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Surviving Frank By David A. Page

Surviving Frank for Kids By Arjun Bhatnagar

This is Frank. Frank is a big scary werewolf, but he is really a good werewolf! Frank is also a policeman who beats up bad guys. Thanks, Frank!

Today Frank is getting a new partner to help him on his next mission. His name is Ryan. Ryan is a good policeman who wants to help Frank complete his mission. Good luck Ryan!

Frank and Ryan arrive at Boston Public Library to investigate. They are here to investigate the beating up of a scientist. Frank sniffs the library for clues, but doesn’t find anything. Uh-oh Frank!

Ryan uses his detective skills and looks at a picture that a person took. Ryan finds out the scientist was beat up by a masked villain. Ryan tries to find out who this masked villain is. Who could the masked villain be?

Frank and Ryan leave the library. They search around town for more clues. I wonder what Frank and Ryan found?

Frank and Ryan find their first clue in a restaurant near the library. They find out that the masked villain is going to go to the circus. Frank and Ryan rush back to the police station and make a plan to catch the masked villain. What plan could Frank and Ryan come up with?

Frank and Ryan decide to dress up as clowns! Frank and Ryan take their squeaky red noses and drive to the circus. They look around for the masked villain. Did they find the masked villain?

Frank and Ryan could not find the masked villain in the circus. They ended up looking like a bunch of clowns! What are they going to do now?

Frank and Ryan decided to separate and hide in a big market called Quincy Market. They heard from a clown at the circus that the masked villain is going to dress up as a clown and perform here. The masked villain better not try to do something bad!

Oh-no! The masked villain attacked Frank and some people standing near Frank! He is now trying to beat up Frank! Will Ryan come to the rescue?

Frank cannot beat up the masked villain because he is bigger than Frank! Frank is all beat up and needs Ryan’s help. Where is Ryan?

Ryan hears Frank’s screams and comes to the rescue! Ryan finds the masked villain beating up Frank and tells him to stop. The masked villain says no and attacks Ryan. Will Ryan be able to beat up the masked villain?

Ryan runs in circles and makes the masked villain very confused. The masked villain then becomes dizzy and falls down. Ryan then ties up the masked villain and becomes a hero! Now it is time to unmask the villain! Who could it be?

The masked villain turns out to be Frank’s evil brother! He was trying to lure Frank by beating up the scientist and leaving so many clues. Silly villain! He should’ve known Frank had a new partner to help him.

The day has been saved! All thanks to Frank and Ryan. Now it is time for them to go to sleep and get ready for another day of missions!

Surviving Frank for Kids  

Surviving Frank for kids

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