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Turnitin@HKU Submit papers in a zip file

Step 1: Prepare a student list

Step 2: Upload the student list to Turnitin

Step 3: Upload the zip file containing the student papers

Originality reports of all the student papers

Š June 2009

Step 1: Prepare the student list Format:

Excel xls, Word doc, or txt format.


Entered in the order of first name, last name, e-mail address.

Examples: 1.

Excel (xls) format First name, last name and email address in 3 columns. (Note: xlsx format is not accepted)


Word (doc) format First name, last name and email address separated by commas. (Note: docx format is not accepted)

Step 2: Upload student list in Turnitin 1

Click on the class name to enter the class


Click on students on the left hand side


Click on Upload student list to add a list of student as a batch


Browse and submit the file you have prepared in step 1.

Step 3: Upload zip file containing student papers 1

Click on submit paper


Open the pull-down menu for submit a paper by, and then select zip file


Browse for the zip file containing your student papers, and then submit.


For each file, open the pull-down menu to select the student name. Turnitin will auto-complete the last name and first name for you.

You may leave the title blank. With this, Turnitin will use the student paper filename as the title.


Double-check if the information is correct. If so, click on submit to proceed.


The originality reports will be generated after a while

Turnitin submission: upload a zip file  

Shows you how to submit a batch of student papers to Turnitin. This guide brings you through the steps including: 1. Preparing a student l...

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