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Models: ACM - 52301-ST-5

Thermo Hygrograph


Thermo Hygrograph

Product Overview: A Thermo-Hygrograph is a chart recorder that measures and records both temperature andhumidity (or dew point). Similar devices that record only one parameter are a thermograph for temperature and hygrograph for humidity. Weiber thermograph is usually with a pen that records temperature on a revolving cylinder. The pen is at the end of a lever that is controlled by a bi-metal strip of temperature-sensitive metal which bends as the temperature changes. Our Weiber Thermo hygrographs are used to produce a continuous record of the variation of both the temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere against time, by drawing colored traces on a chart.


Thermo Hygrograph

Variations in relative humidity can affect many manufacturing processes, storage of raw materials, weights of items such as wool, paper, tobacco, confectionery, and computer operation, as well as being an important factor in human comfort. Since temperature is often linked to changes in relative humidity, this instrument records both on a single chart. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Humidity Measurement The element that senses relative humidity is made from several strands of specially treated human hair, which shorten as relative humidity decreases and lengthen as it increases. The relative humidity element is connected through a linkage to the pen arm so that changes are


recorded as an ink line on the chart. The linkage is designed to give a near linear movement over most of the chart range. Temperature Measurement The temperature element is a bi-metal coil that expands and contracts with changes in temperature, causing its free end to move. The free end is connected via a spindle to the pen arm so that changes are recorded on the chart. General Relative humidity and temperature are recorded on the same chart, so to distinguish between the two traces, the temperature pen is red while the relative humidity pen is black. To allow the pens to pass each other without colliding, the black relative humidity arm is shorter than the

Thermo Hygrograph

temperature arm, so that the two traces are displaced in time with respect to each other. Fibre tipped pens are supplied which contain sufficient ink in the body to write for approximately 9 months. Replace the pen when the trace grows too faint to read. Relative humidity is always scaled from 0 100%. is 50 deluxe The temperature span for the THERMOHYGROGRAPH oC, and this can be set to cover two alternative ranges: -20oC to +80oC or 0oC to+50oC . When the instrument is dispatched, a special chart is fitted that gives instructions for changing the temperature offset to match the range of the chart selected. The unit is factory calibrated for 20oC to +80oC


Long-term continuous record Due to a long folding chart, a maximum of 6 months continuous recording is possible. Thanks to a chart with 100mm recording width, a reading of 1 Celsius scale, 1%RH is possible. Moreover, according to the control conditions, the switching of the recording range is possible. Sensor extension The sensor extension, possible with a cable (separate), allows remote measurements of unmanned places or thermostat external monitors. Alarm function (option) With the connection to the warning signal equipment, it informs abnormal value of the temperature and the humidity.

Thermo Hygrograph

Range of long-term stability, wide measurement _ Due to the superiority of the sensor's response, stability, high precision and long-term stability results can be obtained on a wide range of 20oC to +80oC degrees Celsius. Digital display _ With a large and eye-friendly digital display, the current value is readable at a glance. Other Easy users' calibration. 2-point humidity calibration possible. Battery drive type for free portability. Wall hanging possible. Folding charts for free cutting-offs.


Main Specifications ELECTRONIC HYGROTHERMOGRAPH ST-50 Metering display part Metering system

Temperature/Semi-conductor system, Humidity/ macromolecule electric capacity system

Metering Range

Temperature / -20-80 degrees Celsuis Humidity / 0-100% RH

Metering Display contents

Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsuis), relative humidity, dew-point temperature, absolute humidity

Recording Part Recording System

Cartridge pen (red, blue) Folding charts (entire length 12 m, effective recording width 100 mm)

Overall accuracy

Temperature / ± 1 degree Celsius Humidity / ±3% RH

Recording Period and battery life Transport speed Recording Period Battery life

200mm/h 20 days 20 days

100mm/h 1.5months 1.5months

5mm/h 3 months . months

2.5mm/h 6 months 6 months

In sleep mode with 2.5mm//h, the battery life is 6 months Power Source Environment Dimension/weight

4 alkaline size D batteries or an adapter Temperature/-20-50 degrees Celsius, Humidity/20-90% RH (non condensing) 300(W)x245(H)x105 (D)mm, approx, 2.8kg

Accuracy differs according to temperature. Functions Sensor Extension

With a separately sold extension cable (50m max.)

Alarm relay output

With the separately sold relay unit (2 points high and low temperature & humidity)

Sensor Calibration

Temperature 1 Point, Humidity 1 Point or 2 points

Recording range setting

Conversion to 0-50 recording range Discretional setting of central temperature Conversion to ±25 degrees Celsius, ±10 degrees Celsius range width


Superposition marking on temperature recodes


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