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Bunnies In Space By Jason Lehman ***** PUBLISHED BY: Jason Lehman Bunnies In Space Copyright Š 2013 by Jason Lehman

This book may not be reproduced, copied or distributed for non-commercial purposes, with the exception of quotes used in reviews. Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously. Young adult Reading Material ***** Thank you to all of the people who have offered their support. Please note that I love animals, but in no way encourage real bunnies to pilot our space shuttles. This tale began as a one chapter, short story. Several people encouraged me to continue it. Since those early days it has grown into the work you see before you. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. ****

Bunnies In Space Chapter 1 The Water Dilemma I'm Captain Astro. I will find who or what took water from our planet, Whiskar. Fruits and Vegetables stopped growing. Our leaders held an emergency meeting. Lead commander Rock at(BANG)Bunnies Against No Good told me they would call with the mission plan.

Chapter 2 Water and Clouds All our clouds were gone. Our rivers were drying up and the lakes were low. Nana, a purple bunny, drank the last few drops of water from her bunny bottle. Verde, her son, a green bunny, asked,“why did they take so much of our water?” “Maybe they didn't know we needed it,” said Nana. The bunnies hopped through a garden. The strawberry plants were shriveled, the watermelon was wilted and the carrot tops were crumpled.

Chapter 3 A Major Emergency I received a call from head commander Rock at BANG. “Captain Astro, you must assemble your team and leave immediately.” “Yes sir, Commander.” “It may have been the Plutids in Zone 12.” Click. The Commander hung up. Ring, Ring. “Hello,” said Nana. “It's Captain Astro how are you?” “I'm wondering where is all the water?” “I don't know? The planet has enough to survive for a short time, but I don't know how long we can survive with the amount we have left.” “Are you and your son ready for a mission?” “Yes sir! Verde graduated first in his class from the Bunny Space Academy.” “Excellent, if I remember correctly I know two other bunnies that graduated first in their class from the academy.” “Yes sir! You did and so did I.” “Meet me at the spaceship in one hour. We must leave as soon as possible.”




We arrived at the ship. I put on my space suit. I rolled my ears down so they would fit into my orange helmet. "Put on your space gear team. We have no time to waste. Verde you can use the green helmet.” “Pull that carrot-shaped lever, push that cucumber-shaped button, and fasten your bunny belts.”

“Okay all set, captain,” yelled Nana. “Start the launch countdown.” “Okay Captain,” said Verde.” “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.”

Our ship, the Harebounce, blasted off! In less than four minutes we were in outer-space. “How will we get the water back to our planet?” asked Verde. “We'll use the super vacuum. We'll fill these force-field containers.” I said. "Look out, turn on the laser, Nana, and blast that broken satellite," I said. POW--one powerful blast turned the old satellite to dust. “Vacuum it up into the recycler, Verde.” “It's never good to litter in space,” said Verde. “Okay, buckle your bunny belts, and hold onto your ears. It's time to warp drive. Set our course for Plutidville zone 12.”

Chapter 4 Operation Water

As we slowed the ship into zone twelve warning indicators flashed on the control panel...danger, slow down, look out, wake up, uh oh, turn. “Stop the ship, Verde,” I yelled. “Yes sir! I'm activating reverse thrusters,” Verde said. Bang! The ship bumped into something. "It looks like a herd of elephants made of ice,” said Nana. “They could be huge blocks of ice, it looks like a slushy covering of snow on the outside. Start a scan now.”

“The computer says ice Captain,” said Verde. "Nana, I want you to melt the ice.” "Okay, Captain Astro.” Buzz, Pow, Zap, Zizz, Urr, Ching, Ching. I pressed the power button and the vacuum started. Hundreds of Plutids were on a nearby space station. The super vacuum filled all the containers.

Chapter 5 The Transfer “I think I saw a Plutid in the water?” Said Nana. “It's only programmed to collect water,” I said. “What's that floating in the storage tank? It looks like a Plutid,” said Verde. “Captain Astro, it is a Plutid!,” screamed Verde. “Oh my, there are four legs and three small arms. He is turning blue; we have to save him.”

Chapter 6 Prince Dane I put on my spacesuit and entered the tube. Nana reversed the suction on the vacuum pushing me into the water-storage-container within reach of the alien. Soon, I had the fellow under my arm and Verde sucked us back into the ship. “Plu ma ting na gotan bor bor befond.” “Do you speak English my friend?” “Hi people, I'm Prince Dane,” he said. “I'm Captain Astro, nice to meet you, were sorry for sucking you into our ship it was an accident.” “It was fun I would like to try it again,” said Prince Dane.” “Ha, Ha, well let's wait and see.” “Hello,”said Nana and Verde. “We're on a mission to collect the water that was taken from our planet. We need the water to grow food, to wash our spaceships, to shower, and to swim in. Our world leaders mentioned it may have been the Plutids in this zone twelve who took it.” Yes, we did take your water, but we did not realize we were harming you. Bang! “Wow it feels like a Whiskar quake.”Said Verde. “Were not on Whiskar,” said Captain Astro. Bang! “It's getting cold in here,”shouted Nana. “Were being attacked to your bunny battle stations. Arm the carrotjuicer cannon. Plutids cannot see orange. Cover the ship in carrot-juice and we'll be invisible.” “The juicer is jammed captain,”said Verde. “Uh oh, hold on, Captain Astro, let me call my mom,”said the Plutid. “Hi Mom, it's me.” Bang! “Yes,I will be home for dinner.” Bang! “Yes, I made my bed.” Bang! “Yes, I brushed my teeth.” “It's getting cold in here and were freezing,”yelled the Captain. “They are freezing your ship please turn on your heat shields,”said Dane. “Activate heat shields Verde.” “I'm trying Captain there not working.” “What's going on Dane?”asked Dane's mom. I'm with the galaxy hero, Captain Astro, on his ship you have to call off the water attack game the temperature of their ship is getting too cold. “How did you get on their ship?” “Not now mom we took water from their planet and they need it to survive.” They melted some of our sculptures and Snigu and Farfal are blasting the Harebounce with ice cannons. “Harebounce?”asked Dane's mom. “The Harebounce is their ship mom.” With Prince Dane's phone on speaker we heard: “Dingsha ne nuc hyi gerin gong ba slar typ ni yu she new pot goy mimi,” said Dane's mom. “Mom stopped the ships from ice blasting. They will melt the ice from

your ship now.” Prince Dane whispered, “Mom says she is sorry for taking the water. All our ships run on water.” “Wow the temperature is on its way back to normal,” said Verde. “I'm so sorry for the confusion my friends thought you were trying to take me.” “We are so sorry for sucking you into our ship we just need the water for our planet.” “Yes we travel the galaxy collecting water. I think we will have to be more careful next time we get water.” “Yes,”I said. Ring,Ring. “Hello? Uty rak lat pcoiem jslejs,” said Dane's mom. “Queen Mom says maybe we can share our technology with you and maybe you could share your water with us.” Prince Dane listened. “I think that is a good idea,”said Captain Astro. “Snignu and Farfal would like to apologize to you.” “We are happy we have water to take home and that our ship is not damaged. As acting Captain we would like to accept the apology of Snignu and Farfal.” “Queen Mom and King Dad want the crew of the Hare Bounce to be guests of honor at a party for you,” he said. “We would love to celebrate,” I said. “Yes.” Said Nana. “I would love to celebrate with you.” Said Verde. “I have learned a great lesson from you bunnies. I know now that it is best to communicate or ask permission before taking something.” “We are happy we have communicated with you our new friends the Plutids.” I steered the Harebounce straight for Plutidville to celebrate with our new friends the Plutids!

Bunnies In Space  
Bunnies In Space  

Captain Astro and his bunny crew blast off in their ship the Harebounce. Commander Rock of BANG (Bunnies Against No Good) sends them on a mi...