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Story Of My Life

I want to dedicate this to my family which has always supported me in everything I do


My Name My name is Abraham, it is a very popular name in our community because that´s how the first jew was named. It means “the father is great”. I got this name because my grandfather´s name was Abraham and in our community is a tradition to name your kids after your parents, that´s why I got this name. I also have a lot of cousins that are named as me. I still don´t know if I like my name but I know its a great honor to carry my grandfather´s name and I´ll make sure to honor it as much as I can.

My Neighborhood My neighborhood is one of the most important memories I had during my childhood. When I was little I used to live in a different neighborhood, there I knew everyone and played with all the kids and I did many friends. After 8 years we moved to where we live now, I like it very much because it is really close to my school and there are a lot of people that live near me, so we can see each other very easily. I like where I live because I have friends living there too, so when I need something or want to see them I just go to their apartment. I don´t know if we are moving again in a future but right now I love my neighborhood.

Favorite Toys When Little I remember that when I was little I loved to play video games, I could play for hours even sometimes my friends came to play and we play versus each other we had a lot of fun.

At that time we played with something very different than what now exists, it was called Nintendo 64 and now that I look at it, its really antique, it has really big controls and you still had to insert a cassette on it, sometimes it got stuck or dirty, but that was just part of all the fun. I remember once me and my brother didn't slept one Saturday because we were so entertained playing and competing. Those were really good times...

A Time I Got in Trouble We were in the Israel trip with the school and it was a Friday in Tel Aviv almost everyone had got out because their parents were there . But me and other 12 people also wanted to have some fun at night, but teacher´s wouldn´t let us because they told us there were rules, so we decided to escape. We waited for the teachers to sleep and then made up a plan to go to a street were there where clubs and everything. Before we had a chance of getting out of the hotel a teacher saw us. I ran faster than what I have ever ran in my life to my room. After all we got caught they had to call our parents to tell what we did. My parents where really mortified because of the situation but they told me I had to affront the consecuences, I was really sad, but everything worked out perfectly and we were only grounded for one night. It was a horrible experience...

These 13 people were the one´s grounded as me

When I saw Someone got in Trouble Once I went to a cruise, I found that a lot of friends were there, so we hanged out all the time. Once we were in the casino we hit the slots machines in order to receive money from them. Then, I decided that I wasn´t having a good time because if someone saw us we could be in big trouble so I went and sat down outside the casino. I was looking how my friends were pranking the casino, when suddenly someone pushed a machine too hard and the alarm began to sound, the police came really fast. They were almost accused of vandalism and got in big trouble. While I was watching from outside, everything happened in a couple of minutes, Police chased them and they had to run and hide to be safe from the police. After all they were just warned and could not enter the casino again for the trip.

Advice from an Adult Once I was in a really sticky situation, I had to choose from two group of friends to hang out and I was really confused because I didn´t know in which group I wanted to stay, each group had it´s own good things and I was happy with both of them but I couldn´t be with everyone. So I decided to go ask my dad if he could help me make a decision. He told me just some wise words. “Do what makes you feel happier” and that´s what I did right now I don´t regret the decision I made. Today I´m still with my same friends as always and when having to make a decision, I always choose what makes me happier.

A Positive Experience at School A positive experience that I remember from school, was when me and my class won the school´s soccer tournament, the tournament was against all elementary school and we had a really good team. The final was against the older guys and they thought they would beat us easily because we were younger, but we gave a really good match, we began loosing 1-0, but then we managed to score a goal, and then in the last minute there was a foul, I decided to shoot and I scored, we had won!! It was really exiting and fun. After that match there was a big fight between both generations but it didn´t lasted for much.

Negative StoryFrom my Experiences at School When I was in middle school it was the world cup of 2010 in South Africa, so everyone was crazy about the stamps. In the recesses we all dedicated to exchange stamps to get the ones we were missing and even sometimes we played against each other to see who kept all the

stamps. I remember I was very good at playing and almost all the times I won and with the time I began having a lot of stamps. One day I got to school with a lot of confidence and a friend challenged me to play but for all the stamps we had at that time. After the whole recess playing I lost all my stamps, I was really sad and my brother got really mad at me and I had to spend a lot of my money in stamps to replace what I had lost.

Special Family Member It was in June 20 of 2002 at 9 o´clock, I was at

school when the principal came to say that he had to say something really important to me. So l went out of the class and then he told me that my father had called and that my new brother had born he was a boy and he is called Alejandro. I was really exited because it was the third boy in the family and we were all boys. I call him Ax and he has affected somehow in each of us and has made us change a lot from what we were before he was born. Alex is a really nice boy he is always smiling and joking, everyone who knows him get to like him.

A Happy Time For Me Last vacation me and my friends decided to go to Puerto Vallarta for 5 days to spend some time by

our own. The plan was made like three months before but everyone needed to ask for permission and we had to buy the plane tickets. We arrived a friday afternoon and Vallarta was gorgeus the sun, the beach everything. That night we went to the club and it was really fun because when l got to the house, instead of everybody being sleeping everyone was in the living room talking about how they did in the club and we waited like an hour before going to sleep. What l liked the most was that we were really independent we had to clean, make dinner, and even do our beds. Thats what l liked the most and obviously being with our friends all the time was awesome. I cant wait to repeat that trip

Going to Work The first time l worked was when l was 14 years old and one summer that l stayed like two weeks in Mexico because our dates of traveling had mistaken, my mother told me that she could not have me anymore waking up late and doing nothing in our house all day so she suggested that I should go to work. I asked my aunt if she could give me a job at her ice cream store, she like the idea so she told me cousin to also work with me at her ice cream shop. At first we were really quiet and all because we didn´t have anyone to talk to. But after a while we made friends and had a lot of fun. I still have the first bill l earned from working.

A Special Birthday The best birthday I had was when I turned 17. The day of my birthday was friday but on fridays I

love going to my grandmother´s house and spend some time with my cousins. So I was going to celebrate my birthday on thursday with my friends. We were gong to go to a place called Barezzito to dance, sing, and have a good time. But some of my friends, had trouble going

because their parents didn´t let them go out on Thursdays, so we decided to move it to Saturday. We went to the club called Ragga and we had a great time, after that everyone slept in my house it was really cool.

A special holiday A special holiday l once had was passover in 2007 because normally l hate passover because l hate not eating bread or anything that may have bread in it but this one was very special. We were at Whistler Canada in a ski trip, and to go through passover we rented the conference room at the hotel in order to cook our food and to have everything perfect for passover. I remember that sometimes l was really hungry in the mountain but l couldn´t eat anything so l ate

snow. Im not saying it was the best passover but I will remember it always thats what is special.

My Birth I was born in May 18, 1995. I was really special because l was the first son of my parents and the 5th Abraham of the family. I was born with really blue eyes almost white, my mother says l was smiling all the time and l loved to be tickled and people that visited me. I was a huge change for my parents to have me home because, before me they were used to live alone but after l was born, they began having a lot of new responsibilities. Now they had a child to take care of, feed and even sleep with when l cried. They say it was difficult at first but after all they began getting used to me and knowing what to do in each case.

Being Jewish and living in Mexico. Being jewish is different in every part of the world, what I can say about Mexico is that I see this place as my home I have a big community where we all help each other and lean on each other. Whenever I have a problem I know that I will always have someone to help me. Even though I think I live in a close community, I never go out of it, I don’t have friends that aren´t of my community, and I don’t like that because Im a very social person and I will love to make new friends, although I will never end meting the people from my community. And sometimes I would like to see how is to live in other kinds of societies

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Story of my life

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