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October 2010 Message

from the Director General Airports rarely get credit for the substantial progress being made towards meeting aviation’s environmental targets. The community of airports needs to speak out regularly to avoid losing the political and community support for our continuing need for development and optimum operations. This must be a sustained effort, not the occasional comment, if we are to convey our achievements to the right audiences, locally and beyond.  ACI too is strengthening its voice on airport environmental action that contributes to beneficial growth in an environmentally responsible manner. At the 5th Aviation & Environment Summit held mid-September in Geneva, I was joined by ACI World Governing Board Chair Max MooreWilton from Sydney and airport representatives Lena Wennberg, Environment Strategy Manager at Swedavia and Jan Metsovitis, Director of Aviation for Athens International Airport in representing airport views.  At that meeting ACI Europe Director General Olivier Jankovec announced the successful first year results of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme in Europe as well as expansion of coordination efforts with Eurocontrol and other European partners to make our system more carbon efficient.   Elsewhere around the globe, ACI North America recently announced the annual awards to member airports that have had notable success with their environmental programmes.  ACI Latin America

- Caribbean Region will welcome the next environment symposium in Quito to encourage heightened awareness and the spread of best practice in the region, as did ACI Africa last year in Cairo.    And ACI Asia-Pacific, where many airports have garnered ‘green’ awards, has formed a new environmental committee to promote best practices and concerted efforts across this vast region. Meanwhile on the global scene, the ICAO Triennial Assembly meeting is underway in Montreal, and ACI World is there supporting the global sectoral approach for international aviation. This has been the most contentious issue at the Assembly but we hope to see a final conference Resolution on environment that will, in turn, serve as the basis of an aviation submission to the next UNFCCC climate change meeting in Cancun in December. So to each of you I say, make sure your airport’s success story is known to your community.  Get involved with ACI World and Regional environment committees.  Share your success stories with us so that we can publish them to the right audiences at the regional and global levels. Our environmental investments are proof of our commitment to local residents.  Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate your engagement and contributions to a sustainable future for aviation.

Angela Gittens Director General, ACI World

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ACI World Report - October 2010

ACI World at ICAO

ICAO Assembly - 37th Session Georgina Graham After weeks, if not years, of preparation the ICAO Assembly is well underway, and indeed by the time you read this, will have come to an end. The opening of the Assembly was marked by a gathering of dignitaries and delegates - so many that in the main Assembly Hall it was standing room only.  From Canada (as the host country), Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, The Right Honourable Chuck Strahl accompanied by Jean Charest the Premier of Quebec and Gérald Tremblay the Mayor of Montreal. United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was also present at the ceremony and in her opening intervention reiterated President Obama’s commitment to ICAO’s Aviation Security programme, particularly since the NW253 incident on 25 December shows that aviation still remains a target for terrorists.  Ministers, Director Generals of Civil Aviation and high level representatives were present from many states and the opening ceremonies, lead by President of the Council, Roberto Kobeh González, set the stage for the over 1400 delegates in attendance, from 164 Member States and 41 Observer Delegations to proceed to set aviation policy in the strategic areas of Safety, Security and Environment for the next three years.  The President opened the gathering by outlining how far ICAO and the industry have come since the last Assembly in 2007, but also how much further we have to go.  The President noted that the forecasts of an increasing population (from 6.9 billion today to 9 billion by 2050 according to the United Nations Population Division) will put pressures on the existing infrastructure that

without investment certainly will not be able to cope. Airports are well aware of this and have been planning and developing facilities to facilitate the handling of hundreds of millions of additional travellers.  Of course with additional growth will come additional challenges, not just related to accommodating the number of passengers.  The results in the areas of Safety, Security and Environment could also be degraded if we do not act now to ensure a firm strategic foundation is laid for improvements in these areas.  The Assembly’s role is to do just that, and to assist in this task over 400 Working and Information Papers were submitted by Member States, the Council of ICAO, the Secretariat and Observer Organizations.   In order to address the issues raised in these papers, five Committees/Commissions were established to run in parallel and report back to the Plenary.  These five Committees/Commissions were the Executive Committee, and Commissions covering Administration, Legal, Technical and Economic matters.  More detail will be provided in next month’s World Report about the outcome of all the deliberations.  At the time of writing, the Environment debate continues unabated as a select group of States try to reach consensus on a number of key issues that will shape the aviation industry’s policy on climate change for years to come. Ambitious goals have already been adopted in the Programme of Action from last year’s High Level Meeting on Aviation and Climate Change.   But in order to truly address aviation’s impact on climate change, even more measures must be put in place to ensure that environmental concerns do not constrain the future development of international aviation. On one side of the debate, certain states have pushed for market based measures to be

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ACI World Report - October 2010 adopted, on the other side some states feel that the key to addressing the environmental challenges faced by aviation is the principle of “Common But Differentiated Responsibility” also known as CBDR. In this context CBDR would mean that developed countries assume a greater share of the responsibility for addressing their historical emissions whilst also permitting states (particularly developing nations) to address their own responsibilities in accordance with their own capability to do so going forward.  One of the other key issues that the Assembly has addressed is which States will sit on the ICAO Council for the next three years.    On Saturday 2nd October, Council elections were held for the States considered to be of chief importance in air transport (Part 1) and States which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for international civil air navigation (Part 2).  161 States were permitted to vote, which determined that each state must receive at least 81 votes in order to be successful.  Eleven seats were available in Part 1 of the elections and there were eleven candidates: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Swaziland, Uganda and United Arab Emirates.   The new Council will convene shortly after the Assembly has ended and these States must ensure they have permanent representation in Montreal during their three-year term. Improving the safety of the global air transport system, ensuring the security of the travelling public and addressing aviation’s impact on climate change are clear mandates for ICAO, the industry and States as we enter the next triennium. 

ICAO has been based in Montreal for the past 60 years and both the City of Montreal and the Province of Quebec are very proud of the aviation hub that Montreal has become. Canada was also one of the 52 original Member States of ICAO.

In Part 2 of the elections, there were twelve candidates for twelve seats with 163 States permitted to vote. The twelve successful candidates were: Argentina, Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and Spain. As we go to Press, the results have just been received for Part 3 of the elections (for States who ensure all geographic areas of the world are represented on the Council) for which there were 15 candidates contesting 13 seats.  The successful candidates were Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cuba, Guatemala, Malaysia, Morocco, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Korea, Slovenia,

ICAO Headquarters in Montreal

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ACI World Report - October 2010

ACI World

working with Partners 5th Aviation & Environment Summit Xavier Oh The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), the aviation industry umbrella group, called governments who comprise both ICAO and the UNFCCC to develop a global framework to address aviation emissions. The industry needs to have open access to carbon markets, in order to make the necessary national commitments to achieve enhanced air traffic management efficiency and develop sustainable alternative fuels for aviation. Over 300 delegates from 47 countries, including representatives of the aviation industry, governments and NGOs met in Geneva, Switzerland in September at the 5th Aviation & Environment Summit. The 1½-day event included a showcase the initiatives by airports and other stakeholders to reduce aircraft emissions including Collaborative Decision Making, Continuous Descent Operations and Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Airport blueprint for the environment: vision and action Angel Gittens Speaking at the opening session of the 5th Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva, Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI World, calls on airports and their aviation partners to broaden their vision and action plan in order to be more responsive to the communities we serve.

Click HERE to Angela Gittens’ full speech

For more information about the Summit read the Summit Communiqué, also click the image below to watch the video of Paul Steele, ATAG.

ATAG has developed a united industry position supporting a global sectoral approach to improve the efficiency of global aircraft emissions by 1.5% per year, carbon neutral growth by 2020 and achieving absolute emissions reductions of 50% (based on 2005 levels) by 2050. ACI supports this position for aircraft emissions. Members can contribute actively by providing APU (auxiliary power unit) replacement facilities, efficient taxiing infrastructure and procedures, and aircraft congestion relief. ACI also encourages its members to address non-aviation airport emissions associated with terminals, fleet vehicles, ground support equipment and ground access vehicles, not included in the ATAG targets.

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ACI World Report - October 2010

2010 ASQ Forums are the largest ever held James Ingram, DKMA The annual ASQ Airport Forums were held in three of the world’s largest airports: Atlanta, London and Tokyo. Fittingly, the 2010 forums were also the largest ever held, bringing together 200 representatives from airports participating in the ASQ Programme. The airport forums provide a unique opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the world and discuss the challenges and opportunities for improving the quality of airport services.

 The airport forums are also the opportunity to discuss industry best practices in managing service quality. The topic chosen for this year was airport way finding with Heathrow and Narita presenting the innovative approaches they are using to help passengers find their way within such large airports. ACI would like to take the opportunity to thank the teams at Atlanta, London Heathrow and Narita Airport for hosting such outstanding, unforgettable forums.

Delegates at the ASQ Airport Forum in Tokyo During the events, presentations were given by Cancun, Zurich, Heathrow, Narita, Dammam and ACSA, sharing how they are using ASQ to continuously improve the passenger experience at their airports. DKMA presented new trends in passenger services as well as the benefits of creating a customer focused organization, and how the ASQ initiative provides a comprehensive framework for managing service quality.

For more information on the ASQ Programme, visit or contact Craig Bradbrook at cbradbrook@aci. aero

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ACI World Report - October 2010

ACI World’s August PaxFlash and FreightFlash confirms the softening of growth expected for the second half of the year. International traffic expanded by 6.3 percent year-on-year trailed by a 4.9 percent growth in domestic traffic resulting in an overall passenger number increase of 5.6 percent in August. Table 1: Summary Worldwide Traffic Results, August 2010 (% change) Aug 2010 over Aug 2009

YTD Jan - Aug 2010

Rolling 12 months to Aug 2010

International passenger




Domestic passenger




Total passenger














FreightFlash International freight Domestic freight Total freight

As in previous months Asia-Pacific and Latin America-Caribbean topped the other regions with double digit international passenger growth of 11.6 percent and 17.4 percent respectively (Table 2). Remarkably in Latin America-Caribbean none of the 34 airports in the sample registered a decline in total passengers in August. São PauloGuarulhos the biggest airport in the sample

Click HERE to read the Full PaxFlash and FreightFlash Press Release

In Asia-Pacific only Bangkok Suvarnabhumi recorded a mild drop in passengers (-0.5%) whereas the other 36 airports in the sample all reported growth led by airports in China and India. An 11.6 percent increase in international was supplemented by 9 percent growth in domestic passenger resulting in 9.9 percent overall growth. The Middle East (+1.3%) experienced a marked slowdown in air travel as the Ramadan season covered the best part of August reducing travel activity which also had some effect on passenger numbers in other regions such as Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. ACI Director Economics, Andreas Schimm comments, “While it is normal to see growth numbers coming down as we start to compare growth against growth, it is positive to see that the number of airports that still lose traffic reduced drastically with some regions showing nothing but positive figures in the sample. Further softening of growth rates can be expected during the last 4 months so that worldwide passenger numbers are expected to increase between 4 and 5 percent in 2010”. In the freight market, international freight for the first time since November 2009 grew less than 20 percent significantly down from its 35 percent peak in May (Table 3). The Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region registered the slowest international growth rates at 10.6 percent and 17.1 percent respectively. The other regions retained




JULY 2007 International Passengers & Freight Report International passenger traffic continues strong growth International freight maintains strong performance

July 2007 results from 571 airports showed international passenger traffic rose by 8 percent and freight traffic by 4 percent compared to July 2006. First seven months of 2007 showed international passenger traffic up by 8 percent and freight traffic by 3 percent. AIRPORTS COUNCIL




APR 2007




184 843 827 3 947 080

7.9 4.1

2007 RUN: 18 OCTOBER YTD JULY 2007 % YOY

1 040 399 309 26 243 553

7.5 2.5

JULY 2007

YE JULY 2007


strong growth

1 763 589 237 7.2 registers traffic World airport 46 078 352 3.6 grew in all regions


show robust growth

in July

by 5 percent 7 percent, cargo traffic rising by 6 percent, traffic was up with passenger of 2007, passenger

months worldwide International passenger and freight trends For the first seven from 850 airports to July 2006. July 2007 results compared by 3 percent grew by 3 percent. and movements and movements up 2 percent


cargo Passengers

JULY 2007


14 12



2 0 AUG 2006





JAN 2007


Produced by: ACI Statistics (


6.6 4.6 3.2

421 428 874 6 366 257 5 976 786


8 6









YE JULY 2007

% YOY 6.0 2.1 2.9

2 540 689 090 43 496 683 39 289 348

% YOY 5.5 2.8 2.6

4 304 056 321 76 448 632 67 222 906




Andreas Schimm





International passenger growth slows in August - International freight up 19%

8.0 6.0


August 2010

registered a whopping 31 percent increase while Mexico City only grew moderately (3.5%). Domestic traffic in the region grew event stronger (+19.2%) than international passenger throughput (+17.4%). With the exception of Salvador (+19%) all 15 Brazilian airports in the sample expanded by more than 20 percent driven by international and domestic traffic alike.

% Change from previous year

PaxFlash and FreightFlash

4.0 2.0 0.0 -2.0 -4.0

AUG 2006





JAN 2007



Produced by: (

ACI Statistics





June 2010 monthly WATR & IPFR are now available

ACI World Report - October 2010 growth above 20 percent lead by Africa (+35.3%) and North America (+23.8%). Domestic freight was accelerated by a 9.1 percent increase in North America which contrasted with a modest 3.1 percent growth in Asia-Pacific. Schimm comments: “Total freight growth in August of 15.1 percent was lower than the 12month rolling average of 16.6 percent which indicates a sharp softening of the recovery. The relatively moderate numbers in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East which account for half of the international air freight market could point to further slowing of trade.”

For more information on Airport Economics, please contact

Look out for the

ACI Q2 2010 Quarterly Traffic Bulletin to be published soon

ACI News ACI Global Traffic Forecast 2010 - 2029 The ACI Global Traffic Forecast 2010 2029 combines ACI’s global industry data sets with its deep knowledge of the industry and DKMA’s 40 years of forecasting expertise. It delivers a world-class forecast highlighting air traffic development from the perspective of the airport industry. It is a unique and unbiased view of the expected development of aviation over the next 20 years. The 2011 edition covers 2010-2029. It is based on detailed inputs from over 300 airports all over the world, from small O & D airports to large hubs. In terms of passenger activity these airports represent over half of all passenger traffic globally. This high level of coverage means that the ACI / DKMA forecasting team is confident that the forecasts closely reflect industry expectations and are the most accurate forecasts available at the time of writing. Special pricing for ACI members who responded to the survey: € 500 a copy excluding excel tables € 750 including excel tables.

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ACI World Report - October 2010 ACI Global Forecast Global passenger traffic to increase by 4.1% p.a. between 2009 and 2029 ACI & DKMA’s Global Traffic Forecast Report for 2010 – 2029 projects passenger traffic to grow steadily over the next 20 years, reaching 11 billion passengers by 2029. The increase in traffic will be driven by emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. By 2013 Asia is expected to surpass North America becoming the world’s largest aviation market.

Airside Safety Handbook 2010 ACI World have just published the The revised content of the Airside Safety Handbook builds upon the existing guidance in the ACI Policies and Recommended Practices Handbook, with safety related policies included in this publication for easy reference. While remaining short and succinct, it provides checklists for action, as well as an explanation of risks to be assessed and means of mitigation available.

As stated in the text, local risk assessments are inevitably necessary to the safe operation of an airport. Much of the text has been distilled from excellent guidance material available from several large Civil Aviation Authorities around the world, ACI Member Airports’ operational safety procedures, ICAO material and other international aviation and non-aviation organizations’ publications pertaining to safety. To purchase your copy please visit

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ACI World Report - October 2010


ACI Publications

Airport World

Click here to ORDER your copy of the Annual Airport Traffic Report (WATR) 2009, available in PDF and Excel formats.

ACI Airports Economics Survey 2009

Click on the magazine to read it online In the spotlight: Sustainability Airports: Bogotá El Dorado, Zambia’s airport system Special focus: Security & baggage handling Plus: Customer service, African route development?

Airport World: Asia-Pacific Airports December 2009 Airports Council International, Geneva | PO Box 16, Geneva Airport, 1215, Geneva, Switzerland |

Airport Economics Survey 2009 is the natural companion to WATR 2009 ACI Publications Catalogue october


Click to download the ACI Publications Catalogue and the ACI Publications Order Form

Click on the magazine to read it online In the spotlight: Route development Airports: Hangzhou & Vancouver Special report: Customer service Plus: Taiwan’s airport city, ASQ winners

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ACI World Report - October 2010

ACI Events 2010

24 - 25 November 2nd ACI Environment Seminar, Quito, Ecuador

Make sure you attend the Trinity Forum, the world’s leading airport commercial revenues Airports Retailers Brands conference, will be held Announcing the World’s Premier Airport Commercial Revenues Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on 9-11 February 2011, featuring an unprecedented strength of speaker line-up. 2011

1 - 3 November 20th ACI World/Latin America-Caribbean Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, Bermuda

trinity FOrUM tHE


Note the date in your Diary......

9-11 February 2011 X Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok,Thailand



For details please contact ACI’s Andreas Schimm at or The Moodie Report’s Martin Moodie at

For programme and sponsorship details please contact ACI’s Andreas Schimm at aschimm@aci. aero or The Moodie Report’s Martin Moodie at

The conference will kick off on the 2nd November with the theme “Airports on the Global Stage: Charting the Course” where we are pleased to present Michael Rogers, Author, Journalist and New York Times futurist as our keynote speaker. Michael will set the stage by delivering thoughtprovoking dialogue to start the World Annual Conference with a charismatic bang! Click HERE to find out more

2nd ACI Airport

Environment Seminar

This two day event will highlight appropriate approaches and practical solutions to the real environmental needs of the region and how ACI airports can assist the region and its environmental issues.

Airports Council International (ACI) is pleased to invite the global airport industry to attend the 3rd Annual Airport Economics and Finance two-day conference and exhibition on financial management and the economic sustainability of airports. This international event will take place in the London from March 1-2, 2010. A global economic slowdown, weakening demand, tight credit markets, volatile energy prices and changing regulatory frameworks mean it is vital for the industry to gather together to find long-term solutions. Click here to Download the Conference Brochure

Click HERE to find out more

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ACI World Report - October 2010 20th ACI EUROPE Airport Trading Conference & Exhibition We are delighted to officially announce Dublin Airport Authority as the host of the 2011 Airport Trading Conference and Exhibition. The event will take place in Dublin 4-6 April 2011. More information to follow shortly. 6th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference & Exhibition Please join us in New Delhi, India for an excellent fact finding and networking opportunities. New Delhi is the premier destination for business and tourism. A place rich in cultural heritage, it is a great place to meet. This is your chance to network with senior airport management and position your company brand as a world leader.

21st ACI EUROPE Annual Assembly & Congress We are delighted to officially announce ANA Aeroportos de Portugal as the host of the 2011 Annual Assembly & Congress.

The event will take place in Lisbon, June 15-17 2011. More information to follow shortly.

ACI Events 2011 February 9-11 February The Trinity Forum, Bangkok, Thailand March 1 - 2 March 3rd ACI Airport Economics and Finance Conference, London, UK April 4 - 6 April 20th ACI Europe Airport Trading Conference and Exhibition, Dublin, Republic of Ireland 4 - 6 April ACI North America Small Airports Conference, Cincinnati, OH 5 - 8 April ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition, New Delhi, India May 9 - 11 May 4th ACI Europe SMAG Conference and Exhibition, Cagliari, Italy June 15 - 17 June ACI Europe 21st Annual Assembly, Congress and Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal September 13-15 September (TBC) The Power of India, New Delhi, India October 16 - 19 October ACI North America 20th Annual Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA November 7 - 9 November 21st ACI World/Africa Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt

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ACI World Report - October 2010

Global Training

ACI Fund

ACI Global Training and Manchester Metropolitan University together for Green Airports The 5th Aviation and Environment Summit that took place early September in Geneva highlighted the need to continue the common efforts of the air industry in making airports greener.   New research and technologies are continuously being developed. But strong support is needed from governments to fully enable the aviation industry to succeed in their targets for cleaner skies.   ACI Global Training in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University are now offering aviation environment courses. Two courses were delivered in Abu Dhabi: “Airport Carbon Management” and “Managing Airport Sustainably” from 19 - 21 September.

40th ACI Fund Seminar brings 17 African nations together Safety was again the focus of the ACI Fund seminar with its theme “Understanding ICAO Annex 14”. Wildlife Management, Emergency Planning, and Safety Management Systems (SMS) were some of the many topics that were also discussed at this session.

As complementary as individualistic, these environmental courses bring the essential knowledge and tools to help airports in achieving the global mission to reduce the emission and be more environmentally responsible. For more information and for the next sessions, please visit the Global Training website:

In collaboration with CIFAL Atlanta and UNITAR, the ACI Fund hosted its 40th Fund Seminar (1820 September) in Abuja, Nigeria, following on from the ACI Africa Regional Conference. Understanding ICAO Annex 14 is frequently requested as a subject, being both important and useful tools that participants can put into practice at their own airports. The great interaction and group exercises allowed the delegates to share experiences and understand the different requirements needed at individual airports. The class made up of 32 participants from 17 African nations highlighted the continued need for training in the African region. The ACI Fund is committed to pursue his mission to provide high quality seminars to developing nations. Next session: “Understanding ICAO Annex 14”, 29 Nov – 01 Dec, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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ACI World Report - October 2010 First AMPAP Elective course now Online! On 15 November, 2010, ACI Global Training will begin its first Airport Environmental Management AMPAP online elective course. The course was developed by ACI, with contributions from its member airports and the ACI Environment Standing Committee. It consists of 35 hours of training split between 7 modules (see below), and individual and group projects. Module 1 - Module 2 - Module 3 - Module 4 - Module 5 - Module 6 - Module 7 -

Introduction to Airport Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Airport Noise Management and Community Relations Local Air Quality Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Airport Resource Management Airport Waste Management Implementing an Environmental Management System

Session will run from 15 November to 21 January 2011 and the fee will be USD 1,600 USD For more information about the course please click this link or to register please contact us at

The 2011 course calendar is now available Click on the image below

Furthermore, each module has its own exam and is supported by a set of resources that are made available to the participants for further research on the topics covered in that module. The course will run over a dedicated 8 week period and will be offered 2-4 times per year. Over the 8 week period the course will be broken down into the following 5 parts:

Look out for the 2011 Training Catalogue coming out in November!

Completion of 7 modules – weeks 1 to 3 Completion of the individual project – week 4 Evaluation of the individual project – weeks 5-7 Completion of the group project – weeks 5 to 7 Evaluation of the group project and final grade 3 weeks after course completion.

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ACI World Report - October 2010 October 11-15 October Airport Safety Management Systems Implementation * Johannesburg, South Africa 12-14 October Airport Security Nashville, USA 13-15 October Relaciones P煤blicas y Comunicaci贸n en Aeropuertos Panama City, Panama 13 - 15 October Understanding ICAO Annex 14 Hong Kong 18-22 October Airline Management for Airport Professionals * Istanbul, Turkey 18-22 October GSN Module 1 - Safety Management Systems Port of Spain, Trinidad 19-21 October Managing Service Quality at Airports Cairo, Egypt 25-29 October Airline Management for Airport Professionals * Nashville, USA

November 08-12 November Developing Customer Service Culture at Airports: Measuring and Benchmarking the Results * Bucharest, Romania 10 - 12 November Securidad Operacional y Anexo 14 Lima, Peru 15 November 2010- 11 January 2011 Online Airport Environmental Management NEW Online 23 - 25 November Environmental Management Quito, Ecuador 29 November - 01 December Fund Seminar - Understanding ICAO Annex 14 Abu Dhabi 29 November - 03 December GSN Module 2 - Airside Safety and Operations Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 29 November - 03 December Air Transport Systems Hyderabad, India * this course can be taken as an AMPAP Elective

25-29 October GSN Module 1 - Safety Management Systems Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25-29 October Air Transport System Dallas, USA

Book 2 months ahead to receive the early bird discount

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ACI World Report - October 2010

Global ACI-ICAO AMPAP membership now spanning 74 countries worldwide Since AMPAP’s inception 3 years ago, the Programme membership base has expanded across the globe in 74 countries. “AMPAP has become more readily available for airport managers around the world with its entry course delivered in a wide range of cities,” remarked Programme Registrar, Monica Tai Chew. “In fact, the upcoming course in Auckland (October 4 to 8, 2010) has facilitated entry into the AMPAP community for participants from 4 new countries: Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.” To date, AMPAP has welcomed over 300 participants. With this broadening global community, the Programme has also witnessed a surge of graduates, holders of the International Airport Professional (IAP) designation, who are now widespread across all continents. Remarking on this trend, Dr. Pierre Coutu,

Programme Executive, stated “The IAP title is quickly acquiring global prestige and recognition. I am proud to know that IAP’s consider their membership in the AMPAP network a careerlong experience and a means for continued growth and success.” For a listing of all upcoming AMPAP elective and mandatory courses, please visit the online course schedule at

Registration is now open for the following AMPAP entry courses: Dallas, USA Abu Dhabi, UAE Hyderabad, India Brussels, Belgium

25 - 29 October, 2010 7 - 11 November, 2010 29 November - 3 December, 2010 6 - 10 December, 2010

For information or registration please contact or visit Visit the AMPAP website for a listing of all upcoming ampap mandatory and elective courses

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ACI World Report - October 2010

Online Learning Centre in partnership with

ACI and Queensland Airports limited deliver web-based eLearning System Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) and Airports Council International (ACI) have signed an agreement for the delivery of a web-based eLearning system that will provide QAL airports with a range of corporate and industry standard online training programmes. QAL is working with the ACI’s Online Learning Centre and eLearning systems provider Learning Seat to create a dedicated web-based eLearning system called “QAL Learning On-line”.

are dispersed across six geographic regions in Queensland. “The QAL Learning On-Line system allows us to offer high quality, professional training in a cost effective manner. The learning is extremely flexible as it is self-paced and participants can attend a course at a time that is suitable to them,” Mr Shaw said.

The service will be provided by ACI’s Online Learning Centre and will deliver a dedicated eLearning web portal and web-based Learning Management System. OLC Manager, Eddie Ragauskas stated “ACI is delighted to be working with QAL on this project. The new system will allow training to be deployed to any QAL airport with an internet connection improving the timeliness and quality of training whilst reducing the overall cost of delivery.” One of the first projects launched is a corporate Workplace Health and Safety course covering a range of emergency procedures; regulations; risk management; the management of hazardous substances, noise management; and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s new Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP) requirements. Queensland Airports Limited General Manager Corporate Services, Craig Shaw, said the system would add significant value to the business. “We are delighted to work with ACI on this initiative and the quality of material supplied by ACI has been outstanding. “This system allows us to distribute knowledge and learning information quickly and easily to our 300 plus staff who

Published by ACI World, Geneva Editor: Jenny Waddell, +41 22 717 8589

Membership contacts

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ACI World Report - October 2010  

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