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Message from Angela Gittens Director General, ACI World Investing in airports – Creating the conditions to meet future demand 2040. While growth is anticipated to remain solid in mature markets over the medium term—most notably in North America and Europe—most of the growth is expected to come from emerging economies. The aviation community must overcome this challenge. Investment in airport infrastructure and ground access will be necessary.

Dear Colleagues, We are just a month away from ACI’s second annual conference on Investing in Airports – Creating the conditions to meet future demand, taking place in Goa, India, from 6–8 December. It has been organized in cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The conference will bring governments, regulators, airport operators, airlines and investors together to deliberate on what constitutes a suitable environment for airport investment. Our interest is to ensure that regulatory oversight evolves in step with the realities of the industry so that it can be sustained to accommodate growth in the demand for air service, now so vital to the economic and social well-being of the world’s communities. The just-released ACI World Airport Traffic Forecasts (2016-2040) provides clear evidence of the challenge. Passenger traffic will grow on average by 4.9% a year up to 4


Who will bear the cost of this? In an economic climate where States are increasingly cutting government expenditures, government financing and ownership of airports is not always a viable and sustainable option. For this reason, private sector participation has grown significantly over the last couple of decades. Airports no longer operate as a homogeneous group of public utilities but as a heterogeneous group with ownership structures ranging from government-owned to partially or fully privatized. Private investors require adequate flexibility to operate in a competitive environment and reasonable returns for the risk they take. Even government-owned-and-operated airports are increasingly required to have a commercial focus. Against this changing context, the oversight role of government can be complicated. The Investing in Airports conference is dedicated to helping the various players find solutions to satisfy the interests of each party and the community at large. Accordingly, session topics include: lessons to be learned from privatization in India; the Asian regulatory environment vs. capacity development; the key questions for

ACI World Report - November 2016  
ACI World Report - November 2016