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Upcycle at your local Op Shop! Today, many op shops occupy funky, light-filled spaces and have more of a vintage/retro vibe than ‘second hand’, and the days of inhaling the aroma of mothballs are over. Op shopping is now a competitive market, with many shops establishing a niche product range and clientele. A secondary industry has sprung up with bus tours to op shops that include stops

along the way to coffee shops and restaurants. Have fun with friends while making a difference!

ACH Group regularly runs tours to local op shops through the Social Links ‘Urban Upcyclers’ group. Call us on 1300 22 44 77 to find out more.

Apart from the fact that in most instances your dollars go to charity, there are many other reasons to go op shopping: 1

Savings to your hip pocket


Reduce landfill


Stand out from the crowd


Support work opportunities for volunteers.

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Good Lives magazine Spring 18  

Good Lives magazine Spring 18  

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