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Message from Angela Gittens Director General, ACI World Working together to optimize airport capacity utilization into consideration the application of local rules to respond to the specificities of each airport. We can all appreciate that airport infrastructure is a limited resource yet airport operators have historically had little or no influence on the decision-making with respect to slot allocations.

Dear Colleagues, The growth of air transport has led to increased congestion both at airports and in the airspace. As reported in the latest ACI World Airport Traffic Forecast 2016–2040, traffic growth will exacerbate the current level of congestion at several airports. This is especially the case for emerging markets, such as those in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, where an increasing number of airports will experience capacity challenges similar to their competitors in Europe and North America. Worldwide, around 300 airports are directly affected by airport coordination, meaning that a slot allocation process needs to be imposed or voluntarily applied. It is in the best interest of airport operators and the communities they serve to promote efficiency in the allocation and use of the capacity that they build, maintain and operate, taking 4


In 2015, ACI started a new initiative to represent at the World level the interest of airports in this regard by urging States to facilitate more effective engagement by all stakeholders, including airport operators, to improve industry guidance on slot allocation that takes national interests and drivers of economic benefit into account, such as accommodating new entrants to drive trade and tourism. The first stepping stone of our new initiative was laid when the ACI World Governing Board established an Expert Group on Slots (EGS) to gather knowledge and pursue cooperation with slot coordinators and their association— the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group. The EGS is composed of experts nominated by ACI Regions and meets twice a year, coinciding with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) bi-annual Slot Conference. The EGS’ first meeting in June 2015 led to the development of a Policy Paper and Resolution that were passed at the 25th meeting of the ACI World General

ACI World Report - December 2016  
ACI World Report - December 2016