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Disposable 12mm Twisted Pair Subdermal Needles Disposable twisted pair stainless steel subdermal needles 12mm, 0.4mm (27 gauge) are designed to help improve signal quality in electrically hostile environments such as the OR and ICU. Colour-coded pairs (green, yellow, white, black, blue and red). Type Lead Stainless steel

Length 2,00 m

Qty 3 pair/pkg

Part Number 019-421900

Disposable 13mm Subdermal Needles Stainless steel 13mm in length and 0.4mm (27G) in diameter. Prestirlized (ETO) – for single use only. Type Stainless Stainless Stainless Stainless

steel steel steel steel

Length 1,00 m 1,50 m 2,00 m 2,50 m

Qty 25/pkg 25/pkg 25/pkg 25/pkg

Part Number S43-438 S43-638 S43-838 S43-938

Reusable Subdermal Needle electrodes Available in two needle materials : stainless steel or platinum-iridium. Each needle is 13 mm in length and 0,4mm (27G) in diameter. The selected multi coloured silicone wires terminate into a safety DIN connector. Type Lead Stainless steel Stainless steel Platinum Iridium Platinum Iridium

Length 1,00 m 1,50 m 1,00 m 1,50 m

Version 6.2 December 2016

Qty 12/pkg 12/pkg 12/pkg 12/pkg

Part Number S51-434 S51-634 S61-434 S61-634


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Acertys: Supplies & Accessories catalogue Neurophysiology