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Portal贸n Central Pacific, Costa Rica, 2011. Thank you very much for your interest in Portasol. We all believe that Portasol is truly a special eco-community and an excellent option for those who are looking for a place to live or have a second home in the rainforest of the Costa Rican Central Pacific. Here you will find information about properties available. We hope this information will confirm your interest in Portasol and answer your general questions. To provide you with additional information and answer any further questions, we will either call you or send you an e-mail in the coming days. We have found that people appreciate our courteous service. Thanks again for your interest. We hope you will visit us soon, allowing us to share with you our hospitality which is part of our lifestyle.

Kind regards, Portasol S.A Tel: (506)8321-8518 / 2777-3426/ 2591-0410

Portasol Cr.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

About Portasol Portasol, located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, in Portalón, is a sustainable and socially responsible eco-community. Portasol has a biological reserve, protected areas, lookouts, waterfalls, creeks and a stunning river. Portasol available properties are characterized by spectacular ocean and mountain views. The eco-community also offers: lodging options, house design and construction, physical therapy, yoga, wellness and relaxation treatments (Portasol Wilderness Spa), outdoor eco-entertainment, concierge and all services related with maintenance and rental houses. Portasol has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, based on three major topics which are: Environmental and Conservation, Human Development and Small Business Development. The social work and the environmental care initiatives are addressed mainly to the nearest village, Portalón, but also to a several nearby communities. A competitive group of interdisciplinary professionals have made the community successful, by working together to execute what has been a very well planned project. Location The Portasol community is located between Manuel Antonio National Park (Quepos) and the Marino Ballena National Park (Dominical), in Portalón Village, Province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific area, only 2,5 miles from the closest beach, Matapalo. The area surrounding Portasol is experiencing an increasing national and international investment in highways, bridges, ports, marinas and tourist projects leading to great increases in values. The access to Portasol can be by car or by plane. From San José to Portasol the driving distance is 115 miles through Quepos and 112 miles trough Dominical. From Quepos to Portasol there are 18 miles and only 11 miles from Dominical to Portasol. Now with new Costal Highway the drive is very pleasant. Sansa and Nature Air, two domestic airlines offer several daily flights from San José to Quepos. The approximated flying time is 20 minutes.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Portasol, a strategically located community is the option for those investors keen on nature and those who have a wide social sense!

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Partasol’s Mission, Vision and Objectives

development, incorporating the environment’s conservation.

A competitive group of interdisciplinary professionals and associates have made the community successful by working together and executing all what has been very well planned.

Main Objective

Mission To create an exemplary community under a contemporary and innovative concept of environmental conservation that, conceived, developed and led by an experienced, interdisciplinary team, provides quality of life for its inhabitants.

To develop a unique, multicultural community, within the tropical rainforest with views of the Costa Rican Central Pacific coast, under strict environmental, urban, financial and architectural norms. Specific Objetives 

Vision To consolidate an exemplary community that allows the integration of the area’s human capital with the economy of the country, generating a nexus of local and national sustainable

To provide comfort by means of innovative services to the residents. To offer space and services for meditation and relaxation within the community. To create a unique model of a shared, private biological reserve. To promote a type of vanguard architectural trend, compatible with the environment. To generate direct and indirect employment in the zone.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Portasol size and area distribution Portasol´s total area is 1335 acres of which 83% will remain green. 230 acres will be the total area in lots, no more than 180 lots in the community. There is a regulation that allows a maximum of 15% of the lot area to be built. PORTASOL´S AREA DISTRIBUTION

Portasol:Estimated distribution of land Biological Total area of ​internal roads 7%

Reserve 13% Common green areas 14%

Total area to preserve 83%

Total area to be built in the 180 lots10%

Total area to preserve the 180 lots 56%

Note: The total area is 1340 Acres. Only a maximum of 227 of those acres will be built and roads.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Lots for sale Under the concept of a green gated community, Portasol is developed in phases and the total number of lots estimated is 180. Between phases 1,2,3 & 4 releasing 51 lots (between 1.5 acres to 11 acres), we also have a hotel site reserved for a riverfront eco-lodge with a small commercial area. At the moment we are working on the planning stages for phase 5. The lots that Portasol offers are located between 250 and 1800 feet above sea level. They are mountain terrains covered with forest, each with road access, water, satellite TV, telephone, wifi internet and electricity supplied to the property line. Some of their features are: attractive home sites, ocean and mountain views, mature rain forest, river or creek boundaries and access to trails and public areas.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Master Plan

(This map represents just the 15% of the Portasol total area)

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Lots Available to Sale Lot N°. 10




C3 C5 C13 C14 C15 May 2014 C17

Lot Features

Two splendid home sites and a private nature trail to the Astúa Creek where you can enjoy a dip into the little natural pools or sit under one of the cascades. These are only some of the features of this amazing lot. Panoramic ocean and mountain views that allow you to enjoy this jewel of the Costa Rican rainforest. Spectacular lot next to the protected area of the Portalón River. Three nice size home sites and a smaller one that guarantee privacy within the rainforest. Moderate topography. A private trail leading to the Portalón River allows direct access to the Cazuela Park and the stunning waterfall. Two extraordinary home sites, one with magnificent ocean view and an extraordinary view to the Portasol Biological Reserve, the other very seclude it with jungle views. Dense wood surrounding the property with a big variety of typical flora & fauna of the rainforest, a natural trail goes toward an adjoining stream. Extensive property that allows you to enjoy many natural atmospheres. Four good size home sites, with magnificent sea views and another home site nested in the woods with partial ocean view. A scenic trail to the Astúa Creek where you can have the benefit of natural pools and cascades. Mountain view lot, two good size home sites, a private trail can be cleared to Portalón River, which border the property. Close to two of the Portasol parks, abundance of local flora & fauna Massive and splendid mountain views, two home sites, you can hear the whisper of the Portalón River. A trail to a unique rock formation cascade is in place. Private and wooded lot. Two splendid home sites. Located into a zone with plenty of wildlife. Beautiful views to the nearby mountain range. This property has a big home site, mountain view border by a beautiful creek with nice cascades. Very nice lot with a middle size home site, scenic wooded area inside the property, secluded and private, nice forest coverage keeping a nice temperature inside the lot. Lot with spectacular ocean & and forest views. Have one private home site with an amazing and private trail that goes to Portalón river and to the communal Canyon Park. This is one of the first geology’s formations in Costa Rica.


Price US$





















Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Infrastructure :


Gravel Roads: At the moment all roads which serve phases I, II, III and IV are graveled and well maintained.

Water: the numerous springs and ground water within Portasol guarantee an abundance of fresh, potable water.

Rain Drainage: the community is integrated with the natural terrain, engineered planning and construction has accomplished a very successful system of culverts and ditches, making the hydrologic environmental impact very low.

Electricity: Residents will have 110 and 220 volts available in the property line.

Bridges: bridges needed it within the community and outside are in place. Sewage water disposition: Portasol professionals have carefully design a system of septic tanks. These designs are passed to the property owners who will be responsible to implement this system into their own construction project.

Security: access to Portasol is controlled by a private gate and security personnel, around the clock. Telephone: Regular fix lines are available on most of the lots; mobiles phones have reception on almost all areas of Portasol. Internet WiFi: Internet WiFi is available. TV: Satellite dish technology is available Garbage collection: Living regulations call for recycling and garbage collection on a fee basis.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Awards Our interdisciplinary team has achieved all the permits required by the Costa Rican law, these not been enough for us, we have achieved several awards and recognitions, making Portasol one of a kind land development.

Green Flag

Sanitary Quality Seal Program guarantying potable water and water management trough a sustainable way in harmony with nature.

Blue Flag

To the Portasol Wildlife Refuge and its programs. Recognizing the work of preserving a healthy environment for ourselves and our customers, but also a commitment to the Costa Rican society.

Blue Flag To the Astua Creek. Recognition for watershed protection and the commitment to the Costa Rican society. Succeeding in creating the space (more than 200 acres)for preservation in perpetuity, becoming a real estate development model.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol


Banco Nacional Portasol received recognition from Banco Nacional de Costa Rica for achieving the Green Flag, and it efforts for being a sustainable development!


Government Environmental Agency assuring the Portasol complies with all environmental laws.

Rene FranK

2006-2007 Ecological Development & Tourism Destination 2008-2009 Corporate Social Responsibility.

Rene Frank International

2011 Ecological Development & Tourism Destination

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

The World's Most Beautiful National Parks

And then there’s the relatively new Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, founded a century after Yosemite. Here is a stunning combination of beaches and coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling and exploring the area’s famous tangle of mangroves. Rainforest jungles remain untouched habitats for Brownthroated Three-toed Sloths, iguanas, Central American squirrel monkeys and birds of extraordinary colors. One of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks, Manuel Antonio is nevertheless one of its most popular, with activities ranging from white-water rafting and sea kayaking to horseback riding on one of the park’s four beaches. Note: Best of all, this wonderful National Park is located just 30 minutes from Portasol.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

Financing Portasol offers attractive financing options for land purchases. For home construction, we have several financial institutions that will work directly with you. We currently have the following banking institutions to choose from.

Tel: (506) 2591-0410 Cartago (506) 2777-3426 Quepos. Fax: (506) 2283-4795 (506) 2787-5018 Portasol

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