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Why Your Liver, Colon & Intestines Need To Be Healthy For Clear Skin In this article we’re going to talk about the function of your liver, colon and intestines and why it is so important for them to be healthy, toxin free and to get the nutrients they need for your digestive system to work so that your skin to get clear. Each one of these organs plays an important role in your digestion and if one isn’t as healthy as it could be it will effect the others and cause indigestion, gas, bloating and ultimately acne and breakouts. The digestive system is responsible for taking in food and extracting the beneficial nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc) and remove the rest of the waste through your bowels. If you aren’t going to the bathroom and having at least 2 if not 3 bowel movements a day then your digestive system has some issues and it can be improved which will help in clearing up your skin as well. If you have some extra fat this will also help facilitate in getting rid of fat as well as clearing up your skin! Otherwise it will just keep your waistline toned and thin.

Here are the functions of these very important to clear skin organs: Liver - The liver produces bile which is a a substance that helps breakdown fat to extract nutrients. The liver along with the kidneys is responsible for purifying all the blood in your body. If they aren’t working properly the blood can contain toxins, bacteria, and more! This will lead to blood that cannot heal and clear your skin. Colon – The main function of the colon is to extract water, salts (minerals) and other nutrients from partially digested food. After this the colon expels the rest as waste to be removed! If you are dehydrated and your colon is backed up you will often get a puffy face, puffy (bigger lips) because that waste isn’t being extracted and is causing the body to do this. It’s important to keep the colon clean! Dr. Schulze say’s that “All disease begins in the colon” this may or may not be true but it definitely plays an important role. © 2013 Acne Erasing Secrets | All Rights Reserved

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Intestines – The intestines are literally long tubes in your body that have a similar process of the colon except for they have to go through all these intestines so if you aren’t eating healthy or if you are eating foods that cause inflammation the intestines can get backed up which backup the colon which is NOT good. The intestines release your waste at the very end of the digestive process. The “large intestine” is the colon, and the small intestine is the tube that is connected to the colon.

As you can tell, the function of the intestines (large & small), the Colon plays a big role in this and the liver are all VERY important to your digestive system to extract the nutrients, give your body healthy blood and to remove waste. This is important for an overall healthy digestive system that get’s what it needs nutrient-wise to heal and clear up your skin. This is why I am always emphasizing these organs, they are so important to keep healthy, and to cleanse and detoxify. Papaya is really great for the colon, so if you can get fresh organic papaya eat it! the seeds are great for the colon too so eat them! Beets are great for the liver, so cut them up and eat them raw… add them to salads or juice them. Drink plenty of spring or purified water, this will cleanse these organs as well as the whole intestinal system within your body. Avoid meats, dairy, gluten, grains and processed (boxed, bagged, canned) foods because these won’t have the same nutrient density and healing properties as fresh organic produce! Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts are all great and beneficial for these organs. Just make sure to eat the nuts and seeds in moderation because too much protein will cause acidity! Because these organs are so important, I highly recommend the fiberzon & envirozon products from the amazon herb company. I’ve recommended them before, but now that you see directly how important the Colon, Liver and intestines are I hope that you will try them out because they are all organic, very potent and very effective at helping these organs detoxify, cleanse and become healthy again. The colon really helps with the intestinal system, both large (colon) and small and the envirozon is great for the liver and kidneys which are the main two organs to purify the blood in your body. I have had people just take these two products and clear up their skin quite a bit! I still recommend changing your diet to support a healthier lifestyle overall but these really do a great job cleansing so try them out here. Or, you can click the image below to view them… Just add both to cart and then checkout! © 2013 Acne Erasing Secrets | All Rights Reserved

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I Hope that you learned something from this and do something to improve your health, your life and your skin! David Benjamin Š 2013 Acne Erasing Secrets | All Rights Reserved

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Why Your Liver, Colon & Intestines Need To Be Healthy For Clear Skin  

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