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CO2 INCUBATOR Weiber manufactures CO2 Incubator for tissue and cell culture applications. CO2 incubators have offered researchers and clinical labs a reliable and user-friendly system for culturing cells. CO2 incubators are easier to maintain, setup and utilize, while providing superior performance. The CO2 incubators allow these elements to work together to make an ambient environment for cells to thrive. These incubators are double walled units and are fully insulated with polyurethane foam for greatly reducing running costs. The reliable air tight seal and the fast gas exchange properties of Weiber CO 2 Incubator, allow for the rapid and economical creation of a non-fluctuating hypoxic environment.

SALIENT FEATURES Ÿ Clear LCD Display Ÿ Dual Infra-Red Sensor Ÿ Safety Features Ÿ Easy to use Ÿ Less Noise Ÿ Air Jacket Type Large Size Chamber Ÿ HEPA filter Ÿ Inside Glass Window Ÿ No need for water Ÿ Less maintenance




The Water Jacketed CO2 Incubators combine precise CO2 control with a choice of TC or IR sensors. Weiber incubators feature precise CO2 control, unsurpassed temperature stability, and superior parameter recovery characteristics, with innovative continuous contamination control technology. Carbon Dioxide Incubators are intended for tissue and cell culture applications. The incubator control three essential variables; stable CO2 level, temperature, and relative humidity and creates an ambient environment for cells to thrive.


Weiber Air Jacket CO2 Incubator provides excellent protection from contamination by dry-heat sterilization. It offers precise control of temperature and CO2 and creates an exceptionally stable environment. Dual software and thermostat controls protect over-temperature. It offers automatic two point CO2 calibration. Stability of the sensor brings temperature and humidity to equilibrium, especially following the opening of the door. To ensure optimal conditions, the incubator is constructed of stainless steel chambers and shelves, removable door gaskets with guards to prevent damage when inserting shelves.


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