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September 2010 Message

from the Director General On 2 September, I delivered a keynote address to the ASUTIL 2010 conference held this year in Puerto Rico. Despite two precarious business years, the mood was up-beat, and attendance hit record levels for this Latin American retail event. Once again I noted how attentive mixed audiences of aviation stakeholders are when I deliver a message about airport economics. Few are fully aware of what makes the airport tick – how important customer service delivery is to us, what new growth will impact airport operations and facilities, how we manage our costs and balance revenues and expenditures.

This is a win-win partnership, and the options are far from exhausted in today’s airport setting.

Without solid financial balance sheets, our future would be bleak. To maintain and reinvest in both landside and airside facilities requires considerable financial commitment. On a global average, roughly half of our income comes from non-aeronautical sources – a growing trend in all regions. So for many airports, financial sustainability will be linked to successful revenue diversification.

Angela Gittens Director General, ACI World

I also learned from the other speakers and delegates there that they too have many ideas for expanding airport retail opportunities. As the travel market continues to improve, I encourage each of you to assess your potential to expand into new non-aeronautical revenue streams. Not all may have the international traffic that helps sustain duty free retail sales, but all airport operators have new avenues to explore that will help diversify revenue streams while enhancing the airport experience for our customers.

I walked the delegates through what ACI sees in today’s traffic trends, our short to long term forecasts, and the ways in which we – airports, retailers and brands – can target many retail solutions that will strengthen our financial results.

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ACI World Report - September 2010

ACI World at ICAO

as•sem•bly: “an assembling

or coming together of a number of persons, usually for a particular purpose” Georgina Graham

The ICAO Assembly certainly fits this definition, and for the upcoming Triennium it will take place in Montreal from 28th September to 8th October 2010. The Assembly is ICAO’s sovereign body; it meets at least every three years and is convened by the Council (ICAO’s governing body). 190 Member States, plus international organizations are invited to the Assembly, which will establish the worldwide policy of the Organization for the following three years (in this case, 20112014). The first Assembly of the Provisional organization (PICAO) took place in 1946. One of the first resolutions of PICAO was that “… International Organizations shall have the right to participate in all the discussions of the Assembly, its Commissions and Sub-Commissions.” Other issues discussed were as far ranging as the Desirability of a Multilateral Agreement (on commercial rights) to the Facilitation of International Air Mail. An important agreement in principle was also reached to establish regional offices under the direction of PICAO. Each Contracting State is entitled to one vote, with most decisions taken by a majority of the votes cast, however international organizations and non-contracting states are not permitted to vote. One of the key decisions taken at each Assembly is the election of the Council. The Council is comprised of 36 Member States and is elected based on the principle of Adequate Representation. As per Article 50 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation,

the Council elections are conducted to ensure that firstly, States of importance in air transport are represented on the Council. Secondly, States which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for international civil air navigation are represented and thirdly, the remaining States to be elected ensure that all major geographical areas of the world are represented. This process takes place in three parts, and the Assembly decides the number of States to be represented under each category. The Council is elected for a three year term and elects a President (who does not have a vote) to preside over its functions and deliberations, including convening meetings of the Council, the Air Navigation Commission and the Air Transport Committee. This Assembly will cover items under the Strategic Objectives of ICAO (Safety, Security and Sustainability) as well as administrative issues that arise. In order to ensure that all relevant areas of business are covered, it is envisaged that at least four Commissions or Committees will be established for the duration of the Assembly. There will be an Administrative Commission (established by virtue of the Rules of the Assembly) and Technical, Legal and Economic Commissions. Examples of topics covered by the Technical Commission include Runway Safety and the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP). Issues of course which are of great interest to ACI and our members. In order to fully represent the membership on topics that can have a far reaching impact for aerodrome operations, the ACI delegation will be lead by the Director General of ACI World, Angela Gittens, supported by the subject matter experts in the topics covered by the Assembly. Any Working Papers submitted to the Assembly should have a requisite action – for example, the Assembly is invited to “Review….” or “Agree”. Papers that do not have actions can be submitted, but these are Information Papers. ACI

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ACI World Report - September 2010 will submit papers in order to promote specific areas of interest, or support other papers submitted by the Secretariat, Contracting States and International Organizations.

ACI participation in IVATF had mixed results Paul Van den Eynden

Delegations to the Assembly are usually comprised of the Director General for Civil Aviation and other experts in the fields to be discussed. Airports may choose to participate in a State delegation, however this can only take place with the consent of the State concerned and should be pursued on an individual basis. This year, a special pre-Assembly conference will also be convened by ICAO and McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law. The major themes to be covered at the event include: The State of the Aviation Industry; Security & Facilitation; Aviation and Environment and Strategies and the Way Forward. ACI is a Supporting Organization for this event, which aims to be a preparatory forum for delegates attending the Assembly.

Worldwide Conference and Exhibition on Air Transport: What Route to Sustainability? As we enter this next dynamic period in aviation’s history, the ICAO Assembly will literally assemble the leaders in the field of aviation from around the globe to establish policies that will shape aviation for at least the next three years. ACI is privileged to be a part of this historic event, as we aim to help to enhance safety and security and minimize the impact of aviation on the environment, while promoting an efficient and viable air transport system.

ACI recently participated in the ICAO sponsored International Volcanic Ash Task Force (IVATF), following the major impact of the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruptions earlier this year. This resulted in more than 100,000 flights being cancelled and some 10 million passengers stranded. In the knowledge that the main emphasis of the task force would focus only marginally on airports (ACI appreciated the excellent work by sub-groups such as airworthiness, science, and international airways volcano watch - with a very high level of knowledge and experience), ACI’s main interest was in the ATM sub-group, more particularly the ‘assessment of current contingency procedures and reporting criteria to detect and mitigate risk’. With little consideration being given to the role of airports, after some heated debate, we were able to convince our ICAO colleagues that a different forum would be needed to address our concerns. We also concurred that the necessary expertise to explore these issues was not present at the time. In order to address the issue, ACI prepared a position paper on the impact of airspace closures on airport operations and submitted it to ICAO.

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ACI World Report - September 2010 Currently, ICAO Annex 14 states that, ‘The aerodrome plan shall provide for the coordination of actions to be taken in an emergency occurring at an aerodrome or in its vicinity’. This statement does not necessarily include airspace closures, which may be the result of an event occurring at a great distance from the aerodrome and possibly involving different and multiple civil aviation authorities (volcanic eruptions, 9-11 and Chernobyl are but a few examples). The ICAO Services Manual, Part 1 provides some guidance on natural disasters, but again it states, ‘at or in the vicinity of the aerodrome’ (similar guidance can be found in the ICAO Manual on Volcanic Ash, Radioactive Material and Toxic Chemical Clouds). ACI proposed that specific and relevant guidance material be developed. ACI has prepared a detailed framework for the discussion of the impact of airspace closures on airports, a common approach to better serve our customers (i.e. the travelling public) and better communication strategies, and has already identified a number of best industry practices to be included in local Emergency Preparedness Plans. ACI are confident that ICAO will convene a special task force soon, or delegate the work to an existing work group, and we will keep our members advised of any further developments. For more information please contact Paul van den Eynden, Senior Manager, Airport Safety and Operations

ACI World

working with Partners Brief round up IATA Passenger Experience Management Group - PEMG/03 Montreal, Canada Arturo Garcia-Alonso

Last week ACI participated actively in the PEMG Working Group (WG) sessions at the third meeting held in Montreal, Canada. In brief round up, the main topics and discussions were as follows : Common Use Working Group CUPPS Automated Remote Updates requirements, PCI-DSS Fast Travel Working Group Coordination for the Self-Tagging pilots in the US Bar Coded Boarding Passes Working Group XML DCS check, future use of NFC Passenger Facilitation Working Group ACI provided a presentation on the preliminary results of the study on “Best Practices in Passenger Screening Checkpoint access and egress” which was very well received by the group. Look out for more information on all these issues in our next edition. Next meeting will take place in Geneva, February 2011. For more information, please contact Arturo García-Alonso at agarcia@aci. aero

The Passenger Experience Management Group (PEMG) was established by IATA Resolution 705 as the umbrella Management Group. The main functions of the Management Group are: * To set direction and policy for all areas within Passenger Experience * To provide oversight and governance for the constituent working groups * To review and approve proposed additions, changes and deletions to Standards within PEMG and the constituent working groups as well as any future products and/or PEMG activities * To submit an annual report of its activities to the JPSC meeting * To liaise closely with other ATA and IATA Committees impacting on PEMG Standards

ACI World Report - September 2010 ASQ would like to extend a warm welcome to our most recent airport members to join the Airport Service Quality Programme.

ASQ Assured Programme Halifax International Airport Authority

ASQ Performance Programme

ASQ Americas Airport Forum 2010 – unprecedented success Arturo Garcia-Alonso

The 2010 ASQ Airport Forum for the Americas, organized by ACI and DKMA, was held in Atlanta, GA (USA), 25-27 August. More than 50 participants from 35 companies were welcome to the city that hosts the world’s busiest airport, for the annual meeting of participants in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Programme.

Beijing Capital International Airport

ASQ Survey Programme Sacramento International Airport

Airports can participate in the four sections of the programme:

ASQ Survey • • • •

Bringing together delegates from around the region, the forums facilitate industrywide communication and dialogue by giving participants the opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities for improving the quality of airport services, share best practices and gain deeper understanding of passenger satisfaction. Showing great support for the ASQ programme, Mr Greg Principato, President ACI North America, and Mr Javier Martínez Botacio, Regional Secretary, ACI Latin America-Caribbean, both participated actively in the Forum sessions and activities.

Main programme Regional programme Unique Airport Specific Research

ASQ Performance • Measuring and Benchmarking delivered service levels

ASQ Assured

Presentation during the Forum

• Certification scheme

ASQ Management • Advisory Services • Training Services • Best Practice

For more information on the ASQ programme, please contact Craig Bradbrook at cbradbrook@

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ACI World Report - September 2010

ACI World’s monthly PaxFlash and FreightFlash reports show that passenger travel and air freight continued to grow in July but at a slower rate than in previous months. ACI Director Economics, Andreas Schimm comments, “Growth in the passenger and freight sector is likely to have peaked in the second quarter. As of August, passenger numbers will compare against positive growth in the reference period of 2009, whereas for freight that will only be the case from October. Therefore the last quarter of 2010 will see a return to more ordinary growth numbers in the single digits. That being said, 2010 so far has beaten expectations and the recovery is well on track. Regional differences remain, however, and may become even more pronounced as the development of economies Table 1: Summary Worldwide Traffic Results, July 2010 (% change) July 2010 over July 2009

YTD July 2010

Rolling 12 months to July 2010

International passenger




Domestic passenger




Total passenger







Domestic freight




Total freight





FreightFlash International freight

Click HERE to read the Full PaxFlash and FreightFlash Press Release

Good growth rates were maintained thanks to performance in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America-Caribbean regions, both of which grew by 14 percent. In these two regions only two airports in the sample registered a decline: Salvador (-4%) and Osaka (0%). July results in both regions were characterized by strong international passenger traffic particularly in Latin America (+25%) driven by Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Mainland China, Hong Kong and India continue to dominate growth in the Asia Pacific region. Growth of international passengers in China was stronger than domestic, whereas in India domestic traffic outperformed international. Shanghai (PVG, +37%), Beijing (+30%), Taipei (+25%), Kuala Lumpur (+21%), Hong Kong (+18%) and Singapore (+16%) were the top performers in international traffic in the region. A domestic traffic increase in Shanghai (SHA) of 45 percent can be attributed to the World Expo in Shanghai which drew large numbers of Chinese visitors. In Europe, Munich and Frankfurt grew by 11 and 8 percent respectively and both Vienna and Copenhagen registered an increase of 11.3 percent. The traffic volumes in Russia, Turkey and Germany further extended the region’s growth to reach an overall 6 percent increase. All UK airports in the sample declined except for London Heathrow (+3.6%) and remain a drag on overall European results. Athens registered the largest drop in passengers (-8%), a decline most likely related to current social and economic difficulties within the country. Tourism destinations in Africa contributed to a 10.6 percent increase in international passenger numbers, but stagnation in domestic traffic (+0.4%) led to an overall plus of 7.7 percent in the region. Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian AIRPORT TRAFFIC STATISTICS



JULY 2007 International Passengers & Freight Report International passenger traffic continues strong growth International freight maintains strong performance

July 2007 results from 571 airports showed international passenger traffic rose by 8 percent and freight traffic by 4 percent compared to July 2006. First seven months of 2007 showed international passenger traffic up by 8 percent and freight traffic by 3 percent. AIRPORTS COUNCIL




APR 2007




184 843 827 3 947 080

7.9 4.1

2007 RUN: 18 OCTOBER YTD JULY 2007 % YOY

1 040 399 309 26 243 553

7.5 2.5

JULY 2007

YE JULY 2007


strong growth

1 763 589 237 7.2 registers traffic World airport 46 078 352 3.6 grew in all regions


show robust growth

in July

by 5 percent 7 percent, cargo traffic rising by 6 percent, traffic was up with passenger of 2007, passenger

months worldwide International passenger and freight trends For the first seven from 850 airports to July 2006. July 2007 results compared by 3 percent grew by 3 percent. and movements and movements up 2 percent


cargo Passengers

JULY 2007


14 12



2 0 AUG 2006





JAN 2007


Produced by: ACI Statistics (


6.6 4.6 3.2

421 428 874 6 366 257 5 976 786


8 6









YE JULY 2007

% YOY 6.0 2.1 2.9

2 540 689 090 43 496 683 39 289 348

% YOY 5.5 2.8 2.6

4 304 056 321 76 448 632 67 222 906




Andreas Schimm





Traffic growth slows but still hits 7% in July 2010: Freight recovery continues at 18%

8.0 6.0


July 2010

in the U.S. and Europe appear increasingly uncertain and show a tendency to slow down again.”

% Change from previous year

PaxFlash and FreightFlash

4.0 2.0 0.0 -2.0 -4.0

AUG 2006





JAN 2007



Produced by: (

ACI Statistics





May 2010 monthly WATR & IPFR are now available

ACI World Report - September 2010 airports grew by double digits whereas South African airports fell from the steep increases seen in June that were related to the World Cup (Johannesburg, +0.6%). In the Middle East, a surge in traffic in Muscat (+25.5%) comes at the expense of growth in Bahrain (-3%) as Oman Air continues restructuring. Contributing to steady overall traffic expansion (+14.3%) for the region were Dubai, where passenger numbers increased by 14 percent, followed by Abu Dhabi at +9 percent and Beirut +10 percent. In North America, international traffic continues to expand (+7.5%) whereas the dominant domestic market still lags behind (-0.9%). Almost half of the airports in the sample reported overall traffic declines, with steepest drops at Cincinnati (-31%) and St Louis (-10%). Three Canadian airports led the group of positive growth airports: Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa (each +7%). Double digit increases in international traffic were reported by Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington Dulles. For domestic traffic only Boston (+6.4%), Baltimore, Orlando and Chicago O’Hare reported greater than 3 percent growth. For freight, although the figures still appear high, the growth in global domestic freight has been slowing markedly as the world freight trend chart illustrates. For the first time since November 2009 total freight growth was less than 20 percent. Although international freight throughput remained stronger in Asia Pacific (+23%), Europe (+22%), Latin AmericaCaribbean (+28%) and North America (+31%), total domestic freight tonnage rose worldwide by just 7.6 percent in July as compared to the January through July increase of 11 percent. For more information on Airport Economics, please contact

ACI News ACI World extends a warm welcome to Mr. Kim Yoon Sub (Andy) who arrived on 1 September 2010 from Incheon, South Korea. Andy will assist ACI World during his assignment as ACI Manager, Customer Service and Marketing and he will be working under the direction of Craig Bradbrook and Victor de Barrena. We sincerely hope that Andy enjoys his time with us here in Geneva.

ACI-NA Names Winners of 2010 Excellence in Airport Marketing and Communications Contest Highest Honor Goes to Edmonton International Airport. Click HERE to read the full Press Release.

New terminal entrance at AĂŠroport Toulouse Blangnac

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ACI World Report - September 2010

ACI Events 2010 September 8 - 10 September ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Forum: Europe, London, UK 13 - 18 September ACI Africa 20th Assembly, Regional Conference & Exhibition, Abuja, Nigeria 15 - 17 September ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Forum: Asia / Middle East / Africa, Tokyo, Japan 16 - 17 September 5th Aviation and Environment Summit, Geneva, Switzerland 26 - 27 September ICAO / McGill University Worldwide Conference and Exhibition: Air Transportation Montreal, Canada 26 - 29 September ACI North America 19th Annual Conference and Exhibition, Pittsburgh, USA October 4 - 6 October ACI Europe and ACI Asia-Pacific Airport Exchange 2010 Istanbul, Turkey November 1 - 3 November 20th ACI World/Latin America-Caribbean Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, Bermuda 24 - 25 November 2nd ACI Environment Seminar, Quito, Ecuador

Only a few days to go before you can join the aviation industry’s environmental leaders to debate views on reducing emissions by 2050. And since this is likely to be another important year for aviation from an environmental perspective with climate change at the top of the political agenda, make sure you are there to find out about the latest trends and advances in our industry.

2nd ACI Airport

Environment Seminar Quito Ecuador 24-25 November 2010

Speakers ACI’s 2nd Airport Environment Seminar will include environmental managers from seven major international airports, two world business partners and two of ACI’s environmental staff. They will be joined by Angela Gittens, Director General ACI World, and 11 members of the ACI World Environment Standing Committee in presenting current environmental topics. Over two days topics will cover the major environmental issues concerning airports from noise, local air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, through to resource use and waste management. Speakers will highlight appropriate approaches and practical solutions to the real environmental needs of the region and show how ACI airports can assist the region and its environmental issues. Click HERE to find out more

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ACI World Report - September 2010

ACI Events 2011 February

It is now only two months until your airport industry Annual Assembly and the ACI World/Latin America-Caribbean Conference and Exhibition. This year we are set to present a programme of world class speakers on the beautiful island of Bermuda. With the theme “Airports on the Global Stage: Charting the Course,” we have Michael Rogers, Author, Journalist and New York Times Futurist as our keynote speaker. Michael will set the stage by delivering thought-provoking dialogue to start the Conference with a charismatic bang! Rodney Slater, former U.S. Transportation Secretary, will also share his views and experience with the audience at the opening ceremony on 1 November. Click HERE to find out more

trinity FOrUM

Note the date in your Diary......



Make sure you attend the Trinity Forum, the world’s leading airport commercial revenues Airports Retailers Brands conference, will be held Announcing the World’s Premier Airport Commercial Revenues Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on 9-11 February 2011, featuring an unprecedented strength of speaker line-up. 9-11 February 2011 X Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok,Thailand



For details please contact ACI’s Andreas Schimm at or The Moodie Report’s Martin Moodie at

9-11 February The Trinity Forum, Bangkok, Thailand March 1 - 2 March 3rd ACI Airport Economics and Finance Conference, London, UK April 4 - 6 April 20th ACI Europe Airport Trading Conference and Exhibition, Dublin, Republic of Ireland 4 - 6 April ACI North America Small Airports Conference, Cincinnati, OH 5 - 8 April ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition, New Delhi, India May 9 - 11 May 4th ACI Europe SMAG Conference and Exhibition, Cagliari, Italy June 15 - 17 June ACI Europe 21st Annual Assembly, Congress and Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal September 13-15 September (TBC) The Power of India, New Delhi, India October 16 - 19 October ACI North America 20th Annual Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA

For programme and sponsorship details please contact ACI’s Andreas Schimm at aschimm@aci. aero or The Moodie Report’s Martin Moodie at

November 7 - 9 November 21st ACI World/Africa Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt

See what is happening in the ACI Regions







ACI World Report - September 2010

ACI Publications

Magazines Airport World

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ACI Airports Economics Survey 2009

December 2009 Airports Council International, Geneva | PO Box 16, Geneva Airport, 1215, Geneva, Switzerland |

Airport Economics Survey 2009 is the natural companion to the newly released WATR 2009

Best Industry Practice Handbooks

In the spotlight: Training & development Airports: Cochin, Tirana, & San JosĂŠ Special report: Temporary terminals Plus: ASQ winners, airport seating & security

Airport World: Asia-Pacific Airports

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ACI World Report - September 2010

Global Training TAV Airports to host 11th ACI Training Centre ACI and TAV Airports are pleased to announce their agreement to open a new ACI Training Centre, making Istanbul the 11th global training hub in the world. This strategic location will enable ACI to continue to pursue its objective of bringing ACI training opportunities closer to the airport staff and management teams. The new centre will serve both TAV airport employees and candidates from across Europe and the Middle East. Click HERE to read the full Press Release

39th ACI Fund Seminar draws a full house in Atlanta CIFAL- Atlanta co-hosts programme on nonaeronautical revenues Paul Behnke

Twenty-five participants attended the ACI Fund/ CIFAL Atlanta training seminar on Enhancing Non-aeronautical Revenues in Atlanta, USA. The participants were from 14 nations, primarily from the ACI Latin America-Caribbean (LAC) region, including two from Ghana. The seminar was opened with comments and words of welcome by Jose Ignacio Gonzalez, Executive Chairman of CIFAL-Atlanta, Robert Kennedy, Interim General Manager, HJAIA, and Paul Behnke, ACI’s Senior Policy Advisor. Speakers included Arnaldo Ruiz and Jeff Pearse of HJAIA, Dr. Patricia Ryan, CEO, Decision Services International, Ron Reed of SITA,

Fernando Bosque, CEO of MBJ Airports Jamaica and Ronald Herman, CEO, Sionic Mobile. In their opening remarks, the speakers noted the importance of diversifying revenue sources in our highly-cyclical industry. It was mentioned that the ACI LAC region had derived just 34% of total revenues from non-aeronautical sources in 2009 (ACI Airport Economics Survey). This was the lowest percentage of the five ACI regions and well below the global average of 46%. The speakers from HJAIA said that non-aeronautical revenues comprised 57% of total revenue. Automobile parking alone was a USD 100 million a year business! Subsequent speakers pointed out innovative ways of enhancing non-aeronautical revenues, even at airports with relatively low volumes of traffic. Specific presentations were made on airport retail, food and beverage opportunities, property development (including hotels and industrial parks) and innovative use of IT and smartphones to increase retail penetration and keep passengers informed of real-time opportunities in the airport environment. In keeping with the ACI Fund tradition, all sessions were highly interactive with extensive question and answer periods after each presentation. The seminar ended with a short summation of the key points by Messrs. Gonzalez and Behnke and then a tour of the SITA Demo Centre, attended by all participants. The seminar was held 9 - 10 August at the conference centre at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA), co-host for the event, with SITA. The next ACI Fund seminar: 18-20 September Understanding ICAO Annex 14, Abuja, Nigeria

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ACI World Report - September 2010 Upcoming Courses 19-20 September Managing Airports Sustainably Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 20-21 September Airport Carbon Management Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 20-24 September GSN Module 2 - Airside Safety and Operations Zagreb, Croatia

18-22 October Airline Management for Airport Professionals * Istanbul, Turkey 18-22 October GSN Module 1 - Safety Management Systems Port of Spain, Trinidad 19-21 October Managing Service Quality at Airports Cairo, Egypt

27-29 September Airport Route Development and Marketing Vienna, Austria

25-29 October Airline Management for Airport Professionals * Nashville, USA

04-08 October Air Transport System Auckland, New-Zealand

25-29 October GSN Module 1 - Safety Management Systems Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

04-08 October Developing Customer Service Culture at Airports: Measuring and Benchmarking the Results * Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09-13 October GSN Module 1 - Safety Management Systems Tehran, Iran 11-15 October Airport Safety Management Systems Implementation * Johannesburg, South Africa 12-14 October Airport Security Nashville, USA 13-15 October Relaciones P煤blicas y Comunicaci贸n en Aeropuertos Panama City, Panama

25-29 October Air Transport System Dallas, USA 07-11 November Air Transport System Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 08-12 November Developing Customer Service Culture at Airports: Measuring and Benchmarking the Results * Bucharest, Romania * this course can be taken as an AMPAP Elective

16-21 October Airport Executive Leadership Programme (AELP) Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates

Book 2 months ahead to receive the early bird discount

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ACI World Report - September 2010

Global ACI-ICAO AMPAP to graduate largest class at Bermuda WAGA

team from AMPAP’s Montreal headquarters is looking forward to greeting another international group of IAP’s in Bermuda at this year’s graduation ceremony.

This year alone, over 35 airport managers from across the globe have completed the Global ACIICAO AMPAP curriculum. “We are celebrating a significant milestone for our Programme because this marks the largest graduating class in AMPAP’s 3-year history,” noted Programme Executive, Dr. Pierre Coutu. “It’s a true testament to the success and growth of our Programme.” AMPAP Graduation Ceremony, KL, 2009

The graduates (International Airport Professionals – IAP’s) will be officially recognized during the third annual ACI-ICAO AMPAP graduation ceremony which will take place this year on November 2nd in conjunction with the ACI World Annual General Assembly in Bermuda. AMPAP graduates will receive their International Airport Professional (IAP) designation during the graduation ceremony with official diplomas presented by ACI Director General, Angela Gittens and ICAO Director of the Air Navigation Bureau, Nancy Graham. At AMPAP’s first two graduation ceremonies in Boston - 2008 and in Kuala Lumpur - 2009, the new IAP’s were honoured before a distinguished audience of industry leaders. The management Visit the AMPAP website for a listing of all upcoming ampap mandatory and elective courses

Registration is now open for upcoming AMPAP entry courses: Auckland, New Zealand 4 - 9 October 2010 Dallas, USA 25 - 29 October, 2010 Abu Dhabi, UAE 7 - 11 November, 2010 Hyderabad, India 29 November - 3 December, 2010 Brussels, Belgium 6 - 10 December, 2010 For information or registration please contact or visit



ACI World Report - September 2010

Online Learning Centre in partnership with

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management at Airports Airports Council International is proud to announce the release of this new online training module as part of the ACI Certificate in Airport Environmental Management programme.

On completion of the module airport staff will have the knowledge and skills to design and implement a GHG management plan as part of an airport’s Environmental Management System including projects and measures required to reduce airport GHG emissions and options for obtaining programme certification. The course consists of the following components: • Climate Change and Airport Greenhouse Gas Management • Drivers for Greenhouse Gas Management • Emissions Inventory and Goal Setting • Measures to Reduce Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions • Reviewing, Reporting and Certification • Efforts on Aviation Emissions • Online Assessment • Additional Resources Duration: 2 hours of self paced eLearning Cost: $120.00 (Single module only) $695.00 (Certificate Programme consisting of 7 modules)

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management is emerging as a critical environmental challenge affecting the sustainable operation, growth and development of the airport industry throughout the world.

For information on how to enrol contact or visit our website

This course provides participants with an understanding of the issue of climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) management within the airport industry. It explores the major drivers for GHG management and describes the industry recommended approach for the identification and classification of GHG emissions sources.

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ACI World Report - September 2010 Call for Comment on the GRI Airport Operator Sector Supplement The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) invites all industry stakeholders to submit their feedback in the Public Comment Period on the final draft of the GRI Airport Operator Sector Supplement. Given your sector expertise, GRI would be delighted to receive feedback on the final draft proposals. The Airport Operator Sector Supplement is integrated in the G3 Guidelines to ensure cross sector comparability and to provide additional reporting guidance on sustainability issues unique to airport operators. These sector specific issues cover the economic impact on local communities both directly and indirectly through connectivity, trade and tourism, and as providers of public-service. Environmental issues such as management of storm water runoff, the use of de-icing fluids and noise were introduced as new reporting disclosures. The exposure of employees to aircraft noise, airborne pollution and contagious pandemic diseases are issues addressed under supplementary disclosures in the Labour & Decent Work category. Human rights issues such as human trafficking, airport security and the potential for discriminatory practices in security-screening processes have been added to the Human Rights category. The impacts of airport development projects, regarding the involuntary resettlement of local communities have been covered under the Society category. Furthermore, the Sector Supplement addresses product and service responsibility issues by covering business continuity and emergency preparedness in a new reporting aspect under the Product Responsibility Category. On the GRI project website, you will find the Airport Operator Sector Supplement (pdf) available for download. Please review and provide your feedback in the online survey: www.surveymonkey. com/s/DHHTF97.

What is YOUR airport doing to achieve its environmental goals? Write to World Report to share your achievements with other member airports.

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ACI World Report - September 2010  

Monthly newsletter from Airports Council International (ACI) with ACI events and conferences, training opportunities with AMPAP, OLC, and Pr...