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The Natural Way to Get Rid Of Acne Acne is one form of the skin inflammation triggered by clogged pores and bacterial infections. The acne is commonly experienced by adolescent when puberty. Hormone imbalance and excessive oil production makes adolescents more prone to acne. Acne also often experience by women during period and pregnancy. Acne not only causes the discomfort in the face area, but also disturbs the appearance and lower self confidence. There are many ways for acne elimination both medically and naturally. Medically, acne is treated by using medicine drugs both topical and oral. For severe condition, the surgery treatment is needed to overcome the skin problem. Medical treatment is usually more expensive. Therefore, many people use natural ways to get rid of acne. The following are natural ways that can be done to overcome acne. Controlling diet Diet control is an effective way for acne elimination. By controlling your diet, it can reduce the trigger of acne. Various foods that can be used for acne elimination include fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, milk and other food that rich in protein. Fruits and vegetables is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, E and essential minerals like zinc, chromium, magnesium, selenium, potassium, and more. The food can be served as juice or salad. The nutrient in the food is very beneficial to speed up the healing of acne scars, fight free radicals, skin rejuvenation and protect the skin from bacterial infection and UV radiation. The food rich in protein is very useful for skin rejuvenation, build new tissue and improve the skin elasticity and the firmness. For acne elimination you should also avoid fatty foods and food rich in sugar. These foods can increase the oil production and proliferation of bacteria. Keeps the skin cleanliness Maintaining the skin cleanliness is very beneficial for acne elimination and prevents the formation of new acne. Cleaning the skin can be done by washing the face regularly, using natural mask, keep the cleanliness of clothes, bed, and avoid the dusty environments. There are many ingredients that can be used as natural mask like grapes, cucumbers, potatoes, oatmeal and more. The nutrient contents in natural mask are easily absorbed by the pores. In addition useful to clean the skin, natural mask also very useful to increase the skin elasticity and firmness. By keeping the skin cleanliness can minimize the inflammation caused by bacteria. Exercise In addition useful to strengthen the muscles, exercise is also useful for acne elimination. Exercise regularly can improve the blood circulation and maintain the hormone balance. With smooth the blood circulation will facilitate the spending of body waste include the trigger of acne. Sweating during exercise can also help the cleansing of pores from clogging the dirt. Adequate rest

Get plenty of rest will allow your body to restore and repair damage skin tissue. Get plenty of rest also helps the body to maintain the hormone balance and reduce the acne triggers. Adequate rest is also useful to improve the immune system, so it can protects the body from bacterial infections. Positive thinking Think positive is very useful for maintaining hormone balance and acne elimination. Someone who is often negative thinking is prone to experience the hormone imbalance. This condition will worsen the health include cause the acne.

The Natural Way to Get Rid Of Acne - Acne is one form of the skin inflammation triggered by clogged pores and bacterial infections. The acne is...

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