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ACI’s Safety and Technical Affairs team presents the Safety Management Systems Handbook By Nicholas Ratledge, Manager, Airport Safety and Operations, ACI World The ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee (STSC) would like to announce the publication of the much anticipated ACI Safety Management Systems (SMS) Handbook. The ACI SMS Handbook is an excellent resource for members wanting to develop a solid SMS starting from the planning stage through to the implementation phase, including the continuous evaluation of SMS achievements via the “PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT” cycle.

improvement of an SMS through various means such as communicating with airport staff.

The ACI SMS Handbook is based on ICAO SMS principles but it has been specifically adapted to the aerodrome operator domain. The handbook sets the framework of an SMS, highlighting that top management must lead in adopting, implementing and enforcing SMS safety policies and procedures. The implementation flow in particular follows a four-step process to ensure effectiveness.

The ACI STSC has drawn on the best subject matter experts for the production of this handbook and the committee has peer reviewed the content. The ACI SMS Handbook is essential for airport operators wishing to create or to improve an existing SMS at their airport.

The new handbook is derived from the ACI Airside Safety Handbook (4th Edition, 2010), which has been expanded into three separate handbooks: ACI Runway Safety Handbook (2014); ACI Apron Safety Handbook (2015); and now the ACI Safety Management Systems Handbook (2016).

The handbook describes certain elements that are required to ensure successful implementation, such as hazard identification and risk mitigation, management of change, incident reporting and investigation, and coordination of emergency response planning. The handbook also provides the requirements to evaluate an SMS effectively, such as best practice tools for monitoring safety performance, creating safety surveys, establishing quality assurance auditing and safety record-keeping. The publication also explains best practices for the continuous

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JUNE 2016

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ACI World Report - June 2016  

ACI World Report - June 2016

ACI World Report - June 2016  

ACI World Report - June 2016

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