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Certification is an objective, measured means of distinguishing yourself and your company as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the installation, implementation, configuration, management and administration of CA Technologies products. Certification from CA Technologies is a distinction that proves your significant product knowledge and capabilities to others. Getting certified can not only increase your skills, but also reduce your reliance on outside support, speed issue resolution time and position you as a critical member of your team. You achieve certification by successfully completing a certification exam, administered by our testing partner, Prometric. Certification levels are role-based, allowing both the organization and the individual to customize the level of knowledge required based on the examinee's position and responsibilities within the IT lifecycle.

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: CAT-221


: CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam

Version : Demo


The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

1.What is the default application server vendor for CA Clarity PPM v13? A. WebLogic B. WebSphere C. IronFlare Orion D. Apache Tomcat Answer: D 2 . A basic service to support the management of a cluster In the CA Clarity PPM, which component does this statement describe? A. Beacon B. Open Workbench C. CA Business Intelligence (CABI) D. Clarity System Administration (CSA) Answer: A 3.Which statement about deploying partitions is TRUE? A. A resource can only belong to one partition in a model. B. Fields available for processes are based on partition access. C. If a process uses stock attributes only, it cannot be shared across partitions. D. If you create a partition within a partition model, you cannot add or remove partition member Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) units. Answer: B 4.You are customizing CA Clarity PPM objects for your company. You want to attach a document to a field to provide the background for a business case. What can you specify using the Attachment Style data element? A. The file extension of the attachment B. Which icon will appear for the attachment C. If you want a single document or multiple documents for the attachment D. If the attachment will open immediately or an option will be offered to save the attachment Answer: C 5.You can visually customize the CA Clarity PPM user interface using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Which new benefit does CCS version 3 (CSS3) offer? A. You can specify property values as simple expressions. B. You no longer need to compress images because this will occur automatically. C. You can represent an image in an encoded string instead of referencing the image on a file system. D. You can assign names to rules, which enables you to use client-side scripts to reference the rule even if its selector changes. Answer: C 6.When you use a partition model, which objects are configurable to a specific partition? (Choose two) A. Report B. Project


The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

C. Timesheet D. Application Answer: B,D 7.You need to export a single portlet that is contained within a dashboard. Which limitations do you need to consider? (Choose three) A. The export will always be Fit to Page. B. The Export to PDF option must be selected. C. The Export to PowerPoint option will only permit 30 records. D. The dashboard template must be Application Page Template. E. The dashboard type must be Page with Tabs or Page without Tabs. Answer: A,D,E 8.When you configure Microsoft SQL Server for CA Clarity PPM, an open database connectivity (ODBC) connection is required for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) connectivity. CA Technologies recommends that the ODBC connection be called: A. tns. B. niku. C. dbConn. D. BOConn. Answer: B 9.You are creating a Generic Execution Language (GEL) script to invoke a web service. The response received after a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) call is an XML object with data in a tree-like structure. Which tag do you use to extract nodes from this object? A. <gel:set> B. <gel:catch> C. <gel:parse> D. <gel:choose> Answer: A 10.After you populate the filter attributes of a filter portlet, you: A. Create a layout. B. Select a portlet type. C. Create a mapping field. D. Select a rendering style. Answer: A


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Exampdf CAT-221 Exam Training Material  

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