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Methane (CH4) is an odourless, flammable, and colorless gas, is a major component of natural gas. It is also a powerful greenhouse gas, which can be obtained naturally or can be a result of human acts. It has a short lifespan. In natural process / geological processes, methane and coal are formed together. During the coal mining, the methane gas is released into atmosphere. In underground mining, it is released in to the mines; in surface mining it is released directly into the atmosphere; in post-mining activities, it is released during subsequent process and in abandoned mines, it is present as unascertained and released at unknown rate.

Weiber methane detection alarm is an ideal instrument for detection of the deadly gas, i.e. Methane (CH4) released during the process of mining. Methane gas is highly flammable and can explode violently. If this gas gets released in a bad ventilated area, the only visible sign of problem to humans is suffocation, other signs are not visible. Therefore, one of the useful ways to avoid these risks is to use methane detection equipment such as Weiber methane detection alarm.

The environmentalists and researchers have always attached a great significance to the presence of this gas. This is a hazardous and unavoidable gas emitted during mining process.


Methane Detection Alarm ACMAS TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD. | |

SPECIFICATION OF MODEL • TNMD - MDA PRODUCT FEATURES • Portable • Big LCD Screen • Easy to use KEY FEATURES • High level of security to poor environmental conditions • Automatic zero • Time display (settings and features) • Easy sensor replacement • Build-in single chip advanced micro-computer • Alarm button • Capable of giving useful information to concerned agencies in form of : light, sound, digital and vibration. • Alarm : can be set up at random adjustment • Vibration prompts alarm function • Battery voltage display • Automatic calibration certificate • Light show through big screen • Useful for even very humid environment



TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: • Size / weight : 100?L?×56?W?×28?H?mm/200g • Measurement of CH4 : 0 ~ 4.00 % CH4 • Measurement : 0. 1 % CH4 or ± 10 % accuracy of CH4 Resolution : 0.01 % CH4 • Time display : Can be set 24-hour time • Sound and light : multi-class multi-way sound and light alarm feature warning alarm sound level 80 dB • Charging a row : over working hours 15:00 • level of security : Ip65 • Power supply through : 3.6 V rechargeable battery • Temperature : temperature range of 0 ~ 40 ? 0 • Explosion type : IbdI (150 C) Earthquake antistatic ABS cases AREAS OF APPLICATION • Mine Industry • Scientific experiments and research in laboratories The Tragedies that could have been Prevented, if methane gas detector had been used : •

• •

On 9 November 1963, an explosion at the Miike coal mine in Japan that killed 20 miners and 438 more died afterwards from carbon monoxide poisoning. The worst disaster, that occurred on 26 April 1942, in the Benxihu Colliery in China, which killed 1,549 miners. Methane explosion in the Russian coal mine, of Ulyanovskaya at Kemerovo Oblast, where 108 died on 19 March 2007.



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NS-MD 1700 An ISO 9001:2208 | ISO 14001:2008 | ISO 13485 WHO:GMP Products | GLP Compliant Products

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