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Models: ACM-22303-J





Microscope This microscope is ideal for inspection and quality assurance applications, and is designed to be used with Weiber line of Infinite Conjugate objectives. The precise focusing mechanism allows both coarse and fine focus adjustments, to yield crisp, clear images. Imaging is also aided by a fiberoptic light guide that provides bright field illumination. The 50/50 trinocular microscope head allows for simultaneous video and binocular viewing. The focusing 10X or 20X wide field eyepieces can accept 25-mm diameter reticules for measurement applications. The reverse nosepiece can hold up to four objectives, allowing a range of magnifications. The instrument has a 1X to 2X zoom range.


Models: • ABX-Series




Microscope Observation Head

Trinocular Head is equipped with standard 450 inclined observation tubes, rotatable through 360 and can be fixed in any direction with a clamp screw. Interpupillary distance from 53 to 75 mm & diopter adjustment are provided. Right hand slide lever provides 100% light to binocular head or vertical photo tube.


One piece die cast arm and large size rectangular, heavy stable base with transformer/electrical fittings concealed inside.


Precise quadruple revolving nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops for smooth accurate rotation.


Stage built in graduated mechanical stage size 135x120 mm is controlled by convenient low co-axial positioned knobs (either side as per requirement) for easy and smooth scan of the specimen slide over entire range of 50 x 75 mm.


By vertical movement of stage, coarse adjustment by rack pinion and fine movement by screw lever mechanism having a graduated knob.


Bright field, abbe's N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder can be moved through rack-pinion. The condenser unit incorporates high efficiency optical system for optimum utilization of light from low to high magnification. It is interchangeable with professional accessories.


6V-20W Halogen lamp fitted directly under the field lenses operated through solid state variable controlled transformer 220 or 110 volts. Mirror attachment while working in day light is also provided.


Achromatic 4x - 10x - 40x sL and 100 XSL oil immersion.


Wide field WF10X and H5X or H6X or H15X (any two pairs)


In full mould Styrofoam / Thermocol container.


Vinyl cover, duster, cleaning brush, filter & Operating Manual.

Optional Accessories

Dark-field condenser, phase contrast equipment, polarizing attachment, stage micrometer, micrometer discs, spare objectives, micro photographic equipment and CCTV, wooden storing cabinet etc.



Microscope Objectives This line of eleven plano-apochromatic objectives (long and super-long working distances models available) is designed for use in the visible wavelengths. They are corrected for chromatic aberration in the red, yellow, and blue, and provide good color reproducibility. The objectives are available in a range of magnifications from 2X (with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.055 and a working distance of 34 mm), to 200X (with a NA of 0.62 and working distance of 13 mm). Weiber introduces the Direct Exposure technique for Micro Photography, wherein the image formed by the objectives is projected directly onto the film through a projection lens, eliminating any relay lens system or beam splitters, in-between.


Microscope 1. SWING-OUT BEAM SPLITTER SYSTEM After focusing image through a viewfinder the beam splitter is swung out from the optical path and 100% of the light reaches the film making high shutter speeds possible. DUAL VIEWING ATTACHMENT

An ideal tool for conference

between Researchers, Pathologist & Staff or Teacher & the students, it enables simultaneous observation of the same object by two persons. Both viewers see the same sharp, bright image at a time. An illuminated pointer appears in both viewers field of view. A universal movement lever control allows the Pointer arrow to be positioned anywhere in the field of view.




A useful attachment, it

eliminates the need & time involved in treating specimens with chemical stains. Possible distortion or damage to the specimen caused by such treatment is also eliminated. The natural behaviour of organisms may be observed and studied more advantageously and cellular structure of transparent specimens are revealed in sharp, clear details. Such specimens as cells, bacteria, protozoa,tissue, emulsions, plastics, fibres and crystals are revealed as never the conventional compound microscope. The five station turret condensor provides positions for objectives 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x and a bright field position with an iris diaphragm. Special non-reflective multilayer coatings applied in the phase rings of the Objectives ensure ultimate depths of vision. A high-transmission green interference filter is provided for maximum contrast, along with Cetring Telescope. Also available, four types of Sliders with Phase rings for Phase Contrast 10x and brightfield positions, for Phase Contrast 40x and brightfield positions,Phase Contrast 10x and 40x and Phase Contrast 40x and 100x positions.


Microscope CCTV PROJECTION & IMAGE ANALYSIS SYSTEM Combining Video displays with Microscopes is an exciting new technology. The video microscopy system provides an excellent media not only for classroom teaching and demonstration, it is also extremely useful for group discussions in Conferences & Seminars. The Image Analysis System provides an efficient and effective, delivering a professional analytical system to the desktop. Image analysis Software Weiber is a leader in Image Analysis Software , Image Processing Software and Image Analysis Systems for microscopy. We offer a wide range of image analysis software for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, metallurgical and mineralogy industries.



Microscope Weiber constantly innovates the image analysis software market with new and productive software and hardware such as the Weiber Macro-Scope, a robotized image analysis solution, an effective tool for repetitive tasks. Weiber Image Analysis System controls the robot and the motorized microscope stage and microscope focus. Image quantification is now made easy with our Image Analysis Software Weiber Vision . Weiber Vision is designed for professional use and features functions such as grain size, particle count, pharse percentage, fluorescence microscopy, 3D rendering, Multi layer grab, Mosaic functions and lots more. Weiber Vision allows you to easily perform quality control on any kind of surface or material. We also offer abridged versions of our image analysis software Weiber Vison: Vision Lite and Captiva . With the intuitive interface of Weiber Image analysis software you can quickly develop image analysis routines in a matter of minutes.



Microscope Salient Features Of Our Softwares •

Circular Stage Pattern

Automatic Object Separation

User Right Management

Contrast Thresholding

Manual Separation (improved)

Viewing Backgrounds in the Stage Window

Auto Focus with Mask Area

Volume Measurement

Topography filter

Border Transfer


Centering Tool

Merge Results

Move Stage To

Verify Accuracy

Build and Save 3D Models (optional)

Generate and Update Reports (optional)




Microscope Acquisition Features : •

Point-to-Point Direct Measures

Direct Measures in Data Browser

Rapid Routine Development

Optional Pre-Built Imaging Routines

Radial Grid Measure

Volume Fraction

Measures and Analysis on Mosaic Images

More Flexibility in Results Management Object Grid Color Channel to Grey Threshold Relative Grey Threshold

Other Features: •

3D Rendering & measurements

Image Analysis with Robotic Sample Loading

Hot Stage

Application Packages

Report Generator (Compatible with Excel)

Automated Microscope


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ACM-22303-J Models: TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD. ® The precise focusing mechanism allows both coarse and fine focus adjustments, to yield crisp, cl...

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