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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Staying fit in the golden years: Champlin, Dayton seniors exercise in new videos by Stefanie Briggs

It wasn’t easy at first, but after warming up to the idea some Champlin and Dayton seniors have decided to show others what they learned about keeping active and staying fit during the golden years of life. Longtime fitness instructor Kelly Lindell of Champlin came up with idea. Lindell asked members of the city’s Park and Recreation Seniorcise classes at the Champlin Ice Forum if they’d be willing to do some exercises on camera for a local cable television show. Lindell has been working full time with her own business helping elderly in their homes and noticed one thing during all her visits: if you don’t move it, you can lose it. “For the last eight years I’ve seen so many clients who could be in such better circumstances if they had exercised,” Lindell said. “As we age fitness is more about quality of life and doing simple things like taking a shower by yourself,

being able to change your sheets or get up out of a chair are more important rather than how you look or what size you wear.” Having taught fitness classes to seniors in senior apartments before, making videos about senior exercises seemed like a natural progression, but she needed some seniors to work out with her. Gerry and Grethe Winship of Champlin volunteered because the two like to stay active. “I thought it would be fun and practical and I could learn more about fitness,” Grethe said. “One of my ideals is working with seniors and I felt that this was an excellent program for seniors.” The biggest challenge for the Winships was stage fright. Exercising in a classroom with other seniors while no one else is watching is one thing, to record it was another. But they enjoyed all of it.

SENIORS/see page 6

Members of the Champlin Seniorcise class do some stretches during a class April 29 at the Champlin Ice Forum. Some class members participated in a special video taping about exercises for people in their golden years that airs 11:30 a.m. Mondays on the Metro Cable 6 channel and can be found on YouTube. (Photo by Stefanie Briggs)

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Plastic surgery: how it came to be, warnings about cosmetic specialists, advances in the field by Stefanie Briggs

The origin of the word “plastic” comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to shape or form.” The specialty was born out of general surgery. It deals with problems in form and function for surgery on the largest organ in the body: the skin. Plastic surgeons were the “surgeon’s surgeon,” or the doctor you would go to when no one else knew what to do. “We have one of the most extensive training to develop the skill and expertise it takes to deal with a variety of very difficult problems,” said Dr. Chris Kovanda MD FACS with Kovanda Plastic Surgery. “Our medical residency length is only second to neurosurgery.”

Plastic surgeons did the first hand surgeons and did the first kidney transplant, which resulted from research on skin grafting. Plastic surgeons were the original burn and trauma surgeons and have always been looking at new and better ways of doing things, Kovanda said. Plastic surgery isn’t only cosmetic, but includes reconstructive surgery, which runs the full age span from cleft lip and palate in infants to cancer reconstructive surgery that includes complex micro surgical flaps.

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Plastic surgery specialty was born out of general surgery. It deals with problems in form and function for surgery on the largest organ in the body: the skin. Plastic surgeons were known as the “surgeon’s surgeon,” or the doctor to go to when no one else knew what to do. Today advances in the field go into tissue engineering and stemcell science.

We believe that ideal relationships are founded on mutual trust, respect and friendship. That’s why every member of our team is committed to providing comprehensive care in a compassionate and fun environment. We base our decisions upon a genuine understanding of your individual needs and wishes so that, together, we can meet your goals while respecting your priorities and your timetable. Jamie L. Sledd, D.D.S.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

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Hearing loss affects all ages, advanced technology brings new hope to those with hearing aids by Stefanie Briggs

No matter if you are six months old or 96 years old, anyone can experience hearing loss. “Sixty-five percent of those with hearing loss are younger than age 65,” said Audiologist Kate Puls with Minnesota Hearing Aid Professionals. But there is help for all. “Most types of hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids,” Puls said. “There is a myth still that people with nerve deafness can’t be helped. “Ninety-five percent or the vast majority of people with sensorineural hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids.” If a hearing aid is not appropriate, a referral for a medical intervention is done, she said. Puls said it is important for an audiologist or hearing aid specialist office to use a probe microphone assessment to see how a hearing aid is doing in one’s ear. She said it is also imperative to educate those in need of hearing aids on what a hearing aid can or cannot do so there are realistic expectations.

Advancements in hearing aids have come a long way too. “Hearing aids are cosmetically better, are more advanced and easier to use,” Puls said. “Finding what works for you doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming or hard to handle.” Wireless technology that’s benefited people with cell phones has become a great benefit to improving hearing aids. Puls said that hearing aids can now connect people via Bluetooth technology to hear computers, TV and phones better. Also remote microphones allow people to talk at a normal level with a person who suffers from hearing loss wirelessly. “Lastly assistance can take the form of wireless communication between a set of hearing aids allowing for more advanced hearing in noisy environments,” she said. Many people who come to the Minnesota Hearing Aids Professional offices are interested in what’s new in hearing aid technology. Hearing loss can happen to people at any age. Many audiologist offices see people from a year old to 99-years-old. Advances in wireless technology have brought a new frontier of hearing aids to fit anyone’s lifestyle and needs.

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community


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“We enjoyed the exercises, the friendship and the fact that we can watch these videos at any time and go through the exercises,” Gerry said. For Bonnie Maxson of Dayton joined Seniorcise at the Ice Forum to keep her body limber. “The best way to do that is with regular exercise,” Maxson said. “This is extremely important for our community. All seniors should do exercises regularly and stay active while they age. This is a gift to themselves.” Seniors need to stay active and these videos are nice for those who prefer the privacy of their own home, Maxson said. “They can get a tremendous benefit while following the simple exercises with us,” she said. “There are no videotapes or DVDs to load and the show has a set schedule, which makes it an easy reminder.” The shows air on Metro Cable Channel 6 and can also be found on YouTube. Lindell found three businesses to help fund the exercise video project, which include her business Comfort Keepers In Home Care, and also Osseo Commons

Luxury Senior Apartments and Corner Medical. Ruby Johnson of Champlin learned about herself in the process of helping make the exercise videos. “I’ve learned unfortunately how bad out of shape I’m in and how important it is to keep exercising after my recent retirement,” Johnson said. “It is terribly important to try and exercise and encourage others to make it a way of life.” Johnson said the program isn’t just for her peers either. “I would say everyone could benefit from seeing it and getting motivated to exercise, even a lot of young people are overweight and need to exercise more so this could help anyone at any age,” she said. Lindell hopes the videos will be motivation and become a way to change peoples’ perceptions on getting old. “Now our hopes are that all the hard work making the shows will help people live stronger healthier lives,” she said. But that will only become a reality if people watch and exercise, Lindell said. The show airs on Metro Cable Channel 6 at 11:30 a.m. every Monday. Here’s a link to one of the shows on YouTube:

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We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medica, UCare, Preferred One & Health Partners Insurance Plans Gerry Winship of Champlin does some stretches during a Champlin Park and Recreation Seniorcise class April 29 at the Champlin Ice Forum. Winship and his wife Grethe volunteered to show their exercise moves in special videos for people in their golden years that airs as a show series on the Metro Cable 6 channel and can be found on YouTube. (Photo by Stefanie Briggs)


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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

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Maple Grove employees lose weight in Hennepin County’s ‘Way2Go’ initiative by Stefanie Briggs

“At the six-month weigh-in 72 percent of employees had either lost or maintained their weight,” Kahler said. “This was exciting to see, especially since our six-month weigh-in was during the holiday season when many people gain weight.” The company has implemented a nutrition and physical activity policy. “With the help of the Way2Go! team I created a healthy vending policy, which allowed us to get a 100 percent healthy vending machines,” Kahler said. “I am currently working on a physical activity policy, which would allow employees to participate in health and well-being events.” Such events include things like “Lunch and Learns,” exercise classes, Weight Watchers and more during business hours as individuals’ work schedules permit, she said. “Our 100 percent healthy vending machines have been very popular and gives people a healthier alternative to candy bars and chips,” Kahler said.

Losing weight can be a challenge, but more than 100 employees of Data Recognition Corporation in Maple Grove are working together to meet that challenge head on. For almost a year now employees at the educational service business have been spiking volleyballs, working on their golf swing, walking and watching their eating habits to find sustainable ways to lose weight. The company was chosen as one of 15 workplaces in Hennepin County to participate in the Way2Go! initiative, a one-year program that promotes weight maintenance and teaches employees how to make healthy choices funded through the Statewide Health Initiative Program through the county. The yearlong program comes to an end this June. “We’ve had a great relationship with Hennepin County Health at Work and looked forward to this exciting weight maintenance initiative,” said DRC employee Jenny Kahler. Kahler has been coordinating the program with the county for the company.

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Data Recognition Corp. employees play volleyball together regularly as part of the Way2Go! initiative weight management program, which has been helping more than 100 employees at the business manage their weight through diet and exercise.

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –


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It hasn’t been easy to get everyone involved. “Our biggest challenge with the Way2Go! program, like with many wellness programs, was getting male participation,” Kahler said. “We offered small incentives at each weigh-in to encourage everyone to participate.” What has also helped is starting company teams for golf, softball and volleyball, which draw men and women of all ages and abilities. “We have found that having a range of programming options allows us to engage a larger number of employees,” Kahler said. “The Way2Go! program has helped employees be more conscious of their weight and how their choices can impact their weight.” DRC gets monthly Way2Go! newsletters that provide helpful information and motivation, she said. “We now have a scale in a very busy part of our building,” Kahler said. “Walking by the scale reminds people to make better food choices and to stay active.”

The program also helps employees motivate each other, she said. “Employees can often be seen talking walks or even having walking meetings,” Kahler said. Many employees have lost weight through the Way2Go! program and are sharing their new healthy habits with families and friends, she said. “Being involved in the Way2Go! program has encouraged me to make small, yet sustainable changes in the way I eat,” said DRC employee Jennifer Nicklin. “This has been more effective for me, rather than going for the quick, dramatic results that are harder to maintain.” Nicklin protests she’s no poster child for the program, but feels like she can keep up with this program more than any others she’s tried in the past. Both recommend the Way2Go! initiative to other businesses and corporations looking for something that brings employees together and helps them improve health. “Improving the health of your employees is a win-win,” Kahler said. ”Employees feel much better and are ultimately more productive at work.” And in these rocky economic times, it is a low cost way to get a wellness program started.

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Only health snacks in vending machines and having its own farmer’s market fresh produce has been one way employees at Data Recognition Corp. in Maple Grove have been working on being fit and healthy together.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

Dental health greatly affects overall health by Stefanie Briggs

Many dental health professionals may know the links between a healthy mouth and healthy body, but most patients are often unaware of the direct connection. Dr. Jamie Sledd, with Arbor Lakes Dental sees everyday with her patients how important it is to understand the mouth’s connection to the rest of the body.

“A dentist can observe signs or symptoms that can direct us to conditions occurring in the rest of your body,” Sledd said. “A dry mouth may indicate broader health issues.” There is a link between poor oral health and heart disease, she said.

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Standing: Stefano M Sinicropi M.D. (spine surgeon), Glenn R. Buttermann M.D. (spine surgeon), Louis C. Saeger M.D. (interventional pain physician), Daniel W. Hanson M.D. (spine surgeon), Thomas V. Rieser M.D. (spine surgeon). Seated: Mark A. Janiga M.D. (MN Interventional Pain Associates) and Mark K. Yamaguchi (interventional pain physician).

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community


About Crooked Teeth

Straightening your teeth can make a significant difference to having a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth for life. Teeth that are not aligned properly in your mouth create what dentists call “malocclusion.” Left untreated, malocclusion can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amount of stress on teeth and jaws, which leads to premature wear. Call us today to discuss the benefits of straightening your teeth using invisalign, a set of clear aligners that are custom made to gradually straighten your teeth. Star on the road to a healthy mouth today.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

The right activities can help improve spine health by Stefanie Briggs Many of the ways to improve spine health includes improving overall health. Good nutrition, daily exercise, good fluid intake and enough rest are simple ways to help you keep your spine healthy. “Maintaining a healthy spine is dependent upon many things, but most important is getting involved in an active, healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of back pain and enjoying life to the fullest,” said Dr. Daniel Hanson with the Midwest Spine Institute. Exercises such as Pilates, kettle bells and Yoga are exactly what many spine surgeons and spine care professionals say can help develop a strong “core.” These activities emphasize working the muscles around the spine and pelvis or the “core.” These types of activities focus on building these muscles and stretching the muscles and ligaments around these areas and a full set of exercises can often be done under 20 to 30 minutes. Developing an exercise program one can adhere to and practice four to five times a week should be included as part of a daily routine of good health. Other areas of spine

health include good nutrition, fluid intake and getting enough rest, Hanson said. Many websites list various core-stabilizing exercises and are helpful when trying to get the core in shape or add exercises to an established routine. Though getting expert advice from a physical therapist, athletic trainer or chiropractor about these types of exercises can be helpful when beginning a core-strengthening program. “We can injure our spines because of many reasons,” Hanson said. “As a normal process of aging we develop arthritis. Our disks or the cushions between our vertebral bodies can dehydrate and lose water. We can become more susceptible to degenerative conditions of the spine that can cause pain.” Spine related pain can sometimes be confusing because of the fact that not only can someone develop pain localized to the back and neck, which can narrow down the causes of that pain, but one can also develop referred pain and pain that radiates into the arm or leg, he said.

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“Premature labor has been shown with pregnant mothers who have periodontal disease,” Sledd said. “Diabetes increases the risks of infections associated with the gum tissue.” Those are just a few examples of the many associations between poor oral health and overall health. It also is important to keep your mouth help for the ability to speak well and have a beautiful smile, she said. When it comes to tooth decay, it can be an indication of bacteria present, which can lead to an abscess with infection present, Sledd said. That’s why it’s important to completely clean the mouth every day with brushing, flossing and using any other tools that may be appropriate. Fluoride is also critical to keeping your teeth strong, she said. But are there products that do more harm than good for your teeth, mouth and consequently the rest of your body? “Whitening toothpaste is not harmful, but can cause tooth sensitivity,” Sledd said. “Over the counter mouth guards

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used to protect your teeth from grinding can cause more problems by being too ‘chewy’ and can encourage you to grind more.” Also anything that is high in sugar or high in citric acids can be harmful to teeth, gums and the mouth. Sledd warns that if you drink bottled water be sure it has fluoride. She also warns about whitening kiosks in shopping malls. “They are not regulated and pose concerns about sterilization techniques and potential harm to the gum tissue if not applied appropriately,” Sledd said. But you can’t go wrong with fluoridated toothpaste, rinses and water. Xylitol gum can help fight tooth decay. Sledd said over-the-counter products that help with a dry mouth can help prevent tooth decay. With proper maintenance it’s not too hard to have a healthy mouth that contributes to overall health. “It is important to be able to chew properly to maintain appropriate nutrition,” Sledd said. For more information visit the American Dental Association at:

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Forestview Lane • Maple Grove Yoga is a great way to work your body’s “core” and spine. Yoga, Pilates and other activities help focus building those muscles around the spine and pelvis, which is just as important as other parts of the body, often more so.

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

The numbers add up to keep kids healthy, immunizations more important than ever by Stefanie Briggs

A few numbers can add up big time to keeping children healthy. The numbers 5,2,1 and 0 have become a motto for helping parents remember best practices for their child’s health at South Lake Pediatrics.

According to Dr. Mary Meland, the practice uses the numbers as a catchy way to make an important concept stick. The five equates to children eating five fruits and vegetable servings a day, the two means only two hours of television, video games or computer screen time each day, the one is an hour of daily

Immunizations for young children are important to stopping the spread of things like measles, which has been on the rise in the metro. In fact, winter and early spring are busy times alreayd with respiratory illnesses. Coughs and ear infections are most common for children now.

exercise or activity daily and zero is how many sweet drinks children should drink. To combat and prevent childhood obesity and being overweight, Meland said parents must instill good eating habits, which includes rarely having children eat fast food. “We also advise against giving children fruit juice and sweet-tasting drinks,” she said. “Stick to water and low fat milk instead.” Increasing children’s intake fruits and vegetables is also important, but digestion is only half of it. “Decreasing screen time, since it’s not just TV anymore, is the other half of it,” Meland said. “Encouraging children to be active and playing outside, even if it’s nothing organized or involving parents, is important. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.” Aware that in many families, one or both parents are working when school is out, Meland suggests looking at what’s offered for after-school or summer programs, which include outside play. “Summer is a great time for parents to sign their child up for active day camps through different community organizations too where physical fitness is built in,” she said. Often programs have financial assistance for families in need. Equally important to everyday intervention with a healthy diet and exercise for children is having routine check ups and immunizations up to date. “This time of year respiratory infections including strep throat [or Streptococcal Tonsillitis] are very prevalent in our community,” Meland said. “Coughs and ear infections are most common for children coming into us right now.” South Lake sees two busy times during the year. Winter and early spring are busy times with respiratory illnesses, she said. Summer is the busiest times for check-ups, which are often required for children before returning to school in the fall. “Right now we have number of children receiving boosters for the MMR [measles] vaccine, which is usually given at 12 months and five-years-old,” Meland said. “But because of possible exposure to measles we’ve been giving two-year-olds the vaccine so they will be protected.”

The vaccine is quite effective and 98 percent protective, she said. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase for early booster requests,” Meland sa\id. “It’s very important to keep immunizations up to date. By getting it protect others including infants who are not old enough to receive immunizations and helps prevent outbreaks.” Right now Meland said South Lake has seen 23 cases of measles in the community, 16 of those were with immunized children. She said quite a few were ill enough to be hospitalized. For more information on vaccines and immunizations visit:

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Common causes of back and neck pain affecting many people include muscle strains. Lifting something improperly and not having a strong enough core to handle the job are common causes. These are routinely successfully treated with a brief period of rest and over the counter anti-inflammatories. Occasionally stronger pain medications and muscle relaxers are needed and most often symptoms improve, Hanson said. “More concerning is when a person develops pain radiating into their arm or leg because of nerve compression,” he said. “Unfortunately this is often associated with an area of numbness or muscle weakness.” When this occurs, seeing a primary care physician or spine surgeon is usually recommended. Many non-operative options still exist, but often an MRI or CT myelogram is eventually needed to diagnose the source of the nerve compression and to focus the nonoperative treatment on that nerve or area, Hanson said.

Some of the most common reasons Hanson sees children at the Midwest Spine Institute is for treating scoliosis, which is the curvature of the spine. He also sees those with back pain caused by pars fractures, which can come from common sports related injuries. “Adults will typically have disk herniations in the lower back and neck,” Hanson said. “As we get a bit older problems such as spinal stenosis, caused by bone spurs narrowing the spinal canal, become more common.” This can prevent an older person from standing or walking for a long period of time. Occasionally, instability is present in all of these conditions. While various minimally invasive surgical treatments are available to solve these problems there are often conservative measures, which can be tried first before proceeding with surgery, he said. Depending on the problem or condition this may include bracing, core strengthening, exercises or a variety of injections, which are performed to diagnose and improve painful symptoms. – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

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Orthodontics for Adolescents and Adults Perhaps you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth and have a wonderful smile…So do it now! Dr. William and Dr. Kraig have straightened more smiles without braces than anyone else in Minnesota by using the Invisalign System of clear aligners. We also offer the latest technology using silver, gold or clear braces at no additional charge.

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763-420-6834 Common causes of back and neck pain include muscle strains and pars fractures, the latter of which can come from sports injuries. Many non-operative options for injuries and strains still exist. It all depends on the extent of the problem.

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –


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“Cosmetic surgery was formed naturally out of the expertise and experience it took in reconstructive surgery to restore people to ‘normal form and function’ as celebrities wanted to be ‘better than normal’ and done incognito,” Kovanda said. “Today cosmetic surgery is a common household name and frequently discussed.” But buyer, beware, Kovanda warns. There are physicians that did not complete residency in plastic surgery who are allowed to perform cosmetic surgery after taking shorter weekend courses or mini fellowships and are not board certified plastic surgeons and not completed plastic surgical training, he said. Those physicians who do this can state in advertising that they are “board certified,” but don’t have to say in what, Kovanda said. “It is not uncommon at meetings to see family practice doctors, obstetrics or gynecologist doctors and internists looking for education in cosmetic procedures to supplement their dwindling insurance reimbursements across the country,” he said. The best way to find out about a physician practicing cosmetic surgery is to check their specific credentials and contact the board of medical specialties to verify certification in the specialty. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the five most common cosmetic procedures performed in 2010 for women were breast augmentation, liposuction, breast reduction and eyelid tucks or what is called blepharoplasty. For men, it was liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, gynecomastia or male


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“There are a lot of ads out there so it’s hard to know what’s right for the individual,” Puls said. Others come to get their current hearing aids assessed and see if they can get anything better. “Sometimes they just want a hearing test and see if they have hearing loss,” Puls said. “Hearing aids are expensive, but there is a wide range available and we are usually able to address someone’s

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

breast reduction and ear pinning, also known as otoplasty. The top five surgical procedures overall in 2010 were breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty and breast reduction surgery. The top five non-surgical procedures were Botox; injectibles like Restylane, Juvaderm or others; laser hair removal; laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels. “The newest advances in plastic surgery right now revolve around finding new and better ways to achieve results with utmost patient safety and comfort,” Kovanda said. “There have been advances in laser and non-invasive modalities for fat reduction such as ultrasound, radiofrequency and even freezing the fat for fat reduction.” There is ongoing research into the safety and efficacy of fat melting injection also known as mesotherapy, which has not been regulated and is still not approved by our society, he said. “The most fascinating advances have been in tissue engineering, fat grafting and stem cell science, which has some promising applications for the future of plastic surgery and is still being studied,” Kovanda said. Some exciting advances have been made in composite or multiple tissue transplantation such as the recent highly publicized face and hand transplants, he said. For more information or to find out about cosmetic surgeons certification visit: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons at or the American Board of Medical Specialties at Further information on plastic surgery can also be found at:

budget and find something that fits their cosmetic preference and lifestyle.” Hearing tests are the first way to find a baseline and see how significant your hearing loss is. You don’t necessarily need a doctor’s referral for a hearing test and tests are available at any audiologist office. People should check with their health plans, she said. For more information visit: or

The top five surgical procedures overall in 2010 were breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty and breast reduction surgery. The top five non-surgical procedures were Botox; injectibles like Restylane, Juvaderm or others; laser hair removal; laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 – Health & Wellness

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New Patients 50 Rebate c an be used toward any de ntal care at Alpha Denta l. Can not $

Gentle, experienced care you can trust

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Restore your smile, keep your schedule. with CEREC one visit dentistry FILLINGS • CROWNS • VENEERS CEREC delivers top quality restorations in one visit, so you can get back to what matters most.


Why CEREC? • • • • •

Single visit convenience – no temporary No uncomfortable impression trays Beautiful aesthetics – color matched ceramic Natural looking smile Clinically proven–millions of successful restorations worldwide • Enamel like material – natural look and feel



FREE Cosmetic Consultation or Second Opinion

New patients only. Restrictions may apply.

Call for details.






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Milos Tomaides,

9325 Upland Lane N, Suite 330 Maple Grove, MN 55369

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Towards Any Dental Work Co Rd 30

New patients only. Restrictions may apply.

Call for details.

763-494-4940 CMYK

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Health & Wellness – May 9, 11 & 12, 2011 –

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Health & Wellness  

Health and Wellness

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