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TMD 2685

Multi Functional Weather Meter PRODUCT OVERVIEW Weiber Multiple Function Weather Meter is ideal equipment for research and general applications in the field of weather analysis. The weather analysis is

these factors wind velocity, wind direction, and stability we can assess the risk associated with various techniques and methods followed in various industries such as petrochemical industry, etc.

necessary to ascertain the state of atmosphere in


reference to the velocity of wind, humidity level, the

Weather Alerts

illuminance in atmosphere, atmospheric temperature

Air Traffic

and the sound level in the said environment. Our


Multiple Function Weather Meter is appropriately a 5 -


in - one meter, i.e. Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light


Meter, Thermometer, and Sound Level Meter.

Electricity Companies

Gas Companies

Commodity Market

Military Operations -

Petrochemical industry studies the changes in weather such as wind speed that affects the size and extent of impact zones, and variation in wind directions which modify how the impacts are interpreted in the area

rains, storms, cyclones, etc.

surrounding each release point. By careful study of


Multi Functional Weather Meter •


5 in 1 professional measuring instrument : Anemometer, Type K Thermometer, Hygrometer, Type K Thermometer, Light meter.

Sound Level Meter can is compatible with the external 94 db sound calibrator and just press the front buttons to make the calibration.

Built in microprocessor circuit. Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy

Anemometer use low-friction ball bearing mounted wheel design provides high accuracy.

Light Meter use exclusive photo diode and colour correction filter light sensor, spectrum meets C.I.E. photopic.

Type K Thermometer use standard type K (NiCr-

Hold function to store the current reading value.

NiAl) thermocouple input jack suitable for all kinds

Temperature readings in C° / F° possible.

of type K probe.

Selection of Lux / Feet candle measuring units

operation. Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall features.

Humidity Meter use high precision humidity sensor


with fast time response.

Selection of Air Velocity measuring units possible

Sound Level Meter characteristic is simulated as

Multi channel display for relative humidity and

"Human Ear Listing” response, used the "A" frequency weighting and "Fast" Time 61672 class 2.

Weighting to meet IEC

temperature or air velocity and temperature. •

Zero button design makes light meter calibration.

RS232 / USB computer data bus.


Multi Functional Weather Meter



• • • •

Measurement 5-in-1 : • Anemometer - Air velocity + Temperature • Humidity (%RH + Temperature ) • Light • Thermometer (Type K) • Sound Level Operating Humidity : Max. 80 % RH Operating Temperature : 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F) Input Display Indication of "---------” RS232 / USB PC serial interface * Connect the optional RS232 cable UPCB-02 will get the RS 232 plug. * Connect the optional USB cable USB-01 will get the USB plug

Power Supply DC 1.5V battery (UM4,AAA) X 4 PCs Or DC 9V adapter input, AC/DC power adaptor is optional


Carrying Case Type K Thermometer Probe Sound Calibrator / SC - 941 USB Cable / USB 01 RS232 Cable / UPCB - 02 Data Acquisition Software, SW - U801-WIN AC to DC power adaptor


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TMD 2685 An ISO 9001:2208 | ISO 14001:2008 | ISO 13485 WHO:GMP Products | GLP Compliant Products

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