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It’s a competitive employment market out there, so if you’ve made it to interview stage it pays to be prepared. Here are some dos and don’ts to set you up for success.

DO Dress appropriately for the role you are applying for: pants and a collared shirt are always a good option as are closed toe, clean shoes. Research the company, via the company website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

don’t Focus on just the interviewer – ensure you look at each of the panel members when answering questions.


Tanya Watson, ACH group career expert

Be polite to everyone you meet; I often ask our receptionist about first impressions and how their interaction was with the candidate.

Ensure you know where you are going, how long it is going to take to get there and where you are going to park your car. You don’t want to be running late and panicking!

Be prepared with questions when asked. My favourite is “why do you like working here?”

Be prepared with examples. The majority of positions will have a customer/stakeholder focus and there is usually a question that relates to how you have made an improvement or initiated something new.

Ensure your mobile phone is turned off. Offer a handshake when greeting people, but be aware of culture differences.

Be late or too early: 5–10 minutes before interview time is perfect.

Be afraid to ask for clarification on a question if you don’t understand.

Talk over the top of your interviewer or panel members.

Bad-mouth a previous or current employer or co-workers.

Tell jokes or talk about controversial subjects. Bring up personal or family problems. Feel you need to fill a silence with words.

Talk about the salary in the interview; this is between you and the recruiter. Lie or exaggerate about what you can do.

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