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ACGC Connect Newsletter ACGC has revamped the ACGC newsletter during the past year. The new ACGC Connect newsletter is easier to read, more attractive and visually appealing, and easier to access online. Primarily comprised of member submissions, the newsletter is an important communication tool for the Council and its members. As the newsletter highlights the work of ACGC members as well as issues related to international development, it is also a vital component of ACGC’s public engagement programming. This year ACGC has created and distributed 3 newsletters on the topics of food and water security, climate justice, and youth involvement in international development and social justice efforts. Distribution continues to increase as people recognize the value of the publication and the increased access to our newsletter through the ACGC website indicates that readership far exceeds the number of printed copies of each instalment.

ACGC Connect Podcasts This year, ACGC worked with member organizations to create, promote and disseminate four (4) podcasts highlighting topical issues of importance to the international development sector and the general public. Each podcast highlights work being done by ACGC member projects around the world. The first 2 podcasts created focused on food security and, using the famine in East Africa, highlighted the need for additional work to be done within the food security sector. The third podcast was a reflection on the AGM and the keynote presentations by Eriel Deranger and Wade Davis. The final podcast involved interviewing and producing a podcast highlighting the work done by Alberta youth in international development. ACGC podcasts can be accessed through the ACGC website, via the ACGC blog, or on iTunes by searching for ACGC Connect.

ACGC E-bulletins ACGC’s e-bulletin currently has over 600 subscribers. The e-bulletin allows ACGC to share information about members’ events and programming, ACGC’s capacity building opportunities, job/volunteer openings and other items of interest with ACGC members, the NGO community in general, as well as the general public. It has proven to be a successful communication tool for the Council and its members. ACGC sends out e-bulletins on a regular bi-weekly schedule.

2012 Annual Report  
2012 Annual Report  

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