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Home Treatment For Acne - It's in Your Own Hands Acne is caused by dirt that has resulted in the clogging of the pores and by bacteria that have boosted the amount of secretion of the sebaceous glands so much that the secretion cannot get out of the pores. Therefore, to get rid of acne, we need to stop the accumulation of dirt and sebum related bacteria. Although this sounds impossible and difficult without medical help, it can be done simply by the following home treatment for acne. To do this, a short term measure as well as a long term one should be put on our agenda. The short term measure should involve getting rid of the dirt that have already deposited within our body or skin. It should also involve dredging the pores up. This can be done by washing the dirt and oil off with Glycerin or Sorbitol Based Soap or Face Wash. If you feel hot on your face and need a relief right away, you can apply an ice pack to the acne area for a quarter. During the process, take breaks regularly.

To achieve a long term result, the above mentioned bacteria shall be taken into consideration. This is where home treatment for acne plays its intended role. In addition to properly washing your face every day, we should take care of what we eat by introducing more fresh vegetables and fruits into our meals. Ideally, eat them raw. However, some raw vegetables are not tasty. But you can steam them if you can because steamed vegetables will retain most of the nutrients and fibers. Don't forget about water, either. Drink as much and as often as you can during your waking time. Of course, you cannot expect to do the job once and for all by preparing one meal or eating one fruit. That's not the way it is. Does the blue light acne treatment work? Ready to check out? Then you might want to read my acne treatment reviews at and prevent YOUR skin from being bothered by acne.

Home Treatment For Acne  

and by bacteria that have boosted the amount of secretion of the simply by the following home treatment for acne. accumulation of dirt and s...

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