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JULY 2011

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The Curvy Fashionista “There were so many more looks and designers that were workable, but these were my most memorable looks that I loved!”

Curves and Chaos “I loved all of the designs, especially the Queen Grace Collection and the Margaux Kouture dresses.”

Little Lime Dress

“Ladies, Margaux Kouture caught me off guard. The collection revealed evening gowns and party dresses with high-end couture influences. Short dresses, gowns, sequins, shine, and tons of drama; one after the next came down and I felt like I couldn't tweet fast enough.”


“Margaux Kouture was trying some new things, which I appreciate! A lot of ruffles in this collection and again, I’m loving the mermaid hemlines:”

Tumblr “There were plenty of designers on the runway but I'm only going to name the ones that truly caught my eye:”


ACM July Newsletter 2011  
ACM July Newsletter 2011  

ACM July Newsletter 2011