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Six very good reasons why brokers log in to ACE Online: FOUNDATION


When you begin using ACE Online, we will help you get started with a 1-2-1 video call or webinar for your entire team. One of our team will walk you through ACE Online and answer any questions.

How you need it, when you need it. Technical and underwriting support is available via our underwriting centre or you can request a video call. You can also call or email your dedicated relationship manager directly.

A VOICE Broker Focus Groups; dedicated relationship manager for all your staff; Speedy answers to any question.

EDUCATION We will give you lots of supporting materials about ACE Online and its products to help you understand our products and to best meet the needs of your clients. Get in touch to find out about our ongoing educational seminars.

SERVICE We treat all our customers fairly whilst giving the highest priority to speed, efficiency, low hassle, contract certainty and data protection.

PRODUCTS We will be growing the number of high quality products we offer you. We will be bringing you four new products by early 2014.


Our Products

A&H - Accident and Health

• ACE Business Travel & Personal Travel

D&O - Directors and Officers

• ACE Online Excess Liability

XOL - Excess of Loss SME - Small Medium Enterprise DC - Defined Contribution

• ACE Online Directors & Officers Liability • ACE Online Residential Directors & Officers • ACE Online Marine Cargo • ACE Online Environmental Liability

FG - Fidelity Guarantee • ACE Online Pension Trustee Liability AIRMIC - Association of Insurance & Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce UK & IE - United Kingdon and Ireland

• ACE Online Crime

ACE BUSINESS CLASS TRAVEL AND PERSONAL ACCIDENT There are two scenarios we hope your business will never have to face: • One of your employees is involved in a serious accident • An employee is taken ill whilst on a business trip - How would you respond? - Would your business be able to continue to deliver your current objectives? - Could you assist the employee and their family at a time when they needed your help most? - Can you provide emergency response and medical care in an overseas location? A Group Personal Accident & Business Travel Policy could be the solution. The Personal Accident Cover • Provides a lump sum payment in the event of an accident, which results in the death, disablement or serious injury of an employee

• It can also provide a weekly income in the event of less serious injuries that prevent an employee from working • The Payment can be used either by the Company or passed to the employee’s family, so whilst this could be used to provide the family with financial support it could equally cover the cost of hiring or covering a key employee • Cover is applicable 24 hours a day and is worldwide so an employee injured outside of work will also be covered • The Policy can also assist an employee and their family with expenses they may incur after a serious accident such as retraining in a different occupation or adapting their home to meet their medical needs • Employees can even access a helpline to provide them with services such as counselling and advice even if they haven’t made a claim The Business Travel Cover • Affords unlimited medical expenses cover whilst travelling overseas - so you can be sure your employees are getting the care they need • In an ever changing world gives you access to 24/7 emergency assistance worldwide via • Has cancellation cover for any unforeseen event, meaning you won’t be left out of pocket if an employee is unable to travel on a planned trip • Provides cover for items that employees might lose or have stolen when travelling on business • Enables you to plan your travel with information your employees will need travelling ranging from VISA entry requirements to local medical facilities

ACE Online Excess Liability ACE Online Excess Liability insurance offers comprehensive protection to both small and large companies in the event of a large claim. Good levels of liability cover are necessary to protect against the risk of a large loss, which is why ACE Online enable companies of any size to quickly top up with excess cover. ACE Online offers cover for Excess Public and Products Liability, Employers’ Liability and Motor (XS Motor can only be purchased in conjunction with Public and Products Liability cover to an equivalent limit). Immediate quotations are offered to companies with a turnover under £75,000,000, across a range of occupations. Policy documents can be bound and issued instantly and ACE Online prioritises rapid referral response times. This cover offers limits up to £25,000,000, and follow form wording is included. (When an umbrella policy provision follows the underlying policy as to how the provision applies.) Up-selling and cross-selling opportunities are also available within the ACE Online system.

ACE Online Directors & Officers Liability ACE Online Directors & Officers Liability cover offers far-reaching protection to company directors and officers in the event of civil or criminal action. ACE Online understands that constant changes in employment responsibilities are of great concern to employers, so our D&O cover is designed to address personal exposure to risk. This cover includes expansive definitions of wrongful act, loss and claim. There are five clear sectors, each carrying its own separate aggregate limit of liability: • D&O - Flexible limits available up to £10m • Corporate Legal Liability - 50% of the D&O limit purchased • Corporate Employment Practices Liability - 50% of the D&O limit purchased. A deductible of £2500 applies to this section

• Employee Dishonesty - Set limit of £75,000 and a set deductible of £2500 • Kidnap and Extortion - Set limit of £25,000 with a set deductible of £5000 Each of the sections above has their own stand-alone limits. Automatic reinstatement of the D&O sum insured will apply, at no additional cost (not exceeding £20,000,000). Ace Elite SME Plus form also includes a number of cover extensions and has designed a policy that is easy to navigate. ACE Online has partnered with national law firm, Gateley LLP, to provide your clients with added value services to help them avoid any potential Employment Practice or Directors & Officers incidents that may arise. All clients can access a free legal helpline*. Please visit the ACE/Gateley website for more details at * Subject to terms and conditions. Calls from mobiles will be charged at the caller’s standard rate. Quotes are produced, amended and bound quickly and clients have access to one of the UK’s most experienced D&O underwriting teams, which offers a rapid referral response to your queries. The cover offers flexible limits from £100,000 up to £10,000,000 and is available to private limited companies with up to £500,000,000 turnover and/or assets.

Residential Directors and Officers ACE Online’s Residents Association Management Liability Insurance is specifically aimed at covering Managing Property Agents who can still be found liable for wrongful acts and sued. The cover has an unrestricted definition of Directors and Officers and also includes Committee Members. Just because it may not be a limited company does not mean that claims will not occur. In today’s litigious ‘No Win No Fee’ business environment anyone with responsibility as a Director, Officer, Committee Member or within a Managerial or Supervisory capacity can face legal action for a wide range of potential wrongful acts. ACE Online uses tailored wording to ensure that the correct cover is in force. We provide cover for the individual Directors and Officers and also automatically include £250,000 limit for the corporate entity itself. This product requires a small number of questions to be answered and no proposal form is required.

ACE Online Marine Cargo ACE Online Marine Cargo insurance allows you to offer comprehensive protection to clients who send £100,000,000 worth of cargo annually. You can produce immediate quotations for a wide range of occupations. ACE Online also facilitates instant binding and issuance of policy documentation. ACE Online’s considerable experience in marine insurance allows us to offer unrivalled resources and assistance to users. We understand the need for speedy service, and rapid referral times are our priority. Electronic certificates are available for convenience. ACE Online offers multiple excess options and wide policy wording.

ACE Online Environmental Liability Few companies operate with no environmental exposures. Incidents can arise from all types and sizes of business from a small retail outlet with a heating oil tank to a large chemical works. The costs of any clean-up and damages may be very different in monetary terms but it’s more about the relative ability of each company to absorb such financial and reputational costs. Environmental law is constantly evolving and Property and Liability policies are not adapting to meet these legislative changes. As the law continues to evolve, the gaps in Property and Liability wordings are only going to widen. It’s important to discuss these gaps in cover with your clients: • No cover for historical pollution • No cover for gradual pollution • No cover for statutory clean-up costs

• No cover for clean-up of your own property • No cover for damage to flora or fauna • No cover for loss mitigation costs

ACE Environmental Risk policies via ACE Online are designed to plug all these gaps.

ACE Online Pension Trustee Liability ACE Online Pension Trustee Liability insurance addresses the considerable responsibilities placed on trustees by every decision they make. Comprehensive liability cover is vital – trustees are accountable for the way they perform their duties. ACE Online’s Pension Trustee Liability policy has a broad definition of wrongful acts and will pay for (amongst others) damages, judgments, expenses and defence costs, including legal representation in the event of an investigation by a regulatory body. ACE Online handles Defined Contribution schemes with assets of up to £500,000,000, and Defined Benefit and Hybrid Schemes with assets of up to £150,000,000. A maximum of five schemes can be covered at any one time and the available limits are flexible from £250,000 to £5,000,000. With ACE Online Pension Trustee Liability insurance, trustees can be assured that their assets are protected in the event of civil fines and penalties. Further extensions of cover are available upon referral to the underwriting team.

ACE Online Crime ACE Elite Fraud Protector covers you against direct financial loss suffered due to crime. It is a ‘losses discovered’ policy. This means that for a claim to be valid the insured has to become aware of a possible loss during the policy period. (Form can be altered to FG only) Main cover includes: • Internal crime – direct financial loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty by employees stealing money, securities or property from you • External crime – third party computer crime, forgery, counterfeit, fraudulent alteration and theft Following feedback we have received, this new form clarifies some of the coverage from both a client and broker perspective. It also addresses concerns raised by AIRMIC. We have responded by removing basis clause references from the policy. This policy is aimed at UK-domiciled companies with a turnover of £250,000,000. Very few referral trades and a low deductible of £5000 per loss applies. Fees costs and expenses sub-limit offered and automatic acquisitions threshold of 15% provided. No retroactive date applied if required (premium reduction offered if retro date limitation preferred).

Ace online product guide  
Ace online product guide