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FALL 2011


Educator Profile: Bill Robinson Bill Robinson is one of those fearless and motivated teachers that ACGC feels lucky to know! A teacher at St. James in Calgary, Bill is dedicated to share, not tim ing his knowledge, st fir e th r “ Fo questions and reare of the only are we aw flections surroundour planet at th ing global citizenship es su is paca e th with his students on ve ha faces, we e th a daily basis. e ak m ly bility to actual e ges; all w necessary chan Bill is an active user ht people of ACGC’s Develneed is the rig lobal G opment in a Box in g in participat program and one of to gs in th r Leadership fo his students sed. I believe ar rw fo lected along with 4 e ov m ed se e th t other students from an pl that if we y, across Alberta to da to ople with young pe participate in the of where the boundaries 2010 Change Your humanity World Youth Leadke ta ill w at th ership Tour to are limitless. ” Ethiopia, in connecon -Bill Robins tion to the program. Bill’s grade 9 Global Leadership Class in 2010 was also nominated by ACGC to represent one

unit of dedicated Albertan youth who are working both locally and globally to raise awareness about poverty, social justice, inequality and human rights issues for the Be Bold, Be Yourself, Be the Change International Development 2010 campaign. This year, Bill’s class is working on is a twinning project with a school in Grenada. As Bill partners with a teacher in Grenada, they are creating a cultural exchange where their students learn from each other. Students in Grenada share information about coastal and coral reef erosion, while students at St. James will share information about Alberta watersheds. The goal over the next two years will be to learn a great deal about and from each other through video conferencing and mutually developed Wiki's. The second stage to the project will be to identify ways the students can help and empower each other. This project is being supported by a grant from CIDA. By building this connection with

people in another country, Bill hopes to foster the perception that there are real people in developing nations and that they are hard working and proud; they don't need our charity, rather they need our collaboration to foster opportunity. Bill encourages his students to remain active in international development by motivating them become involved in global issues that are important to them and by providing them the opportunity to take this knowledge and translate it into real action through volunteering. Bill’s students are reminded daily to think about what it means to be a global citizen.

Development in a Box Designed to be an educational kit to be used by educators, Development in a Box free resource kits, aid in the incorporation of global issues into the curriculum and classroom for grades seven through twelve.

Kits include lesson plans, hands-on activities and supplies, as well as connections to local organizations (from the ACGC membership) who are working internationally. The kits are available to Alberta classrooms free of charge. Lessons address many global issues and are linked to curriculum objectives in the Alberta Program of Studies.

Do you teach Elementary? We’ve heard your desire for a kit as well! ACGC will be launching the elementary version of the kits for grade 1-6 early in the new year. Make sure you’re signed up to receive ACGC Teach to ensure you don’t miss the launch of the second phase of this incredible project!



Educational Opportunities! Change Your World is an opportunity for five Alberta youth to visit and connect with Alberta nongovernmental organizations working overseas in international development, in the summer of 2012. Students will gain firsthand knowledge of Canada’s international development efforts and the impacts being made globally by Alberta non-governmental organizations. The second phase involves students taking their experiences and stories to community groups and schools across Alberta throughout the Fall of

Keep your e yes open for the 201 1 Change Your World Alberta Youth Leadership Tour!

2012 in the Alberta Fall School Tour. This is an excellent opportunity for students to share with their peers and work on their public speaking skills. Student will be accompanied by experienced staff from the host organization and an ACGC staff member. Airfare, transportation, accommodation, and food expenses are fully paid for by the Council. Be the first to nominate a student in your school that you believe shows a real dedication and commitment to international development issues, social justice and global citizenship! The Change Your World tour to Ethiopia in 2010, hosted by Canadian Humanitarian, was a great success. Chris, one participant, was part of

Bill Robinson’s grade 9 Global Leadership class. Requests for student nominations will be sent out to schools participating in the Development in a Box program in mid-January, 2012. If you do not yet have a Development in a Box resource kit contact us at the ACGC office or visit our website to fill out a registration form and to learn more about free resource kits and program.

Change for Children Association Leprosy Mission Connect your classroom and school to Nicaragua the upcoming Video Conference for Hope on November 16th & 17th, 2011. This year's event, organized by CFCA, Centro Humboldt and the Centre for Global Education, will bring together hundreds of North American and Nicaraguan youth to share, learn and interact with one another on the theme of Food, Culture & Globalization. Elementary students will celebrate in cultural diversity, song, food and dance - while learning about the power of community gardens. High School students will connect to "the issues" and have the chance to meet local and global experts in the field of food security, while discussing with Nicaraguan youth about challenges and solutions related to food and globalization. Elementary/Middle School - Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 Junior/High School - Tuesday, November 8th (PRE-SESSION) and Thursday, November 17th, 2011 Visit for more info and to register!

My Just Because Campaign The main idea behind My Just Because is that you don’t need a big reason in order to make a big difference. Young Canadians have a lot to offer to the world but sometimes they just need a friendly nudge to start taking those first few steps. Whether it’s through music, hockey, exotic fruits, graphic design or anything else you can think of, we’re encouraging young people to use their personal interests to address global issues and to get the message out that anyone can make a difference, just because. Make a 90 Second video— and have a chance to win a trip, anywhere in the world. See for details.

Trickster Theatre

Kids Go Global Trickster has created an opportunity within their 5 day Artist-In-The-school residency program, to encourage school children to get involved in being Global Citizens. The Kids Go Global program provides schools with web-based tools to facilitate both your residency and your on-going participation in global issues. A great way to help you learn about the issues, look at solutions, show you how to get involved in real projects, and help you document everything you do.





CAUSE Canada Interactive classroom workshops Workshops use theatre games and interactive techniques to create dialogue around our role as global citizens. Participants will be challenged, to learn, to gain new perspectives, and, most of all, to have fun in the process! The workshops are sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and are offered free of charge. A sample of available CAUSE workshops follow. Bringing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Life (1-3 hrs) Participants will explore the MDGs and links between them, and will gain an increased awareness about international issues and ways to become involved. Perceptions of Poverty

(1-3 hrs) Participants will explore their attitudes about issues surrounding poverty in Canada and overseas and create ideas about how to make a difference. Giant Puppets Bring Giant Change (total of 6hrs + performance) After completing an MDG/Perceptions workshop, participants need a stage— a way to get the message out! Here, participants will create their own play and perform using our giant 9-foot puppets! In Their Shoes Poverty Simulations (30min-2 hours, can be paired with other workshops)

By creating paper bags for pennies apiece or creating rules and competing for limited resources, participants will gain increased perspective and understanding of the realities of poverty. Development on the Ground (30 min-1hr) Participants will learn about the realities of overseas development work. They’ll discuss, watch videos and learn about previous CAUSE projects that have been implemented (literacy, HIV/AIDS, etc...) and talk about globalization, barriers and how to bring change to our world.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) Wavemakers Workshops Elementary Workshop 1 hour – approx. 30 participants In this workshop students will look at what makes drinking water unsafe, the impacts of unsafe drinking water, and what we can do to keep water clean. Students will use illustrations to explore the connections between unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and health, participate in a slideshow presentation on how a community in Zambia is improving their access to safe drinking water, and use a participatory activity to discuss hygiene, sanitation and water conservation practices. Junior and Senior High Workshop 1 hour – approx. 30 - 40 participants In this workshop, students will look at what makes drinking water unsafe, the impacts of unsafe drinking water, and what a community in Zambia is doing to improve their drinking water. Students will also learn how CAWST works with organizations

overseas, and about ways that they can become involved in CAWST’s youth programs. Educator Workshop 90 minutes - 25 - 40 participants In this workshop, teachers and youth leaders will be trained on CAWST's educator's resources and how to deliver them effectively to the youth they work with. Educators will have a chance to try some of the activities offered to students and will be shown how to access these resources. This workshop is ideal as a Professional Development activity at any school that wants to increase awareness of global water issues and motivate students to take action.

Tips for your student group! Taken from Guide to Action: Simple Steps Towards Change from TakingITGlobal REFLECT & GET INSPIRED Seek out sources of inspiration and find the strength to turn vision into reality. IDENTIFY & GET INFORMED Find a passion and learn more by gathering information. Being informed will help tackle the challenges that lie ahead. LEAD & GET OTHERS INVOLVED Be a good leader by building on personal skills and identifying the strengths of team members. Good leadership includes good teamwork! GET CONNECTED Networking provides ideas, access to knowledge and experience, and help in gaining support for projects. PLAN & GET MOVING Identify an issue and one goal to work towards. Stay positive and focused. HAVE A LASTING IMPACT Monitoring and evaluation are important parts of project management. Sustain efforts by encouraging other youth to get involved. Remember, even if you don’t achieve all of your expectations, you likely influenced others and experienced personal growth! ACGC can be contacted at: Suite 205, 10816A-82 Avenue

What’s your school doing?

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ACGC Teach is published by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation with the financial assistance of the Canadian International Development Agency

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