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Friday, September 21, 12

The Next Interactive Film

Cadillac is a global brand. With an influence that spans across all continents. We want to highlight this and create a global and innovative film experience for the modern consumer.


Friday, September 21, 12

Imagine seeing a map view of the world, with six blinking lights that are scattered throughout the map continents. Below the map, we have six video screens, and each one of them is following a character. At first the characters seems to be independent of each other, but eventually it’s clear that they all are interconnected. Each character has a detailed storyline independently, but at the same time they fit into a larger global script.


Friday, September 21, 12

To highlight creativity and innovation, each of the characters films would be directed by a different high profile director. So each character’s film would have a very distinctive feel, and through these six films we’re giving the viewers a picture of what modern storytelling is today. At it's core this will be an exploratory experience to the user, they are given tools to explore these characters and see into their lives, and they can go about it anyway they want. But actually the user will be the seventh character. They will interact with the characters, pass along information between them, and even choose side’s at critical points. Through exploring they discover the personalities of the characters, their backstories, discussions and interactions. You can imagine it as an interactive version of “Rear Window” or “The Conversation” that spans across the whole world.


Friday, September 21, 12

Here’s a quick visual mock-up of how it could feel to follow this story/experience unfold.


Friday, September 21, 12


Friday, September 21, 12

Additional Ideas As a user enters the site, the experience won't start from the beginning but it will be tied to the server clock. So each user will start off from a different point in the storyline, thus building a different image of what is going on. At a structural level our idea is inspired by an immersive theatre installation in New York City called "Sleep No More". Rather than being a linear experience, the play is built out of hour long loops. Since there are multiple story lines, the audience can move freely at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see. Which makes everyone's experience unique.


Friday, September 21, 12

Story Length The main thing to consider is that the story should be a loop. So if there are 6 characters, its really almost 7 stories; each of the 6 characters' and the main overarching story for how they all intertwine. This 7th one is what users will need to watch intimately to figure out. Our recommendation for the overall length of each characters' Â loop (their timeline) is approx. 4 mins, each with approx. 2 mins of dialogue/scenes with other characters, etc. And we have 6-8 characters. Then the total story line length would be approx. 20-30 mins, with 12-16 mins of scenes/dialogue, depending on how many characters. But the loop/timeline of each sub-storyline would always be the 4 mins.


Friday, September 21, 12



Sleep No More - inspirational interactive theater experience - Link

Babel - International Drama with connected stories around the world - Link

Paris, je t'aime - A collection of vignettes directed by 18 different directors - Link

Mindgame - A film where different directors take charge of section of the movie visually. - Link

Friday, September 21, 12

The World Today We live in a cluttered world – every second 700 status updates are sent to Facebook, 600 Tweets are shared and 1 hour of content is uploaded. 66% of internet users watch video online.

"Brands are moving further away from direct advertising, whose metrics that are hard to calculate, and into original video content--content that is created not to sell but to engage. They tell a story and they create brand loyalty. The days of direct consumer advertising is dwindling, and the advent of marketing through storytelling has arrived. This will propel online video even more into the world of serious profits.”

Viewers are more likely to enjoy a video when it has been recommended than when encountered through browsing. Source: Fast Company “Why Short-Form Video is The Future of Marketing” July 2012


Friday, September 21, 12

Vimeo • A few years ago, we built the world’s best video player. + Delivers video in 4 times the resolution of the typical online video player

• And the world’s best video player attracted the world’s most talented creators. • This approach led to not just more videos, but more high-quality videos. + 1 in 3 videos on Vimeo are in HD, 1 in 10 on YouTube.1

• It turns out that quality does matter, and lots more people — high-quality people — joined the party. • And with more than 11 million members, we’ve become one of the world’s largest creative networks.


Friday, September 21, 12

Other Stuff You Should Know


Friday, September 21, 12

Traffic Highlights • Over 78 million unique visitors every month. • Vimeo has over 11 million registered users. • Over 23% of traffic is now coming from mobile.


Friday, September 21, 12

Profile of the Vimeo User Creative, influential, and educated individuals:

“The Producer”

“The Academic”

Considers himself “creative, inventive, imaginative and artistic” (110)

Likes to stand out in a crowd (132)

Likes to do unconventional things (143)

Says his enthusiasm is contagious (115)

Source: Simmons Adult Study, Fall 2010


Friday, September 21, 12

“The Artist” •

Works in the arts (121)

Photography is a hobby (132)

Interested in international events (114)

Has 3 or more video cameras (184)

Reads The Atlantic (1,091)

Speaks his mind even if it upsets people (132)

Agrees a lot that he likes to pursue challenge, novelty, change (120)

Likes to try things no one else have (115)

Feels strongly about issues and participation (119)

Demographics Reaching Affluent, Influential, Tech-Enthusiasts AFFLUENT, CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS: • •

54% have a HHI above $75k1 Over 63% of users are creative professionals2


31% are often chosen to be the spokesperson (106) 36% say their enthusiasm is contagious (113) Over 56% of users embed videos on personal blogs (123) Over 44% of users shoot video and upload to Vimeo weekly (154)


33% are far above average “Early Adopters” (137) 16% are first of friends to have new electronics (165) 18% will pay anything for electronic products (173) 25% are asked for advice when friends purchase electronics (148)

Sources: 1Age, gender and HHI, ComScore Q1 averages, Aug 2012; Simmons Adult Study, Fall 2010, 12 months; 2Vimeo User Survey, 2011


Friday, September 21, 12

Vimeo Users are Creative When they’re not creating and watching awesome videos, Vimeo users are exploring other creative fields.

Source: Simmons Adult Study, Fall 2010. 12 months.


Friday, September 21, 12



Friday, September 21, 12

A Premium Destination An official destination for your content to live on Vimeo through a custom-built branded Channel. The Vimeo channel is a place where users can engage in the deeper brand identity, discovering the content that never makes it mainstream. FEATURES INCLUDE: • Exclusive brand Channel design • An official Partner badge to highlight that this is an official Channel and your support for the Vimeo community • Media strategy to highlight the channel launch as well as the brand’s support for the Vimeo community • 300 x 250 custom media on Channel • Lifetime ownership


Friday, September 21, 12

Channel Examples


Friday, September 21, 12

The Media Plan How we get eyeballs on your stuff. PAID • • • • • •

Homepage Targeted Categories Video Page Channels Landing Page Group Landing Page Upload Page

EARNED • • • •

Feed Notification Social Media (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter) Blog Posts Newsletter

PROMOTIONAL • Influencer seeding/outreach • PR Outreach


Friday, September 21, 12

Newsfeed Notification Place your custom page or video content at the top of users’ minds (and their video feeds!) when they log into Vimeo with a custom designed placement on a user’s Homepage.

• • •

MPU: 125x 95 Rectangle


Friday, September 21, 12

Homepage Placement 100% SOV 7 day Flight

Clean Ad Placements Since clean ads significantly increase key brand association and purchase intent Vimeo only allows one ad per page. Simple, no clutter page design. Premium placement. 100% SOV. HALF PAGE: 300 x 600

MPU: 300 x 250


Friday, September 21, 12

• • • • • •

Homepage Video Page (Clip) Channels Landing Page Group Landing Page User Home Page Upload Page

Social Media Placements Social media inclusion (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) for content, contests and other activations.


Friday, September 21, 12

Curation Fast Pass Guarantee content is viewed by Vimeo Curation Team for potential Staff Pick inclusion.

Staff Picks is automatically integrated in the video feed on the homepage giving your content the Vimeo seal of approval.


Friday, September 21, 12

Newsletter Integration The Vans partnership can be featured in this high-impact, editorial newsletter which goes out to over 7+ MM email subscribers each month. NEWSLETTER INTEGRATION INCLUDES:


Friday, September 21, 12

75 x 75 pixel logo

Up to 400 characters of copy

Links to your website and campaign on Vimeo



Friday, September 21, 12

Content Case Study Canon Beyond the Still It was the first ever and largest user-generated HD video contest in history, where photographers became filmmakers and we all saw beyond the still. Month after month, aspiring filmmakers were invited to pick up where the previous winning short film ended – on an evocative photograph. Contestants then reinterpreted that still, telling the story that lived beyond it in a short film of their own. Then, after the final chapter was created by Vincent Laforet and all the chapter winners, the collective film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Canon Beyond the Still HD Video contest on Vimeo received the following awards at the Cannes Lions in 2010: Gold for “Branded Content” Silver for “Promotions” Bronze for “Titanium/Integrated”

To conclude this one-of-a-kind and ground-breaking contest, the final collaborative project was premiered in its entirety at the Sundance Film Featival ‘11.

Recap Video:


Friday, September 21, 12

Contest Examples


Friday, September 21, 12

Channel Example - Coke Vimeo worked with Coke to premier an exclusive behind –the scenes documentary that follows award winning DJ Mark Ronson around the globe as he visits Olympic athletes and turns the sounds of their sports in to a track. We then allowed the viewers to interact and ask questions that he answered in a filmed Q&A.


Friday, September 21, 12


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Friday, September 21, 12

Cadillac Interactive Presentation  

One interactive automotive idea

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