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ACOLÉ is short for ’a collection of luxury essentials’ and that is exactly the core of the house. ACOLÉ is a Danish based fashion house which produces 2 women's ready-to-wear collections a year. ACOLÉ Focuses on using exceptional fabrics, uncompromising quality with impeccable details, which translate into timeless pieces that oozes Scandinavian aesthetic & effortless luxury. ACOLÉ’s collections explore the strength of simplicity yet have quirky details that allow women to express a certain attitude & feel unique. ACOLÉ’s mission is to become every woman's wardrobe essentials, through carefully sourcing materials and well thought designs, offering styles that can be used throughout seasons. CORE VALUES RELEVANCE HONESTY QUALITY INTEGRITY ACOLÉ upholds the highest standard of integrity in all aspects of the business, all the way from production to store fronts. While keeping its focus on quality and always delivering a premium product, honesty is a key ingredient that translates into the look & feel of the brand. With a mission to be relevant to women of all ages, and across all types, ACOLÉ constantly strives for the best, if not perfection.


We believe in ethical fashion & slow clothing. Slow clothing is a way of thinking about, choosing & wearing clothes to ensure they bring meaning, value and joy to everyday life. Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear. If not you, someone else out there is paying the price. At ACOLÉ we do everything we reasonably can to ensure a better tomorrow, we do this by carefully considering our business partners, suppliers, our production & the material sourcing process.


SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITIAL RESPONSIBILITY We know the importance of digital presence & have made online marketing our main priority. With our in-house social media & online marketing department, we work hard every day to reach a wide & relevant audience to support our partners. ACOLÉ carefully selects collaborations that make sense to us & what our brand stands for – We believe that it is important to share our brand values via the right personalities & right channels.



Acolé is a woman, she is talented & impossible to forget. Her priorities are clear & relationships worthy. Acolé looks effortless, beautiful & at peace, she is powerful and fragile all at once. She does not compromise with kindness nor quality and will always seem confident – even when she is not. She is Acolé, be like her.



ACOLÉ produces 2 women's ready-to-wear collections a year, produced in the best materials sourced and appropriate for the specific style, and are at a medium-to-high price-point. Every season partners are offered free assortments with no minimum & high mark-up opportunities. Fabrics always includes but are not limited to cupro, cotton & silk. ACOLÉ strives to enable its partners access to affordable luxury.


In-season exchange service: As an ACOLÉ partner, you have the opportunity to exchange purchased products, with other products from the same collection, or previous collection (subject to availability), within the first 4 weeks of placing your order. An exchange fee of 10% is applicable, unless your order exceeds the exchanged items value by 10%, further subject to return-as-received. Staff discount: ACOLÉ’s partners’ staff can get 50% discount on the wholesale prices. (Allowance only applies to 10% of your order size) No minimum orders No style obligations (mix and match) B2B online system 24/7: This system allows you to buy new styles, download marketing material, order and invoicing tracking and confirmation. Multilingual Sales department: Danish, English, German, French, Swedish, and Norwegian.

ACOLÉ wants to be your business partner, and we are keen to establish, and maintain, a long-standing business relationship. Our goal is to help you increase your turnover, gross margin, and profit.


ACOLÉ is the result of two very different brands fusing together, LUXURY & DECEMBER NINETEEN. LUXURY has existed for almost 7 years as a sister brand to the well established fashion house NÜ DENMARK. LUXURY was created by NÜ DENMARK with the desire to offer their existing as well as new clients, a high-end collection in nothing but premium materials. For the past 7 years LUXURY has been producing comfortable, effortless & sporty luxury essentials. With a unique multi functional design. LUXURY allowed women to dress up or style down according to their occasion & mood. DECEMBER NINETEEN was established in Dubai 2017 by former fashion stylist Linda Bruun Lacin, who believed that there was a gap in the market for redefined classics in impeccable quality. DECEMBER NINETEEN was quickly discovered by the industry & press and could be seen in issues such as VOGUE, ELLE, HARPERS BAZAAR to name a few. Together, ACOLÉ was created and fuses the best of the two brands – ’a collection of luxury essentials’. As a part of the 22 years old Danish fashion house NÜ DENMARK, ACOLÉ feels confident & will through their 4700 square meter HQ & in-house support system, continue their journey together.



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