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BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE���������������������������28 THE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM AT A GLANCE 29 THE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM INVESTMENT 30 HERE’S A SUMMARY OF THE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM COMPONENTS.��������������������������32 WHY ACHIEVERNET������������������������������������33 HELPING YOU ACHIEVE ������������������������������35 HOW TO GET STARTED��������������������������������36

Letter from AchieverNet’s founder Hi, my name is Sharon Kaibel and I’m delighted to introduce you to AchieverNet & the advantage program Are you looking to grow your business, achieve higher sales or finally get done those bucket list projects that you know will totally transform your results? I’m pleased to share with you more about some of the remarkable results we are achieving at AchieverNet. In this booklet, you’ll learn how you and your business can quickly become more productive, effective and profitable. More importantly, you’ll also rediscover your passion and feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat, confidently steering your life and business in the direction you’ve always wanted. My background is in business, having established and run 3 successful businesses of my own. I’ve been involved in people skills development, creating positive change in the way people look at situations and respond to them. I’ve helped people become better leaders, stronger sales people and more powerful presenters. I’ve helped people become more effective time managers, with turbocharged productivity. I’ve helped people change as I’ve noticed things changing around them. The past few years has been a fasttracked ride of new technologies, higher workloads, fewer resources, increasing competition - all placing

higher demands on what we need to achieve just to keep up, let alone make progress. I regularly hear people complain of being on information overload; feeling increasingly challenged and overwhelmed by their project and task lists. By 2015, it became clear to me that there needed to be a new way of doing business. Gaining clarity, holding focus and sustaining momentum over time is increasingly harder to do. The plethora of Bright Shiny Objects swarming for our attention is clouding the focus away from our must-do projects.

everything you hoped for, and more. I’m incredibly proud what our clients have achieved and really love hearing the successes of our Advantage program members as they turn their dreams into reality. Helping people be productive and get results is a personal passion of mine and I hope to welcome you personally to one of our programs to transform your performance, productivity and profit. Remember, you’re awesome!

If this sounds like you, the good news is that there is a way to re-energize, refocus and turbocharge your results. We built the Advantage program to equip individuals and teams with a system and strategy to achieve phenomenal results. The Advantage program is an productivity partnering service to help business owners and teams achieve extraordinary personal and professional success. We provide tools and techniques to clarify your thinking, define your vision and create a blueprint for your business success. We offer templates and tools to help you build a powerful Success Strategy and develop a 90day plan to achieve it. We then stick with you to complete these Must-Do projects. We want you to achieve


The rules for being awesome


The Awesome Advantage


verage is okay, it may even be good. Awesome on the other hand is spectacular! So why just be good when you can be phenomenal?

bucket-list projects you’d really like to be working on? Do you want to be able to tick off those passion projects you know would transform your life and results?

Why not stand out from the competition?

If you feel you’ve lost your business mojo, that you’re not keeping up like you used to, you’re not alone. It seems it’s the way of the modern world.

Be bolder and brighter! Get better results than you ever have before! Why not? Because you may be overwhelmed and cluttered, confused by the competing demands on your time. Blind-sided by the newest, greatest strategy that promises to deliver, but just doesn’t. Taken offtrack by the relentless onslaught in your Inbox. The people we speak to wish for a simpler life. Clearer focus. Actually getting things finished once and for all! Do you crave the time to get to those

But it doesn’t have to be!

So how do people create stronger results? Chances are, they already know what they need to do. But they may feel they don’t have the time, energy or skills required to make the changes required. That’s where Advantage kicks in. Advantage provides you with an Action Partner to help you clarify your vision and hold your focus.

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

Our Advantage program members have crushed their To-Do lists. They’ve become productivity power-houses. They’ve been re-juiced and are charging through their passion projects. Advantage is for people who want to re-focus, re-energize and reclaim the results they know they’re capable of.

Your Advantage Coach will help you set clear direction and will stay with you through the journey to reach your goals. You’ll get templates and frameworks to save you time as you make some real headway and progress. With Advantage, you can significantly leverage your results, have fun in the process and feel fabulous, knowing you have finally completed those unfinished projects.



7 Reasons why you need The Advantage Program There’s a plethora of programs you can be a part of to help you build your business and results. But The Advantage program really does give you the advantage in 7 key ways. We want you to generate significant results in your business and tangible returns in your bottom line. We want you to have The Advantage! Here’s what’s uniquely different about The Advantage program ….


The 7 Advantages 1. CLARITY

It can be confusing to continually learn and keep up with new technologies and strategies. It’s no wonder we get a bit fuzzy about what our priorities need to be. Advantage will help clear the fog and help you get clear about what’s truly important. Crystal clear. And when you gain true focus, your decision-making, problem solving and time management will sharpen also. We help you crystallize your vision, so you can clearly see what you need to be working on.


Results are meaningless if they go against the grain of your values. Advantage helps you define what you want to be known for, what legacy you wish to create, and your personal and professional brand. You’ll define the foundational elements that will ensure you don’t waste time working on projects that are not aligned to your core principles, brand or direction.


Knowing what to work on comes from having a step-by-step approach. We help you create a 90-Day plan that clearly outlines the key Must-Do projects you need to be working on to achieve your key results. Your plan will become your blueprint to implement the key action steps you need to get results.



With weekly check-ins and fortnightly reviews, we stay with you to fasttrack your path to success. We also hold monthly Action Days, giving you dedicated focus time to work on your Must-Do projects. And every 90 days we help you create a fresh plan, aligned to your Vision, to continue your progress. You’ll also get templates and check-lists to help you stay focused on the important things.

5. ENGAGEMENT We won’t leave you! One of the reasons people start strong but soon slip by the wayside is that they get distracted, and don’t have anyone to pull them back on course. That’s what we do. We’re with you all the way. We engage with you regularly and keep you engaged on your mission to achieve success.

6. REINFORCEMENT Another reason people give up on their goals is that they lose sight of their vision – it gets clouded over by daily demands and urgent priorities. We help to regularly reinforce what’s importance, re-set your direction and get you back on track to achieving magnificent results. We also help you celebrate your successes, and hold your motivation and momentum.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY Starting a new fitness or healthy eating plan works better with a Buddy. Why? Because an Accountability Partner keeps you honest, and moves you past your own excuses. That’s what we do. We’ll have the tough conversations when you need them, and hold you accountable to what’s truly important to you. No excuses!


Advantage Success Story cyndy broekers' Story I've been a part of the Advantage program for the past couple of months now and I'm noticing especially how the accountability has assisted me in remaining focused on my goals, on my big 'why' and ensuring I'm always doing something that moves me in the direction of those goals. When I joined the program, I was in a period of needing that kick up the backside. Of course, the Advantage Program is a lot more than that. It's a system that provides assistance and guidance in gaining clarity, focus and providing momentum. My Advantage Coach ensures I keep my word. Cyndy Broekers - Leadership Coach Cyndy Broekers Consulting



We provide you with Support as your Action Buddy, through the Advantage community and through the additional resources we provide along the way. We hold regular webinars on business building topics, and have a dedicated program designed to help you achieve results. You will achieve. You will hold the Advantage!



've been a part of the Advantage program for the past couple of months now and I'm noticing especially how the accountability has assisted me in remaining focused on my goals, on my big 'why' and ensuring I'm always doing something that moves me in the direction of those goals. To begin with I was reluctant to join the program based on an accountability premise as I often tell myself that I'm the only one I need to be accountable to... and though that's true, there are times when a 'leg up' is needed... there are times when I don't keep my promises and I know I'm letting myself down. I know that in those times, I'm also telling my unconscious mind that I can't be believed, relied upon or trusted.... that's not what I wanted for me personally and it certainly wasn't going to move my business forward! When I joined the program, I was in a period of needing that kick up the backside. Of course, the Advantage Program is a lot more than that. It's a system that provides assistance and guidance in gaining clarity, focus and providing momentum. My Advantage Coach ensures I keep my word. In just six weeks I’ve started 2 projects and my client base is growing because I was able to focus on my vision. I then developed structure around that to move forward and implement key actions towards my vision.

My Advantage Coach is instrumental in keeping me focused and always taking action. I would highly recommend this program to those who want a kick-start with their goals or to simply learn how to stay on task. The Advantage program will give you the tools and support to build new habits, so that at the end of the program you can confidently continue to take those strides forward and maintain your motivation.

ABOUT CYNDY Cyndy loves studying human behaviour and is extremely passionate about helping people fulfil their leadership and life potential. With 2 children, and new relationship, business and health regimes, Cyndy is actively and positively making break-throughs and driving her life forward.


And if you still want convincing, Advantage offers community The entrepreneurial or leadership journey can be a lonely journey. Pounding away at your keyboard, creating your masterpiece, delivering your product ‌ whatever it is you do, you know what you want to build. But not everyone close to you may understand. You have drive and passion, but not always the team or partner you need to bounce ideas off, be your reality check, and keep you inspired.


The Advantage Community ADVANTAGE PLUS MEMBERSHIP When you become an Advantage Plus Member, you’ll fast-track the achievement of your goals. You’ll transform your results, and your life on the journey. We’ll help you get more done in 90 days than you previously did in a year, and feel proud of the balance you’ve maintained along the way. You’ll find new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking and new opportunities unfolding, as you look at what you’re doing with a fresh focus.

MEMBER ONLY ACCESS TO WEBINARS AND RESOURCES Education is the source of inspiration and the foundation of wisdom. Our goal is to keep you informed of new productivity and business tools that will help you thrive as you work through your goals. You’ll have access to monthly events and be part of a community that cares about your success. AchieverNet’s motto is ‘Creating a Community of Extraordinary Achievers’ and we do everything we can to keep you bubbling with vitality as you work on your Action Plan. You’ll discover new ways of doing things, make new friendships, build a network of people who can continue to help you. And most importantly, your Advantage Coach has your best interests at heart and will let you know about any additional resources that will add value to your achievement journey.


The cost of having an Accountability Buddy, and what it costs you NOT to have one! HERE’S A QUESTION FOR YOU … Does it make good economic sense to spend $50 to make $100? Or to spend $1500 to finish a project that can earn you maybe 10 times that? Silly question right? Of course it makes sense!

Another few questions for you ... • What’s it costing you to NOT finish your must-do projects?

• What’s it costing you in terms of lost sales, opportunities, credibility or self-worth?

• How many major projects have been on your wish list for more than a year?

• How many activities have you transferred from To-do list to To- do list?

• How many key projects have you binned, because you

know you’re never going to get around to doing them?

CONSIDER PETE’S STORY. He had it on his bucket list for 2 years to build a new pergola. And still he hadn’t done it. Why? He initially said he didn’t have the time, as he had so much else on his plate. He also hedged he couldn’t really afford it. But he recognised that finishing the pergola really was important to him, and for his family. He loved to entertain. He loved spending time at home with friends and family. But he hated his backyard area. We got Pete to consider how many family occasions he’d spent apologizing for the poor state of his backyard. And how many beautiful afternoons he’s spent money entertaining the family out and about, because his backyard wasn’t finished. We got him to find out how much more the raw materials cost now compared to 2 years ago. And he volunteered that he’s now much busier than he was 2 years ago. Finally he admitted he was putting off building the pergola for no other reason than time had simply slipped past.

Procrastination is rife. Getting bounced around by other people’s priorities is an inevitable part of today’s workplace. This all adds up to a lot of unfinished business… unfinished projects and unrealized dreams.

Procrastination has cost him. In so many ways.

What does this cost you in terms of unrest, knowing you are just not getting to the things that are important to you? What does it cost you in terms of frustration, trying to keep these ideas and projects alive, fitting them around your existing tasks? What’s it costing you in terms of reputation, being known as the Gonna Guy or Gal instead of the Did-it Dude!

What are your Bucket List projects that would make the difference in your world?


So here’s another question for you. Are you a Procrastinator Pete? Be honest!

• Perhaps it’s an adventure holiday? • Maybe it’s a new software system that will make things so much faster in your business.

projects. An Accountability Partner can save you wasted time. And they can save you a heck of a lot of frustration.

Why pay for an Accountability Partner instead of setting up a casual arrangement? Because in a casual accountability arrangement, the following can happen:

• Your Buddy starts strong, but quickly falls by the wayside as they get engrossed in their own priorities.

• Conversations can ramble with no set structure, causing

you to spend more time than is needed catching up with your buddy. Before you know it, you’re avoiding the call because it’s costing you too much time, and you’re not really making any headway on the call.

• Your buddy may feel they can’t be honest and

straightforward with you, or push you when you need that little extra. Their avoidance approach ends up doing you no favours.

• It could be implementing a new sales or marketing strategy, or systemising your business.

• It might be a home project.

WHATEVER THE MUST-DO PROJECTS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, THEY DESERVE TO GET DONE! They've cost you enough already in wasted time, energy and frustration. And deferring them has most likely cost you financially as well. What would it be worth to you to have someone to help you get them finished, in the next 3 months? Ticked off and done! An Accountability Partner can help you do just that. Sure, there’s a cost attached.

• They may take you off track or cause you to doubt your ideas if they are not an experienced accountability facilitator.

• They have no back-end support to provide you with resources or coaching if you require it.

A skilled Productivity Partner may charge you around $500 per month depending on the level of care you select. The question you need to ask, will having the help of a productivity partner bring you wins and gains worth more to you than the cost? We reckon it’s a small price to pay for you to achieve your big goals. At AchieverNet, our Productivity Partnering service helps you to set your Must-Do projects and then achieve them. It's called The Advantage Program. What's it worth to you to win?

• You’ll need to invest around half an hour per week catching up with your Accountability Partner.

• You’ll also need to invest the time required to action your commitments.

• You may also need to pay a small fee for your

Accountability Partner’s service in keeping you focused and moving forward with your goals.

But if they can help you finish a major project that brings in sales dollars, business improvements or other financial or emotional gains, surely it’s worth it! It makes good economic and business sense to finish key





The Advantage Program Modules So how do we get such great results? Let’s take a look at the specific components of the program.


THE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM HAS 4 SPECIFIC THEMES Focus & Foundations Strategy & Systems Action & Achievement Momentum & Motivation Find out what you'll learn in each of these phases ...


Module 1 Focus & Foundations SETTING YOUR VISION AND VALUES


If you’ve struggled with procrastination, perfectionism or pity parties that stop you achieving what you set out to, you’ll know how frustrating and debilitating that can be. Lack of clarity at a foundational level is most commonly to blame. Complexity and confusion are the enemies of action. There is a solution. A recent study compared people who were simply asked to think about their goals with people who were asked to send their goals and action steps to an accountability partner and check in weekly with their progress. Those with an Accountability Buddy accomplished 42% more of their goals in a 4-week period. The Advantage program helps you clarify your goals and actions steps, with weekly check-ins to support your progress.

Advantage helps you turn your dreams into reality. We’ll help you articulate your ultimate future, create a step-by-step plan to get there, and help you form productive habits to reach your goals. The Focus and Foundations module is designed to quickly remove the chaos that’s stopping you from getting results. Clarity of business vision and direction is critical with most businesses formally undertaking a strategic planning process to set their direction. It’s essential we do this at a personal level too.

Some of the things you’ll learn as you set up your future focus are:

• The one reason most people fail at achieving their goals • How to create the perfect success magnet for your business to help you achieve major wins

• The vision and values formula to help you make better decisions on a daily basis

• How to define or recreate your personal brand to support your goals • The fastest way to attract the perfect clients to grow your business • The four questions you must ask to define your goals • Discover the 8 areas of focus that can make a significant shift in your results • The absolute Must-Do when creating a workable plan that you’ll stick to • What the Theme Technique is and how it can help you hold focus • How the calendar is your friend and how you can use it to boost your results • The 5-step framework that will help you achieve more in 3 months than you did all last year.





Structure creates order and discipline sets you free. Chances are that if you’re stuck and have no traction on your goals, its because you have no clear strategy. Having a plan points you in the right direction and gives you the next step to take. And the right systems to support your strategy can turn your walk into a sprint to the finish line. One of the key reasons people procrastinate is the lack of a plan to help them achieve their goals. The Advantage we give you is a structure to help you map out the steps needed to achieve your goals. We’ll help you define your Must-Do projects, the steps you need to take to get there and hold you accountable to achieving those steps. We’ll also provide you with simple systems to streamline your daily routines and free up time to focus

on the important tasks. We’ll help you use your technology more efficiently, create structure around your daily routines and create a strategic mindset that is focused on effectiveness. In short, we’ll help you think forward rather than staying stuck. We’ll get you out of the rut and excited about your future. We’ll help you use a simple process to keep you targeted and on track.

A sample of what’s included:

• How to move from concept to plan, and plan to action • The failure cycle and how to avoid falling into it • The 4 steps to break free from procrastination • How to future-ready your plan • The power of an ideal week to feel more organized and in control • Time chunking to hold your focus and stay productive • How to create valuable systems that will save you massive time in the future • Defining the 5 Must-Do projects that will jet-propel your results. • Building an Action plan that will help you achieve your projects. • 5 technology tools that can help you stay focused • Daily action planning that works • The 7 online tools to help you collate and streamline your action tasks • 3 Leverage Levers to do things faster and more easily.



Module 3 Action & Achievement DRIVING YOUR MUST-DO PROJECTS


Kaizen is the Japanese art of constant gradual improvement. It’s about taking action every day to improve your results from the day before. Every day. The power of compounding shows us that little actions, taken regularly, build over time to explode into massive results. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Action is the secret weapon that will create your results. There’s an old saying. “Progress is more important than perfection”. Keeping moving on your goals is part of the Achiever’s Advantage. There are several ways we help you take regular action: Weekly check-ins to celebrate your wins and discuss your achievements; Fortnightly reviews to measure your success to your plan and re-set your focus for the next period;

Monthly Action Days to focus on achieving your high priority tasks. We keep you focused on your Must-Do projects and taking actions that are aligned to your Vision.

In this part of the program you’ll learn:

• The importance of rituals and routines to support your progress • The 5 key steps to creating a routine that sticks • How to avoid the busyness trap • The power of time blocking • How to free up time in your calendar to work on your important tasks • The 7 steps to overcome procrastination • The 5 best productivity tools • How to schedule your 90-day plan in under 25 minutes • The danger of perfectionism and how to stop yourself being drawn into it • 3 simple strategies to clear the daily clutter • The one question you need to ask every day to hold your momentum • The affirmation that can conquer the deepest inaction • How to use visual tools to get you going • The daily ritual that’s essential for high performance • How to take care of your Inbox quickly and easily so it doesn’t rule you • 3 tools to jet propel your productivity




We want you to finish strong, so we’ll work with you to hold your power right through to the end.


Most of the time, inaction is due to you losing your rhythm, not your mojo. Momentum is about maintaining your action tempo, long enough for you to reach your goals. Falling off the bandwagon is not an option. We want you to be successful. We’ll stick around, continuing to create a buzz loud enough for you to reach the finish line. And we’ll give you strategies to keep a spring in your step along the way. Definition of momentum: the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. Each month we’ll review your progress, celebrate your wins with you and look at any unfinished business that still needs to be actioned. We’ll help you reset your plan for the next month.

And through additional resources, we’ll cover the following areas:

• Why 95% of people fail or give up on their goals and how to avoid being a statistic

• Attitude renewal strategies to quickly get you back on track • The 30 second strategy to put a smile back on your dial • 7 techniques to inspire your creativity • Mind Mastery principles to keep you motivated and magnificent • How to cut through confusion and regain clarity • The power of physiology to change your mindset and mood • The art of stickability • 7 steps to building resilience and grit • How to stop unhelpful thinking habits that can sabotage your progress • 3 powerful questions to move from tired to terrific in a blink • Toolkit for looking after yourself • 8 strategies for a quick mood fix to get you humming again • The 6 types of help you might need


another Advantage Success Story alice bacon’s Story My Advantage Coach was supportive and encouraging and she was easily able to stretch my thinking. Even without knowing or understanding my business at the time, My Advantage Coach instinctively knew what questions to ask and how to really challenge my way of thinking for what I needed to do to ensure the success of my business. With My Advantage Coach's guidance, help and online tools, I have a business plan and a business vision that I am really proud of. I have found the online tasks that I have been most uncomfortable with are the ones that have excited and stretched me the most. Alice Bacon Mindfulness Coach

HOLD FOCUS SUSTAIN MOMENTUM LEVERAGE RESULTS People overestimate what they can accomplish in a day, but significantly underestimate what they can achieve in a year. With the Advantage Program, you’ll overcome procrastination, banish excuses and be freed of overwhelm. You’ll accelerate your performance and results. And get to celebrate your wins far more quickly than you ever thought possible. 26


he unknown is always a little scary. I wondered what to expect and I wondered what would be expected of me. Would I be able to deliver‌ I was also finding it hard being accountable to myself (starting a new business and the best way forward) let alone being accountable to another person with doubts lingering if I could meet expectations (mine and someone else’s). There is also the element of being exposed and hesitant in putting it out there. Ultimately it was my Advantage Coach's caring, patient and proactive nature. From our first meeting, my Advantage Coach was supportive and encouraging and she was easily able to stretch my thinking. Even without knowing or understanding my business at the time, my Advantage Coach instinctively knew what questions to ask and how to really challenge my way of thinking for what I needed to do to ensure the success of my business. By our second discussion, my Advantage Coach was analysing my business and even though she was doing this at a high level she was doing it objectively. I very quickly realised I was getting myself bogged down in the detail versus being as productive as I could be.

With my Advantage Coach's guidance, help and online tools, I have a business plan and a business vision that I am really proud of. I have found the online tasks that I have been most uncomfortable with are the ones that have excited and stretched me the most. Now I am able to say bring it on! As part of the Advantage program I have gotten to know myself in the process for what I really want to do and how I really want to help people. My Advantage Coach is able to pull me back to look at my business objectively rather than getting caught in the emotion of it all. I feel more on track with a solid direction forward versus aimlessly trying to figure out what I should doing next. My Advantage Coach has provided me a plan to work with. And also holds me accountable to myself and my business. I would recommend the Advantage program to everyone and anyone that is wanting to identify their purpose, to achieve change and success in life. We very much discount and underestimate what we do on a daily basis; one of the task of the Advantage program is to list daily achievements. As daunting as this seems (i.e. will this be enough, what have I actually done) each week I have been surprised on how much I am actually doing on a daily and weekly basis for the success of my business. This has increased my confidence in my ability and in my output as well as in my motivation to keep moving forward. In addition it has been absolutely wonderful (and reassuring) to be able to confidently confide in another, to bounce back ideas and not being concerned with being judged. Above all, it has been evident in all of My Advantage Coach's interactions that her focus and priority is in the success of me as an individual and ultimately in the success of my business.

ABOUT ALICE Alice coaches others in self awareness, mindfulness and achieving resilience. Her deepest desire is to help others attain inner peace and live life at their full potential. You can check out her Facebook: Hope, Love & Change: Enabling Mindfulness.


but wait there's more Complexity and Confusion are the Enemies of Action. We make it really simple for you to achieve great things. Here's a summary of The Advantage program components, all giving you a Massive Advantage.


The Advantage Program At A Glance The Advantage Program includes several elements to help you (and your team) move forward with purpose and get results that matter. The Advantage program operates in rolling 90-day blocks.

SETTING YOUR SIGHTS We work with you to clarify and determine your Focus and Foundations in the following areas:

• Vision – We assist you to clarify your longer term focus

to ensure we help you to head in the right direction, free of distraction. Articulating your Vision into a compelling format will create pulling power and determination.

• Values – Your values determine your decision making,

behaviour and ultimately your reputation. We help you to articulate your values so they are tangible, actionable and congruent with your focus and direction.

• Quarterly Theme – This becomes your focus or mantra for the 90-day period. This will help ensure you are not blind-sided by shiny bright objects unrelated to your focus and direction.

• 5 Must-Do Projects – This is the heartbeat of the

Advantage Program. We help you clarify the key projects that you commit to work on through the 90-day block. These are what we hold you accountable to.

• 90 Day Action Plan – We assist you to compile a

workable 90-day plan that will drive business results. The plan will include objectives around key focus areas and strategies to achieve them.

We then work with you on a weekly basis to ensure you are focused and targeted to achieve your key business and Must-Do project outcomes.

CHECK INS The Check-ins are designed to ensure you are on task and staying focused, and doing things in the most efficient way. They’re about ensuring your stick to your Strategy and Systems. We discuss your progress from the previous week, your plans for the coming week, any problems or sticking points that are creating challenges, and ideas to improve

your effectiveness. We check in on how you are living your values, what you are most proud of and your weekly satisfaction score.

FORTNIGHTLY AND MONTHLY REVIEWS The focus of the Reviews is to ensure Action and Achievement. In these important reviews, we discuss key successes in your Must-Do projects and your effectiveness over the preceding fortnight. We help you navigate any stumbling blocks and determine any additional assistance you require. We also help you plan your Focus areas for the following fortnight and the key actions to work on to achieve progress in your Must-Do projects.

SMART ACTION DAYS We facilitate monthly Smart Action Days online to generate progress and tangible outcomes. These are to ensure you maintain Motivation and Momentum. These dedicated days are scheduled once per month to singularly work on your Must-Do projects. This is a non-operational day to work ON your business rather than in it, to ensure you are staying visionary, leading from the front and making progress on your goals. By isolating yourself to work on your Strategic projects, you will accomplish far more than trying to fit around operational demands. We want you to succeed! We provide the strategy and check in points through the day to ensure you are targeted and effective on the day.

90 DAY CELEBRATION When working towards goals, we often lose sight of what we’ve already accomplished and forget to savour the progress we’ve made. The final 90-Day Review will reveal your progress and be a time to celebrate your successes. We also help you to map out your next 90-Day block, to continue your Advantage journey. We revisit your Vision and Values to ensure their validity through your change journey, and re-set your theme, targets and projects to ensure you continue to hold The Advantage.


The Advantage Program Investment The Advantage Program is only $1495 per 90-Day Block per person, and a once-off setup fee of $295 which includes Strong Start planning and program onboarding. We guarantee you will easily make that back with the progress you make on your key business goals. Your program investment includes the program components on the previous page. You will be sent weekly Check-In or Review forms to complete, in advance of your weekly discussion with your Advantage Coach. This is an important part of being accountable and ensuring that your progress is documented. You will enjoy seeing your progress each quarter. Check in and review calls are scheduled on Mondays* from available slots. Calls are scheduled as 15 minute slots. Monthly Action Days are scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month*.

* To accommodate Melbourne Cup each year, the Monthly Action Day will be scheduled on the first Wednesday of November.

* Check-in calls and Monthly Action Days will not be conducted in January of each year, or if they coincide with SA public holidays. Check-in calls that fall on an SA Public holiday will be rescheduled to Tuesday.

ONBOARDING WEBINARS These will be made available to you to watch when convenient to you.

Program Onboarding • How to create your Compelling Vision

• Determining your Values • Developing Avatars (Ideal Customer) • Action Planning • Planning for Smart Action Days

BONUS MONTHLY WEBINARS Monthly webinars are provided at no cost to Advantage Members (a saving of $75 per webinar, per person). Webinars are held around the following areas and are scheduled on the fourth Thursday* of each month (from 9-10am Aust CST): Meet the Experts Webinars will be held around the following Areas of Focus:

• Systemising for Success • Marketing Messages • Sales Success • Cash-flow Creation • Personal Productivity • Optimising Operations • Growth Generation • Project Management * Webinars will not be held if they coincide with Australian or SA Public holidays Additional online coaching is available at $150 per 45 mins.


Advantage really does give you and your business

THE ADVANTAGE! The Advantage program will help you bring alive your ideas, make them a reality, and reap the rewards. Get value and optimize results from every other Learning Program you’re part of. We'll keep you accountable to implement your good ideas. Until you get the results you've been seeking.


Here’s a Summary of The Advantage program components. PER 90 DAY BLOCK

Gain Clarity and Set Strategy through the 90 Day Planning, Weekly Check-Ins and Fortnightly Reviews to keep you focused and on track, Monthly Action Days to turbo-charge your results, Regular webinars to optimize your learning, personal Advantage Coach to mentor you and hold you accountable to your goals, access to a Community of Extraordinary Achievers.




Strategy Success Call




Start Strong Webinar




Clarity Call: Vision & Values




90 Day Massive Action Planning




Plan Reality Check




Theme and Must Do Projects




Weekly Meetups x 5




Fortnightly Checkins x 3




Monthly Reviews x 2




Monthly Action Days x 3




Optimiser Webinars x 3







90 Day Plan Review x 1




Focus & Foundations online conference




Strategy & Systems online conference




Action & Achievement online conference




Momentum & Motivation online conference




Live Action Days x 3




Bonus Webinars




Daily Online Huddles - optional




Text Messaging - optional




Unlimited Clarity Coaching* Fair Use Policy






Once-off set up fee



90 Day Block



Your total Saving



OR Easy Monthly Installments



Purchase Full Year and Get 2 months free



Annual $ Saving





Online Community

Your Total Value

Your Total Saving


Why Achievernet AchieverNet is a one stop shop for productivity and people skills development. We offer tailored training solutions and quality skills development, combined with a high level of customer engagement. A fresh brand with a long history of training and consulting expertise, AchieverNet provides a range of people skills programs and results coaching. Our team is experienced in building capability. We are specialists in Productivity as well as Leadership, Presentation Skills, Team Development and Sales & Service Skills.We believe the key to success is engaging people to feel motivated, invested and committed to creating change. Not only for themselves, but for their team and for the business. We provide a fresh focus to get people engaged; and back it up with engaging learning experiences that are experiential and fun. And we leverage learning with regular contact to maintain momentum and growth. Our goal is to help businesses grow by empowering their people.

SERVICES • Business Coaching & Consulting • Tailored training solutions • Targeted programs • Public sessions

TRAINING • The Confident Presenter • The Productive Day • The Deliberate Leader • The People Reader • The Star Salesperson • The Service Star








Sharon Kaibel is an Accountability Coach, Corporate Speaker and Trainer with extensive experience helping people be stronger leaders, speakers and salespeople. Sharon combines her business experience with a highly interactive, supportive and engaging learning environment, in which participants fully develop their skills. Combining enthusiasm, expertise and a creative approach, Sharon is able to develop people's skills and confidence, both professionally and personally. With a background in Business, Sales and Leadership, Sharon is also an accredited DiSC Behavioural Styles and 363 for Leaders practitioner, an accredited Image Consultant and Coach. She is also a Certified Practicing Manager (CPMgr) and Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and an accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor. Sharon has worked with government, local and national businesses across a range of industries.

And here's the informal part. Training, Learning and Development, Educating ... It’s kept me entertained for quite a few years now. I have worked with thousands of people from every different industry group, to help them be more productive, better salespeople, leaders, public speakers, and dare I say it, better people. When I'm not in front of an audience or in front of the computer, you might catch me chatting with my gorgeous young adults about life and its rhythm. You might also see me trying to harvest a crop from my veggie pots (I'm not really a green thumb but I like to think I'm doing my bit to return to nature), doing a bit (or a lot) of retail therapy, or relaxing with friends. I was born and raised in Darwin NT, but never went back after the cyclone. I travel a lot with my work and have dreams of one day retiring back in the tropics, but for now, happily call Adelaide home with my husband, 2 youngest and very cute Papillion pups. I am proud to be mother to 4 fabulous young adults who have created amazing realities for themselves in their lives. And so grateful to my friends who are giving of themselves and always there, and to my support team who do so much for the business to keep it growing and thriving.

Okay, that's the official part.


How to Get Started It’s easy to get underway with The Advantage program. Simply head to and complete the details. Alternatively, you can email to submit or request an application form. Once we’ve processed your application, your Advantage Coach will be in contact to get you started. During the call, they’ll discuss your goals and set times for your Strategy Session and program check-points. You’ll get initial information emailed to you so you can get going straight away and start enjoying The Advantage. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and get The Advantage! Best,

Sharon Kaibel Chief Empowerer AchieverNet In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call us on 1300 402 722 (within Australia) or +618 7070 0578 (outside Australia). Or email us at

AchieverNet Advantage Program  
AchieverNet Advantage Program  

Find out how The Advantage program can revolutionize your results and transform your business. A Productivity Partnering program helping bu...