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Stimulating & Recording Electrodes Bipolar Felt Pad Electrode For surface stimulating. Consists of 2 felt pads in a stainless steel holder. 30mm spacing between pads. A red dot, moulded into the stimulator indicates the anode. Each 1m cable is colour-coded for polarity. Type Bipolar Felt Pad electrode Replacement pads—pack of 10

Part Number 019-401500 019-406700

Bar Electrode Consists of 2 durable gold-plated stainless-steel disk electrodes with 9mm diameters and 30mm spacing. Features grooved bar. Electrode is coded for polarity. Available in two lead lengths. Type Bipolar disk Bipolar disk

Length 1,00 m 0,50 m

Part Number 019-401400 019-431400

Snap-On T-Handle Moulded T-Handle fits the bar or felt pad electrode and allows more flexibility and ease of use when changing or adjusting test sites. The handle is designed to easily snap on and off. Type T-Handle

Part Number 019-421000

Reusable Extension Cable – Twisted Reusable red and black twisted cable lead touchproof extension cable is perfect for recording and reference electrode pairs that require a little extra length. Type Extension cable Extension cable

Length 1,00 m 2,00 m

Part Number 019-408400 019-432200

St. Mark’s Pudendal NCS electrode Diagnostic tool for evaluation of patients with pelvic floor disorders Combined stimulation and recording electrode used with EMG systems for Determination of pudendal nerve conduction by sphincter and motor latency. Electrode has adhesive tabs for mounting onto examination glove. Type Pudendal NCS electrode 30cm 12mm² recording area (NOT sterilized) - pack of 10

Part Number 9013L4402

Cable terminates in two 5-pin DIN plugs, one for preamp, one for stimulator Type Part Number Cable 2m 9013L0322

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Acertys: Supplies & Accessories catalogue Neurophysiology