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750 Watts Kit d'ĂŠclairage en Continu Avec des Parapluies

La Description 10" Photography Daylight Reflector Equipment Kit delivers 250 watt cool light output with a 85W fluorescent bulb. The aluminum reflector dome maximizes the light output.The back holder of the light has a handle to manoeuvre umbrella (sold separately) mount.   1.9m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand has application in both studio and product photography. It is the most commonly used accessory for mounting tungsten light, flash or strobe or mono light, red light and other light heads for a steady focus. The actual weight is very less, with easy handling for back lighting subject or lighting the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy-grip knobs. 

Characteristiques Reflector FL - 10" Rating 500 W Socket Lamp holder Ceramic E27 (Edison) Holder Mount  5/8" (16 mm) receiver for light stand Tilting action with locking knob 8 mm (standard) umbrella receptacle with locking knob 10' (3m) Long Power Cable 

KIT 3 x 10 inch Reflector 3 x White Umbrella  2 x 1.9m Tall Studio Light stand  1 x Boom Kit 3 x 85W Photo light bulb



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