ý ¨õnÓ Ž æÓݨž |Ý ¨õnÓ óA˜AQ˜n Qö 0·n[A˜ $ÏenÏ  2 2<Ì  24< 40 " $9z $ÏenÏÓ žæÓÝ Qn ·˜A[ne ä eAöÓ £ AeóA£[n ¨| -[—æ·

!ƒ£¨£  ˜nÝ 0ÝnA— ¨õ sŽØ ¨ú½ ˜nÝ !ƒ£¨£ 0ÝnA—Ó



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Až 0ÝnA—

"nô -Ϗ[nÓ 9AÏö 0ÝnA— ¨õ ¨õ ׎¤ ˜Q ¨žnŽ0ž¨—ne sŽs ¨ú½ /Qnön 0ÝnA—Ó

Œ¨[n æÝ k

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ŒnnÓn 2æQ -A[—Aƒn ¨| ÏA[—nÏÓ



Z Až¨æÓ $Ϗƒ£A˜ nn| nϗö I s $݌nÏ ˜Aó¨ÏÓ

ä ä ß ä

Z 2æϗnö nϗö Z ¨žnžAen nn| 0ݏ[—Ó ¹¯Ø ˜Aó¨ÏÓº Z ¨žnžAen 0AæÓAƒnÓ ¹Ø ||nÏn£Ý £eÓº

|Ý AÏe óA˜AQ˜nÓ

!¨£eAöb n[½ ä¯ saüüAžŽØaüü·ž 2ænÓeAöb n[½ ää saüüAžŽ×aüü·ž :ne£nÓeAöb n[½ äß saüüAžŽ×aüü·ž 2ŒæÏÓeAöb n[½ ä ×aßüAžŽ¯aüü·ž

$0 ϏeAöb n[½ ä~ 0AÝæÏeAöb n[½ äØ݌ saüüAžŽäaüü·ž

$0 0æ£eAöb n[½ ä×݌ !¨£eAöb n[½ äs saüüAžŽØaüü·ž 2ænÓeAöb n[½ ä¤ saüüAžŽØaüü·ž :ne£nÓeAöb n[½ ßü saüüAžŽØaüü·ž 2ŒæÏÓeAöb n[½ ߯ saüüAžŽaüü·ž

$0 b ϏeAöb A£½ ¯

$0 b 0AÝæÏeAöb A£½ ä

$0 b 0æ£eAöb A£½ ß

~ ˜Q½

Z Ïnӌ ¨žnžAen Z AÓö -nn˜ 0ŒÏž· -¨ÝAݨ 0AæÓAƒn

$ÏenÏ žæÓÝ Qn ·˜A[ne £ AeóA£[n½

¨˜eAö ¨æÏÓ

:$  $"0 2" / A£e æ· k

0˜[ne /¨AÓÝ nn| æ æÓ 0ŒÏneene -¨Ï— æ æÓ Aσn 9AϏnÝö ¨| -AÏÝö 2ÏAöÓ

A˜˜ ¨Ï Ónn ônQӏÝn œ“f“:]f |¨Ï ž¨Ïn enÝA˜Ó½ ҖÄ

ž·Ýö "nÓÝnÏÓ -A[— Ž Ž Ž Ž

s¨ú "nô <¨Ï— 0ÝϏ· 0ÝnA—Ó s¨ú ˜nÝ !ƒ£¨£Ó

n£ÝnÏ æÝ -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó 0ž¨—ne -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó ¹:AϞ I 0nÏónº /$?" ä˜QÓ ¨£n˜nÓÓ ˜˜ "AÝæÏA˜ I " 

Œ[—n£ ÏnAÓÝÓ $; ä Ž ¯˜Q -—ƒÓ õÝÏA nA£ Ϩæ£e nn| k


sŽs ¨ú½ "nô <¨Ï— 0ÝnA—Ó Œ¨[n æÝ




¨£nŽ£ AžÓ ¨Ï ¯Ž¯s ˜Q ¨žnŽ0ž¨—ne ¨£nŽ£ AžÓ

 4˜ÝžAÝn |Ý -A[— 0Až·˜nÏ |Ý -A[—  Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ $æÏ Až¨æÓ nn| nϗö Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ ¨žnžAen !˜e nn| 0ݏ[—Ó Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ ¨žnžAen ˜Aó¨Ïne nn| 0ݏ[—Ó Z ¨žnžAen 0枞nÏ 0AæÓAƒn ŒæQQ Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ ¨žnžAen 2æϗnö nϗö Z ŒnnÓn 2æQ k Z -A[—Aƒn ¨|



 2Œn :nn—n£enÏ

ä Ž ¯˜Q 0Ï˜¨£ 0ÝnA—Ó ä˜QÓ ¨£n˜nÓÓ ˜˜ "AÝæÏA˜ Œ[—n£ ÏnAÓÝÓ  n£ÝnÏ æÝ -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó ¯˜Q Ž ¨žnžAen 0ž¨—ne ÏAÝôæÏÓÝ ¯˜Q Ž ¨žnžAen 0—£Ž¨£ ¨Ý ¨ƒÓ ä Ž ¯˜Q -A[—AƒnÓ õÝÏA nA£ Ϩæ£e nn| ¯˜Q ¨žnŽÓž¨—ne A[¨£ ¯˜Q Ž ÏnA—|AÓÝ /$?" 0AæÓAƒn £—Ó I "  k



Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ $æÏ Až¨æÓ nn| nϗö Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ ¨žnžAen nn| 0ݏ[—Ó Z ¯Ùä ˜Q½ ¨žnžAen ˜Aó¨Ïne nn| 0ݏ[—Ó Z ¨žnžAen 0枞nÏ 0AæÓAƒn

ŒæQQ Z ŒnnÓn 2æQ k


 4˜ÝžAÝn Ϗ˜˜ -A[—

Ž n£ÝnÏ æÝ -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó äŽ A–æ£ -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó äŽ æÝÝnÏ AϘ[ -¨Ï— Œ¨·Ó ä ˜QÓ ¨£n˜nÓÓ Œ[—n£ ÏnAÓÝÓ äŽØ¨ú ˜nÝ !ƒ£¨£ k äŽ ¯˜Q 0Ï˜¨£ 0ÝnA—Ó äŽ A[¨£Ù ŒneeAÏ æσnÏÓ äŽ!æӌϨ¨žÙ0ôÓÓ æσnÏÓ  Ž .ÝϽ -¨æ£e ;ÝÏA nA£ /$?" Ϩæ£e nn| -AÝݏnÓ I " 


+ æÓݨž |Ý ¨õnÓ :ÝŒ <¨æÏ Aó¨ÏÝnÓ óA˜AQ˜n ¨Ï 0·n[A˜ $ÏenϽ +


Lmgg omg life 12 11  
Lmgg omg life 12 11