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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Rounds and Teaching - Block 7 December 16 to January 12 2014 DATE

Trauma Rounds ACH Amphitheatre 0700-0800

Super Early Thursday Rounds ACH Amphitheatre 0800-0900 Thursdays

PEM Citywide Pediatric Grand Rounds Amphitheatre – ACH 0900-1000 Thursdays

PEM Rounds 10:30-11:30 Conf. Rm.3 Thursdays

Fellows’ Curriculum 11:30-13:00 Conf Rm 1 Thursdays

Junior HPS Sessions* 0830-1030 Thursdays

Visiting Clerks Sessions HPS 0900 – 1130 Wednesdays

Junior Resident Seminars** 1200 – 1400 – Rm # below Wednesdays

Brimacombe Lyttle, Lee, Seaton, Ortlief

Tues Dec 17 All visiting clerks to attend these sessions

Wed Dec 18 Thurs Dec 19

Senior HPS Sessions* 0930-1200 Tuesdays

Conf. Rm 13 Losier, Kyle, Wong, Wohlgemuth Ma, Winata, Walsh, Braich, Disipio Gunawardene, Taj, Hutton, Wong

Dr. Karen Barlow Div. Pediatric Neurology


Rounds and Teaching Cancelled till January 8, 2014 All visitng clerk to attend these sessions

Wed Jan 8 Thurs Jan 9

* **

Journal Club Dr. Michelle Simonelli/Dr. S. Dowling

Conf. Rm 13 Cheung, Li, Vellacott, Wright, Taj, Hutton, Ma, Winata, Walsh Gunawardena, Wohlgemuth,,Wong

Wright, Taj, Hutton, Ma, Winata, Walsh, Braich, Disipio, Gunawardena, Wohlgemuth,Wong

For residents who miss their HPS session due to approved vacation or illness, you may schedule a make-up session by contacting Family Medicine Seminars are mandatory for Family Medicine R2 and CCFP(EM) R3 and will be directed towards the learning needs of a family physician practicing in a general ED. All other residents on the rotation are encouraged to attend. (Pediatrics and Emergency residents should attend once during their training.)*** Fellow teaching sessions are restricted to PEM fellows and R4/R5 emergency medicine residents.

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