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Smart Security: Alternative detection methods and unpredictability By Gaël Poget, Manager, Smart Security, ACI World (Geneva Airport)

At the last International Aviation Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting in early June 2016, Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO, IATA recalled the importance of working with ACI “to expand the footprint of the joint Smart Security initiative to streamline airport screening with modern technology and a risk-based approach.” With the changing face of the security threat to civil aviation, collaboration between ACI and IATA is crucial for the longterm sustainability of the aviation industry. The director generals of both organizations confirmed their commitment to this goal. In this article, we look at alternative screening methods that focus on the detection of explosives that do not require expensive equipment or costly infrastructure changes.

amounts of particles. Most solutions are non-intrusive, portable, cost effective and passenger friendly. Swabbing a few determined touch points on the person, clothes and belongings enables security officers to clear a passenger within few seconds. Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD): The alternative use of detection dogs offers a great deal of operational flexibility within terminals to ensure efficient detection, deterrence and also to contribute to the overall security of all areas of the airport. It also has the added benefit of contributing to the passenger’s perception of security. Both processes can be deployed in the queuing area, at divest and repacking stations as well as in the security lane itself. It can be implemented as part of the

The use of explosives remains the top rated threat against civil aviation, especially in the form of a person borne Improvised Explosive Device (i.e., on a person and/ or in a bag). Considering that technology capable of routinely detecting explosives (e.g., Advanced Cabin Baggage Screening) is not yet available at most airports, the implementation of alternative explosives detection methods is essential. There are two commonly used options to implement explosives detection at checkpoint: Explosive Trace Detection (ETD): This is equipment that is able to detect small 22


Explosive Trace Detection

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ACI World Report - August 2016  

ACI World Report - August 2016

ACI World Report - August 2016  

ACI World Report - August 2016

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