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An ISO 9001:2208 | ISO 14001:2008 | ISO 13485 WHO:GMP Products | GLP Compliant Products

Advanced Soil Nutrient Analyzer

Plant nutrition is only one of more than fifty factors

is prepared where the available nitrogen, phosphorous

which directly affect both crop yield and quality. The

and potassium is marked as low, medium or high. Areas

availability of required nutrients, together with the

of sufficient and insufficient nutrients are marked out

degree of interaction between these nutrients and the

and nutritional requirements are determined.

soil, play a vital role in crop development. A deficiency

Fertilizers such as NPK, lime or gypsum are

in any one required nutrient or, a soil condition that

recommended to improve soil fertility. Fertilizer

limits or prevents a metabolic function from occurring

addition, which is based on soil testing, usually leads to

can limit plant growth.

an increase in yields and profits by providing the correct

Soil testing is the base for management decisions about fertilizer requirements. It involves the estimation and evaluation of the available nutrient status and acidic reaction of a sample of soil. After testing, a fertility map

amounts of needed nutrients. It also leads to uniform application of nutrients in a field. As nutrient availability becomes less variable, the crop growth is more uniform. Regular soil testing also contributes to environmental sustainability as the use of excess fertilizers can be avoided.


Product Overview

Keeping in mind the requirements and significance of the soil nutrient analysis,

we have developed a compact micro processor based soil nutrient analysis

system to suit varied requirements in agriculture, research and other fields.

Product Features Our soil nutrient tester can quickly test the N, P, K,

Store up to 1000 groups data time, place,

fertilizers, which can be analyzed at any time. Inbuilt printer report program

Big LCD display

Memory Recall Function

Sturdy and strong construction

According to the local situation, you can set the

humic acid , organic matter, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plants, and also can have a computer connectivity to log on the data in the system . •

Tests and analyzes all major parameters such as Sodium, Phosphorus and Pottasium content beside analyzing the humric acid, organic matter , salinity variety, productivity, kind of fertilizer and will and pH in the soil and plants automatically calculate the fertilizing amount.

Real Time Display

Automatic Recording of Time

The result will automatically transfer to the computer, for analyzing , gathering and storing.


Technical Specifications Nutrient measurement technology indicators: Stability Repetitiveness Linearity errors Sensitivity Wavelength range Shake resistance

A(absorbency of illumination) drift less than 0.003 in three minutes. A(absorbency of illumination) less than 0.005 less than 3.0 % red light _> 4.5 ×10-5-green light > _ 3.17×10-3 red light 620±4nm;blue light 440±4nm; green light 520±4nm qualified

PH: measurement technology indicators: Range 1-14 Error ±0.1 Salinity measurement technology indicators: Range 0.01%-1.00% Error ±5%


Technical Specifications Tech-SET-5509


Fast-acting Nitrogen, Fast-acting phosphorus, Fast-

Fast-acting Nitrogen, Fast-acting phosphorus, Fast-

acting potassium, Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium,

acting potassium, Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium,

organic content, soil PH value and soil salt content (total

organic content, soil PH value and soil salt content (total


value), The unit is provided with RS 232 C interface for computer connectivity and data analysis software. This model can also analyze 70 different types of crops.


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(SET-5509) An ISO 9001:2208 | ISO 14001:2008 | ISO 13485 WHO:GMP Products | GLP Compliant Products

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