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The Acm-MP-521 are multi parameter micro processor based highly accurate pH and conductivity meters These type of meters are ideal when ,ore than one parameter in

combination of the parameters makes very convenient and user friendly. Our pH and conductivity combination

Based) Acm-MP -521

(Analytical Microprocessor

pH & Conductivity meters

the given solution need to be checked and recorded. The

meter is capable of accurately analyzing the pH,mV,Conductivity,Resistivity,TDS,Salinity and making it ideal for analytical usages in testing and research , laboratories and production plants. These bench top pH and conductivity meter meets GLP standards, it is a worthy product for its good performance.

Features and Applications pH & Conductivity meters (Analytical Microprocessor Based) Acm-MP -521

• Analytical bench top pH meter and conductivity meters • RS 232 C Interface • Data Storage of upto 600 samples • Supplied With Software for data logging and analysis • Equips three-in-one pH electrode, fast response and easy to use • Automatic Temperature Compensation Range (-10-100o C) • Self-Diagnostic with Message Codes Display

Key Inclusions pH & Conductivity meters (Analytical Microprocessor Based) Acm-MP -521

• 201T-M plastic three-in-one pH electrode • 2301-M conductivity electrode (K=1.0, ATC) • Flexible electrode holder • RS-232 communication software

Technical specifications : pH And Conductivity meters (Analytical Microprocessor Based) Acm-MP -521

Measuring Parameters:


pH,mV,Conductivity,Resistivity,TDS,Salinity and temperature

pH mV Conductivity Temp

Technical Specifications:

: : : :

±0.01pH ±0.1% full scale ±1.0 % full scale ±0.5oC

: :

(0 to 100)oC (0 to 50)oC

Range ATC pH mV Conductivity

Resistivity TDS Salinity Temp

: : :

: : : :

1.99 to 19.99pH ±1999mV 0 to 200 mS/cm, be divided into five ranges: 0.00 to 20.00?S/cm; 20.0 to 200.0?S/cm 200 to 2000?S/cm;2.00 to 20.00mS/cm 20.0 to 200.0mS/cm 0 to 100 M?.cm 0 to 100 g/L 0 to 100 ppt (-10 to 110)oC

pH Cond

Other Parameters Storage Data : Communication : Power : Size & Weight


900 groups; RS-232; AC-220/20 Volts 0r 110 Volts or DC9V/300mA; 160×190×70mm/880g

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user friendly. Our pH and conductivity combination making it ideal for analytical usages in testing and based highly accurate pH and conduct...