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anthony_elia architecture portfolio

anthony elia philadelphia pa, 19128 (717)615-0004

about me anthony is a current third year architecture student at jefferson university who is interested in innovative applications of technology and experimenting with material representation outside of the digital world. he pursues the pushing of conceptual development into his projects just as much as the functional aspects of design.

education jefferson university (philadelphia university) sp ‘20

bachelor of architecture (expected) minor in sustainable design (expected)

fall ‘15 - fall ‘17 fall ‘18

dean’s list study abroad - rome,italy

lampeter-strasburg high school sp ‘15 fall ‘11 - sp ‘15

high school diploma high honors

experience AIAS fall ‘17 - sp ‘18

FBD development director

fall ‘16 - sp ‘18


proficiency photoshop illustrator indesign rhinoceros 3ds max

physical models v-ray photography german italian



architectural landscape studio - 4 weeks


ecological center

architectural landscape studio - 6 weeks


syrian cultural center

urban design studio - 7 weeks


holistic healthcare center tectonic studio - 3 weeks

protect the arts artist residency

topical design studio - 7 weeks

nature of cities urban transect theory

topical design studio - 3 weeks

other works undergraduate

01 02 03 04 05 06 00



playscape architectural landscape studio 4 weeks

operational abstraction

this project aims to encourage climbing and exploration by creating areas of active and passive play for children to explore. this is generated by a process of operations derived from site conditions. the project flows through the canopy having minimal effect on the large existing trees, prominent existing trees are highlighted in the design by either tethering around them or protruding through the array of geometries. outlook points are where a user can experience the view while up next to a tree high in the air. the user can explore through three layers by climbing through openings, laying in netting, where geometries are absent, climbing up where geometries have been peeled or exploring underneath all the canopies in the carve beneath.


local trees

exploded axon

peel by peeling geometries up or down, this creates a passage between levels for play to occur. these allow options of play that can be climbed on or through

extrude pushing out some geometries allow for hand and foot holds to increase ease of climbing in some areas where the form may get more difficult to traverse

south section

secure the addition of another tension cable lets there be a safety netting to follow the curve of the tensioned form. this provides a feature where a user can lay against the netting and view the park from a different perspective

west section



ecological center architectural landscape studio 6 weeks


fracture is an eco play center that educates visitors about the importance of geology, erosion and steps they can take to create a sustainable future. the concept comes from wissahickon schist which when eroded, fractures and chips away. this center protrudes from the ground, lifting up the roof plane and distorting the earth surrounding it as a broken stone. this concept shows through the program by fractured interior walls that force procession through the gallery. in section, the exhibition space breaks off and digs into the earth while the admin rises up with the roof plane. shifts of landscape rise up to meet the exterior walls, thus regulating temperature.


second level


ground level

longitudinal section


03 jali

syrian cultural center + residence urban design studio 7 weeks


site context

program division

the jali is a multi-use screening device that is used all throughout the middle east. abstracting these uses, i created my own vocabulary as to how a screen must react in specific conditions. by creating a unifying device that reacts specifically to its environment, there is continuity between each volume on the site. following certain rules of the jali means preserving the interior, screening harsh light, and blocking the publics views to the interior. vernacular design focuses on local peoples’ traditional design which would instill comfort for the refugees that occupy this space. cafe + gallery

screen axon


sun path division

street elevation

alley elevation



holistic health care center tectonic design studio 3 weeks

there are skills and practices that an individual can learn that make for healthy, balanced living all throughout life. however, not every adolescent has the same opportunities, and many of them develop without certain fundamental skills needed for everyday life. having a space designed to encourage healthy life practices during early adulthood can dramatically affect some students’ opportunities later in life, both physically and mentally. this design focuses on zoning developmental necessities, organized along the main circulation of the building with an established hierarchy of needs.

SELF ACTUALIZATION Achieving one’s full potential

ESTEEM NEEDS Accomplishment, feeling heard

BELONGINGNESS/LOVE NEEDS Intimate relationships, friendship

SAFETY NEEDS Security, safety

PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS Food, water, warmth, rest

spatial zoning

N 2



longitudinal section - 2

front elevation

front section - 1

roof monitor detail flashing

roof membrane

triple glazed assembly

vapor barrier


rigid insul.

gyp. wall board

metal decking

mounting bracket

weld plate

custom steel flange

wide flange bar joist


protect the arts artist in residence + maker space topical design studio 7 weeks

this program is an lgbtq focused artist residency. local artists who are looking for a place to live and experiment with their work would occupy the residences. they would take on an apprentice from the lgbtq community as part of their residency. the pocket park sinks beneath the sidewalk plane to separate from public traffic. while the cradle gesture protects the studio areas from the prying eyes of the public. the rising cradle follows the studios as they rise up the building, blocking views from the outside. once inside the envelope, an atrium allows the viewing into the tactile studios such as pottery and glassblowing.

bi-fold glass doors open the gallery space and cafe into the pocket park to expand interior volumes

the screen system covers the artists studios as to shield from the public eye, while allowing views once inside

sink pocket




cradle rises

13th locust





the second level houses residence information as shown in red and ceramics studio in green. once inside the atrium, tactile disciplines such as pottery, glass and painting are displayed, keeping with the studios being cradled by the shading device.


the fourth floor houses two workshops, the new technology and painting studios. this floor caps the atrium and ends the circulation path to the workshops. each shop and studio space utilizes a variance in the wall panel systems guided by the columns.







The wood shop + metal shop occupy the same space on two different floors, each accompanied by a studio space in the adjacent wing. these shops expand as they require more space for the machines they house.

7 10

the studio apartments start on the seventh floor where three apts occupy two levels then tiers to two apts to allow space for a roof garden. the structure becomes exposed as a pergola to compliment the top of the roof garden with a trellis





facade detail corrugated alum. rain screen 4” steel channel tie back steel cable low -e double glazing mullion assembly 7 ply clt panel 6” steel angle 8” glulam column


nature of cities urban transect theory topical design studio 3 weeks

philadelphia is a non-linear entity with continuously emerging inputs, contextualized by nodes of varying scales. rhizomatic nodes appear in areas of dense inputs. through growth and paths of social interaction, the physical feeds into the ephemeral atmosphere. the ecology of the rhizome can be broken down and applied to urban planning. macro - micro scale

dividing trenches

site context plan



other works year: 2016-2018 solo // group work

AGI glass competition the scholar device houses all a students cloud based information, much like signing into a desktop, and would be given upon signing in to use the space. The device attaches to any glass surface in the spaces and activates the display inside the selected panels. As soon as the device makes contact with the surface, it changes the electrified display to an opaque white to give privacy to the users, as in the central room where all surrounding panels would switch to opaque.

scholar device

interlocking table units

touch display a display activated by the scholar, this screen is central to the honeycomb and is its largest screen. in tandem with the holographic enabled table, this space is used for immersive education in all fields.

end connection stella double button articulating glass fin connection with added stabilizing silicone joint. geometry of form provides main structure with additional support generated by fins

half wall connection

single button connection with 4� aluminum grooved floor track. provides stabilization where the geometry can not hold the weight of the glass. dyed treatment of glass creates continuous band

HOK futures design competition

exploded museum axon






lighting pavilion - process



Spring 2018 Undergraduate Portfolio  

A collection of works from second and third year design studios

Spring 2018 Undergraduate Portfolio  

A collection of works from second and third year design studios