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Weiber’s Plant Canopy Analyzer can be widely used in

The band area can be used to quantify a variety of stress

agricultural production and agricultural research. A total

caused by differences in plant canopy emissivity. 750-

of 17 road spectral information input, including the way

900 nm near-infrared bands to detect and assess the

for environmental calibration optical path signal; with a

severity of leaf diseases are very useful. Near infrared

TFT color screen display interface, GPRS wireless

region of the long-wave band can be used to estimate

communication interfaces, GPS positioning interfaces.

the biochemical composition of plants.

Have any substance emission, absorption and

Using visible / near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

reflection characteristics of electromagnetic waves,

and multi-channel spectral information scanning

which is the basic principle of detection of spectral

technology to quickly determine the surface vegetation

information. By measuring the absorption of radiation of

parameters, plant canopy information, and information

each wavelength, transmission or reflection properties

on plant nutrients, soil nutrient information,

of the substance can be identified. In practice, only need

environmental parameters, plant pests and diseases

to select certain bands to identify the characteristics of

and so on.

the selected material. The use of narrow-band filters to

8-channel general-purpose instrument for the detection

select the visible and near-infrared (NIR) area of the

spectrum analyzer, the largest of different bands can

electromagnetic spectrum in certain bands.

support 16 channels of general-purpose spectral



information collection instrument, the user can

Ÿ Crop quality factor

customize according to the actual needs of different

Ÿ Leaf area index

spectral bands of the filter test.

Ÿ Because

Instrument comes with 8-band filters, the main center band is: 550nm, 600nm, 650nm, 730nm, 940nm, 1100nm, 1250nm, 1550nm. Built-in sensor autocalibration module.

of disease, air pollution, nutrient

deficiencies and chemical plants and other toxins resulting from reduced crop yield and quality losses Ÿ Assessment of plant growth regulator Ÿ Objectively and effectively to various leaf disease


Plant canopy Analyzer Applications

Ÿ Monitoring the effect of application of herbicide


Ÿ Used for soil improvement and soil fertility research

Ÿ The normal growth of plants

Ÿ Foliar fertilization of

Ÿ Plant canopy color

Ÿ Study of Irrigation Scheduling

Ÿ Plant growth environment Assessment:

Ÿ Drought on plant growth and yield of

Ÿ Biomass crop

Ÿ Characteristics of different genotypes

Ÿ Biochemical content

Ÿ Test to assess the variation

Ÿ Crop yield integral



Plant canopy Analyzer Features the 360-degree adjustable, you can automatically calibrate the sun direction angle to the measurement of

Ÿ INDVI, WDR-NDVI, RV Ÿ Photochemical reflectance PRI

the impact of Ÿ Leaf area index (LAI) Ÿ Instrument height can be adjusted Ÿ The proportion of canopy gap (GAP SIZE) Ÿ 8-band with the Landsat satellite thermal spectrum Ÿ Plant canopy absorbed photo synthetically active

band diagram similar to the first eight radiation component (FPAR) Ÿ Light weight, easy to carry Ÿ Band: 8 Ÿ Can be used for unattended operation Ÿ Central Ÿ Chinese large-screen LCD display Ÿ Handset can store, through the key storage Ÿ With a computer interface, data can be imported

computers, for analysis purposes

wavelength: 550nm, 600nm, 650nm,

730nm, 940nm, 1100nm, 1250nm, 1550nm Ÿ Operating range: 0 to +50 ?, 0 Dao 100% RH non-

condensing, "20% relative humidity storage Ÿ Reflectance range: 0 to 100%

Technical Features

Ÿ Resolution: 0.06%

It is now scheduled for the subjects are:

Ÿ Accuracy: + / -4%

Ÿ Normalized difference vegetation index NDVI, SA-

Ÿ Detector: light-emitting diodes



타 Size: 100 -100 80mm 타 Store data: 1000 Group

System, built-in data acquisition program to facilitate the digitization and recording of voltage options for each wavelength of the reflection percentage. The program

타 Response time: 2 seconds

also allows for multiple samples averaged. A variety of 타 Weight: 1kg

Plant canopy analyzer Configuration

ancillary data, such as time, the incident radiation levels and the internal temperature radiometer, can be recorded at each scan. Handset by manually switches

The system includes radiometer, data logger (handheld form), elongated rod (which can stretch to 3.5 m),

or by triggering a scan takes about 2 seconds. A variety of operation are on-screen instructions.

AC adapter and charger, software CD, data cable, user Radiometer designed to allow almost the same time manual

How Does It Work

entered on behalf of the incident radiation and reflected radiation voltage value. This feature allows the nonideal lighting conditions, sun angle and accurate

In the field, by supporting frame (pole) to keep radiometer crop canopy above the horizontal position. Field observations are reflective of dollars higher than the diameter of the canopy height of half the battle.

measurement of crop canopy reflectance. In cloudy conditions, using the system calibration procedures for environmental calibration, reflectance can still get useful observations. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.

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