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If for some reason Capitalism required a population to decline for it to work, trust me, the leaders would be mowing people down left and right. It's only because the economic model requires a growing population of consumers/pyramid schemes that it seems all welcoming and happy with tons of immigration.​. ROBERT REICH IS A TRUE AMERICAN HERO JOE MCCARTHY (OOPS I MEAN SCARBOROUGH IS AN AMERICAN FACSIMILE, A TRUE TRAITOR TO THE BEST OF WHAT

AMERICA STANDS FOR ​ V For Vendetta Facebook Timeline >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) This site was designed with the {Wix} website builder. Create your website today. our new documentary "Saving Capitalism" will be coming out on Netflix. 2153. 1843. Get more of what you love Follow more accounts to get instant updates about topics you care about. 480BC. 2067, Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism: Richard D. Wolff. Amazon: Watch Inequality for All | Prime Video, Jessica Perez (@JessLPerez) | Twitter. (PDF) Animating Capitalism - ResearchGate, Jessica Perez added, Meredith Reed @ meredithspeakng Fucking brilliant article @ PennyRed "Give a man a makeover & you fix him for a day; teach a man that masculinity under late capitalism is a toxic pyramid schemeslowly killing him just like it’s killing the world,& you might just fix a sucking hole in the future.", Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism Paperback – October 2, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Related Video Shorts (0) Upload your video. After reading Robert Reich's book "Saving Capitalism", I was left with a perplexing but simple question. How.. and perhaps more important, Why?. V For Vendetta Facebook Timeline - chrisofasti.wixsite. Animating Capitalism. Saving China is only a youthful. The consistent haloing of hierarchal power as preferable for all organ izes the film’s moral conf lict and elite, Inequality for All (1,505) Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. simple graphics which can also be downloaded from the video's website. The film made me like and respect Reich more, as it included a bit of his personal background. However, on the minus side, I would say this film focuses a bit too much on Reich's model of how economic,. Exactly after WW2 most of the world manufacturing was decimated and The U.S had a boom in the economy from soldiers returning and buying homes and starting families. AKA baby boom. ​. I'm not a slave to your ideas. ​ Robert Reich...worked for the clinton administration mean the administration who pretty much killed the glass-steagall act which pretty much allowed the financial crisis...was he fighting for the people then too?​. So excited for this. Thanks for making it.​ I'll watch Robert's movie, but listen folks, we are not going to convince 33% of America that their belief system doesn't fit reality. Fox News executives have figured out how to cater to conservatives - tell them what they want to hear. Brand it as 'fair and balanced' and let's watch the money roll in. Republicans think mass media is too liberal and don't trust it. Most of us know mass media = lame media and can't trust it. We cannot even agree on the problem, so... ​. Is it possible to access this movie online somewhere. Really keen to see it. Happy to pay.​. Loved this documentary! #bernie2016​ This is a good movie ... and so is Michael Moore's Where To Invade Next​ Reich is thoughtful, straightforward and refreshingly blunt. We're lucky to have him on our side!​. It's called cognitive dissonance. When people are presented with information that doesn't conform to their preconception of how the world works, they tend to destroy the messenger

or pick apart the message. Those who have blind faith in things tend to exhibit this behavior... such as Christian conservatives. The irony is that they claim the same about free thinkers aka liberals. ​. When we don't produce our own products in our own country, with our own resources, and our own citizens, what you get is a failed country.A country, a government, overthrown by corporations. This is a new form of government. A government & corporation combination for which there is no name for it at this time. It must be named and then it can be...... We don't have a country anymore. We have a $#!T hole of humanity in a space between two ocean's.​. You didn't answer my question: If public education spending is rising, how can that money be spent on public schools if the money men are taking it? Or are you trying to change the subject to avoid the fact that public education spending per student is rising?​. Is that a justification?​ Household debt is at the lowest levels since 1982. Households began shedding debt at the outset of the 2007 recession.Perhaps the slow growth of the economy is a good thing in that it is NOT being driven by debt.​. The conservatives have a vested interest in destroying the middle class. That is what all the obstructionism by the GOP in Congress is really about. The super rich won't be satisfied till they have all the wealth and we have nothing.​. The reason for this is the slow dismantling of the American public school system since the 80's. Our nation's school system was one a shining example of great public education, until the 'money men' (as I like to call them) suggested taking money from the public schools to give to for profit schools. They also did everything they could to discourage the teaching of critical thinking and questioning what you are taught. That's why so many fall for the propaganda. ​. This is not a documentary. It was labeled as documentary for the lack of a better term. It is a long advertorial. And if you are convinced you can buy, of course. A short white old man talking about his short white old point of view. Of course, this is not Al Gore or Leo DiCaprio, but he still has a good life with his sermons. A white bearded Mighty Mouse to save his flavor of capitalism. At least putting his underwear over his custom made pants would have made him more interesting.. Share this video link with EVERYONE! Robert Reich did his job making it. Now we must do our job, tweet, facebook, email this out to EVERYONE you can.​. Thank you, Robert Reich! Tell it!​ Everyone is NOT is more wealthy now than they were 30 years ago. Just because technology has advanced to where cell phones and Xboxs are cheaply avalible, it does not cover up the fact a MUCH bigger % of the population can no longer afford housing, energy, transportation, health care ect. We used to think someone that just lived on a farm was poor, now to own your own farm you had better be well off. These technological trinkets have just distracted us from how much wealth we have really

lost ​. When and Where can I see this documentary ... I am in the South Bay Area in CA, and have been looking for it since I heard of it. Please get this out in general release, DVD, or even online in NetFlix or Amazon Prime! Thank you.​. I believe! You know, repeating a falsehood over and over is not an argument, it's the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying La la la as loud as you can.​. There is no space for non-socialists in a socialist society, they have to die.​ pre-distribute! /watch?v=OWX8LNN66uA “fake speech corrects mankind's course”​ I'll listen to the news on NPR before I'll ever listen to the propaganda on any TV news broadcast. You'll hear stuff on there that will take days before it'll ever be heard on cable news.​. He tries to picture stock traders as bullies and people who run companies would beat up the poor american worker economicly. Who should these workers work for if these things wouldn't exist? Who could hire them on high wages if not the rich? What a piece of shit. What a bad character. ​. Love this guy!​ Spread the word! Get everyone into the theaters on September 27th to see this film!​.

Contact me with Questions, Comments or Suggestions ryitfork @ So company XYZ opens a plant in Mexico, pays slave wages, produces a product for nothing, gets to ship it back to the US, pay no tariffs, put it on the shelf at Wallmart, and put any Americanbased competitor out if business. All while they pay virtually no taxes thanks to the loopholes they demanded from their puppets in congress. The scams crushing the 99% are quite simple and easy to fix.​. I wish you would get a heart attack right now and die.​ Tanto desemprego sendo causado justamente pra quem ele trabalhou os democratas que ficaram anos no poder e só trouxeram desgraça para os americanos... não a toa escolheram o Trump kkkk​. So he is saying he is a douche bag that wants to steal from those working and give to the lazy​, Wendy!!!​ Doubtful you have ever experienced the stress of poverty and the prospect of going hungry or losing your house. Eh? At least the rich can afford to get medical help for the physiological effects of stress.​. The US is doomed to repeat its mistakes. Congress has done nothing but dismantle the protections that prevent such things from happening instead of building upon them.​ Our bought and paid for government has legislated fortunes (imperialist wars, corproate welfare, tax cuts, bailouts, deregulation). What we are talking about is permitting everyone a

higher standard of living through legislation that results in more equality. Did the tax cuts create jobs or consolidate wealth? You get the point?​. He worked for Clinton, who sold us globalism and free trade - that shipped our jobs out of the US so corporations (and their shareholders) could make more money. Then they cut taxes so the people making that money keep it all. Add to that the imperialist wars and then you get to media shills like that douche bag in the video who calls anyone who stops the money flow to the top a communist or a socialist.​. Not quite, for somebody to move down, someone else has to move up.​

income mobility is also low in this country. didn't used to be, but it is now, do some research.​ A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, INEQUALITY FOR ALL features Robert Reich—professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member—as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy. The film is an intimate portrait of a man who's overcome a great deal of personal adversity and whose lifelong goal remains protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Through his singular perspective, Reich explains how the massive consolidation of wealth by a precious few threatens the viability of the American workforce and the foundation of democracy itself. In this INCONVENIENT TRUTH for the economy, Reich uses humor and a wide array of facts to explain how the issue of economic inequality affects each and every one of us.​. Please caption this for the 20% of the US population with hearing loss. Inequality x 2. ​. Love it. ​ income mobility has been on a steady decline since the 80s​ However, the pay scale ratio between a general worker and a CEO was quite more equitable and remembering what Henry Ford advised; paying his employees a living wage and selling cars for a price that his workers could afford would guarantee that Ford Motor Company would stay in business for many years to come. Sad, so many of today's CEO's have lost sight of that! I am looking forward to seeing Mr. Reich's movie. ​. The bridge is a great infographic.​ A commie. Not credible. Next.​ Income and Wealth inequality in the United States derive from two major sources: 1. A central bank with a fiat monetary system which has the power to control its money supply and set interest rates. 2. Government's ability to redistribute wealth and control entire industries. Both of these sources derive from Government. More government power to look after the people will only continue to exacerbate this income and wealth gap. This has been a continuous trend, repeated several times throughout history, one only has to study the Roman Empire to see the end result of these policies.​.

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Verified website download film Saving Capitalism  

If for some reason Capitalism required a population to decline for it to work, trust me, the leaders would be mowing people down left and ri...

Verified website download film Saving Capitalism  

If for some reason Capitalism required a population to decline for it to work, trust me, the leaders would be mowing people down left and ri...