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Cancer is basically when cells in the body start growing out of control. Many things causecancer, and if cancer is not treated well, it can lead to severe illness or even death. Something's that causecancer are carcinogens, x-rays, UV radiation, sunlight, and even everyday things like deodorant can causecancer. Things that I do that are risk factors of cancer are play in the sun, use deodorant, use cell phones, and use the microwave. Theseare small things that probably won't have an effect on me getting cancer but ways that I can do to prevent cancer would be to always wear sunscreen when in direct sunlight, text on the phone more than talk on it, and only use deodorant when it is needed. This project has influenced me becauseit has shown me how many different things can causecancer. It has shown me to always use sun block, and to defiantly avoid tanning beds. In my opinion, tanning beds should be illegal for use if you are under the age of 18. I think this becauseif you start doing things like that at an early age then there is a much higher risk of you getting cancer. Also, when your older you can realize that tanning beds are much worse for your skin than people think they are. Overall, I think this was a great project that really showed the meaning of how cancer can effect me or someone else in a bad way.

Derek Holstein-Cancer  

Derek's individual

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