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are available to LIMOGES and BRIVE airport

-Stimulation of sustainable information and cultural economies in low-density regions.

Patio is a discursive platform set away from the pressures and constraints of work and academic environments. The Patio meeting is a chance to examine ways of engaging in cross-disciplinary work protocols that respond to contemporary urban frameworks and to jointly develop ways to manage meaningful collaborations. This is projected through a desire to expropriate failing infrastructures and re-think human space for the approaching 7 billion. E: W:

For more informtation get in touch:

SUN 21

SAT 20

FRI 19

THU 18

Evolving Office, Micro meetings + Information exchange

WED 17

participants are invited to arrive during the preceding weekend and help with the initial setup


Closing event in Treignac

Assessment and documentation for PATIO London

Participant presentations [final session]

Evolving Office, Micro meetings + Information exchange

Suc Au May: Oral History Museum

Evolving Office, Micro meetings + Information exchange

Participant presentations [3rd session]

Participant presentations [2nd session] Comparative Study: Paper Mill Uzerche Lunch: BBQ on site Double screening: Blair Witch Project and Woodstock 67

TUE 16

Participant presentations [1st session]

Introduction to PATIO Site visit: case study Rubble Garden

-Development of itinerant HOSTING projects as a mode of invigorating debate and local unsolicited production.

This first year we are asking for presentations that connect to testing spatial resistance, critiquing surplus architecture, and the distributable potential of redirecting urban flows. We will consider a wide field of proposals that can be in any form; text, film, performance, discussion platforms, offices, et cetera. Patio is also a space to develop your own personal projects and we welcome unfinished examinations and simple requests to attend. Please contact us if you have enquiries about organising different time schedules around the Patio week. Accommodation is provided.

-Define novel cross-disciplinary office structures that can operate through dispersed networks.



rail: From Paris Gare Austerlitz to UZERCHE

flying: Flights

driving: Please contact us if you are intending to drive to TREIGNAC

15th to 21st August 2011



PATIO 15th - 21st August Treignac, France

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