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MARCH 2016

If you live in Suffolk the chances are you will share your breakfast with BBC Radio Suffolk’s Etholle George. She tells us about her Suffolk How did you become the Breakfast Show Presenter? I had been doing the Breakfast Show on BBC Essex for 14 years. I knew Suffolk because previously I’d worked on Look East and filmed here, so when the job came up it seemed a great opportunity. There was a complicated selection process that included a two week trial on air. On that first day I worked here it was the day after the St Jude storm and I was unwell but I got the job. Your show goes on air at 6am – what time do you have to get up? My first alarm goes at 3.45pm and the next one at 3.50pm but often I wake up before the alarm. People start arriving at the studio in Ipswich at about 4.30am but a lot of the work for the programme will have been done the previous day. Normally I stay in the studio until midday and will then go out and about around the county interviewing people. You never stop being the breakfast presenter though – in the evening I have a lot of notes to read for the next day and there’s the social media side of it as well. I should be asleep by 9.45pm but actually I often I’m still online at that time. What’s special about Suffolk? I like everything about Suffolk. It’s renowned for being very beautiful but since I have been here I have met so many wonderful people and made loads of lovely friends. I love architecture and in the middle of Ipswich there are a lot of amazing buildings and Bury St Edmunds is fantastic too. Is there anywhere you like to eat out? My job means that I am not allowed to recommend specific places but actually I don’t eat out very much. However I do love a coffee and like to visit independent coffee shops around the county when I am out recording. Where would you take people on a tour of Suffolk? Minsmere in the early morning with the sun coming up – to see the view. Then we’d go to Ipswich Waterfront it’s a huge asset to the town and there are some people who just would not expect to see something like it here. Obviously we’d


go to the cathedral at Bury St Edmunds but I would also take them on a drive around to see all the amazing villages and views across the rolling countryside, especially in the Hadleigh area. We’d also go to Lavenham and Sudbury because I love Gainsborough’s House.

record their stories. However, I also love it when there’s breaking news – it’s when work is at its most challenging, I have four or five computer screens open at the same time, we have guests that I do not know who are coming on the show and there’s just a lot going on.

Do you have any hobbies? Well I don’t really have much free time because after work I am running my nine-year old son Rubin around to various activities. Even going somewhere for a nice walk with the family is something of a luxury.

Are you involved with any charities? I am the Patron of the Women’s Refuge in Bury – they approached me and I have been very happy to support them. As a result of all my years work in Essex I am also a Trustee of Essex Community Foundation.

Do you like to cook? I am very keen on sausages and pie – things like steak pie and chicken pie. Suffolk is brilliant for its sausages and there’s a little artisan butcher in Ipswich that makes great sausages.

Have you got one picture that would sum up Suffolk for you? Yes it’s at Sutton Hoo;, there’s a picture frame in the visitor centre that has a view across to the burial mounds and it’s really stunning.

What about the arts? My job means that it’s difficult to get out in the evenings but I come from quite an arty family. I was discouraged from being a dancer and went off to become an accountant instead before moving on to be a presenter and journalist. My brother however has pursued dance as a career and now works in Estonia. At the moment I only get to see family shows and children’s cinema but we recently went to the pantomime at the New Wolsey and I also did a story about it being the longest running panto in the country. What’s special about being the Breakfast Show presenter? I get to talk to all sorts of people. I always get asked which celebrity has been most interesting but it’s often ordinary people who have the most fascinating stories to tell. This morning for instance I was talking to a lady who used to be a Bluebell Girl in Paris. I’m also really lucky as I’m able to get out of the studio after show and go and meet people around the county and

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Essential Suffolk March 2016  

Suffolk's most exclusive and high quality magazine celebrating what makes our county great. An essential guide to What's on in Suffolk.

Essential Suffolk March 2016  

Suffolk's most exclusive and high quality magazine celebrating what makes our county great. An essential guide to What's on in Suffolk.