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Is Moodle Your Marmite? love it or hate it?

MOODLE Is Moodle Your Marmite?

Are you struggling to see how you can use Moodle to enhance the quality of your learning and teaching? Would you like some ideas and a bit of inspiration? Andy Clegg and Ian Worden will be holding a series of informal ‘creativity over a coffee’ sessions throughout the semester. Please join us at the following times: Staff Club - BOC

Staff Club - BRC

Thursday 17th Feb 3pm

Tuesday 1st Feb 3.30pm

Thursday 10th March 3pm

Tuesday 8th March 3.30pm

Thursday 7th April 3pm

Tuesday 5th April 3.30pm

We are happy to meet at other times, so if you would like a chat please contact us directly: / or alternatively speak to a member of the E-Learning Team

Is Moodle Your Marmite?

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