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UVA LIGHT METER MODEL NO.- ACM-UVA-2639 The sun gives energy in form of radiation. We all are aware of the fact that sun is harmful for the skin, if the skin is overexposed to its radiation. Although we can see sunlight, we can't see or feel the sun's UV rays. The UV radiation is classified on the basis of their wavelength, in the following categories: UVA rays UVB rays UVC rays Short wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation. But, it is completely absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere and is unable to reach the earth's surface. Medium wavelength UVB is active but it is unable to penetrate in the skin.The comparatively longer wavelength UVA is a major constituent of the UV radiation reaching the surface of the earth. It can penetrate deep into the skin and immediately harm the skin, and also cause skin cancer. It is not filtered significantly by the atmosphere.The Ozone layer is the protective layer in the atmosphere, but it is being depleted which is making the earth's surface more prone to the radiation. The Ozone layer is getting depleted because of human activities such as human made chemicals into the atmosphere.UV rays are responsible for degradation of polymers used in consumer products (which are exposed to sun) and are visible in form of cracks, fading or total destruction of the product due to the exposure. Weiber UVA light meter is ideal equipment for research and general applications in the field of analysis and study of ultra violet radiation, in particular UV-A rays.


PRODUCT FEATURES Ÿ LCD Ÿ Long wave 365 nm ultra-violet irradiance measurement. Ÿ Professional and high quality UVA meter.

WIDE MEASUREMENT RANGE Ÿ 199.9 uW / cm ^ 2 Ÿ 1.999 mW / cm ^ 2 Ÿ 19.99 mW / cm ^ 2. Ÿ Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provided special functions and features. Ÿ Exclusive UVA sensor with correction filter. Ÿ Records Maximum, Minimum reading. Ÿ Power Source : 9V battery

TECHNICAL FEATURES Ÿ Super large LCD display, easy readout. Ÿ Heavy duty & compact housing case. Ÿ Data Storage Ÿ Auto power off saves battery life. Ÿ Zero adjustment Ÿ Circuit LSI circuit customized one chip microprocessor


OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES UVA sensor probe Hard Carrying Case




± 1%


The exclusive photo diode and UVA colour

Zero adjustment Over range Indication Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Power Supply DC 9V 006P MN 1604 (PP3) or equivalent (Alkaline or heavy duty type

correction filter. Indication of ----0 ºC to 50 ºC (32 ºF to 122 ºF) Max. 80% RH

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