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Originally from Houston, Texas, Zack grew up in a musically talented home. At a very young age Zack learned the piano, and then the guitar...this is where he found his passion. His voice really is something special; simply by singing his songs, he makes you feel as if you’re along for the ride, a part of his plight...In a time when everything seems to sound the same, it’s great to see a young player with the ability to make going to see a live show special just by connecting with the audience.


OCTOBER 2, 2009

At the age of 17, Billings, Montana, native Hana Pestle traveled to Los Angeles to record her debut CD. After graduating high school and turning 18, Hana hasn’t stopped touring. She’s opened for Blues Traveler, Collective Soul, Live and Ingram Hill. With a raw live show that engages and impresses, Hana proves to crowds on a nightly basis that she needs nothing other than what her own two hands and voice can provide onstage.


NOVEMBER 6, 2009

Leah West is a Canadian-American singersongwriter who grew up in New Jersey, near New York City. One minute you’ll be moved to tears with her soft, ethereal ballads and the next you’ll be blown away and rockin’ to her upbeat tunes. Leah’s songs can be light and quirky, or deep, thought-provoking and soulful. Her voice is powerful, captivating and soaring with a hint of grit. People often tell her she left them with goosebumps.

DECEMBER 4, 2009


Shevy started taking piano lessons when she was 4 and continued (begrudgingly) throughout junior high. When she was 13, Shevy picked up a nylon string guitar in the basement of her grandma’s house. A far cry from the visions of Gibsons that danced in her head, it turned out to be enough to turn her on. A few years of lessons, a few hundred county fairs and rodeos, and a chance meeting with an amazing producer based out of New York led Shevy to the magic town that is Nashville, Tennessee.

FEBRUARY 5, 2010


The music of Derek James is described as “Mama Blushin’ Old-School Bubble Gum Rock that can energize any crowd.” Derek plays solo acoustic coffee houses, festivals, spring flings and full rock band shows. A grassroots performer, making crowds dance at outdoor festivals, clubs and everywhere in between he is spreading his music the old-fashioned way, one stage at a time.

MARCH 5, 2010


Singer / songwriter Natalie Gelman is quickly gaining acclaim and recognition for her music. Her passionate songs and voice have brought comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos and Jewel. Upon releasing her debut album, Natalie rollerbladed 1500 miles up the East Coast from Miami, Florida to NYC raising money for charity in concerts along the way. Currently, the NYC native is touring the country in support of her album as well as performing in the NYC subway.


APRIL 9, 2010

Kalai is urban vintage. The Hawaiian-born, Alaskan-raised 26-year-old is an old-shool young buck with do anything, anytime, at any level, musical talent. Besides being a lyrical BIGfoot, instrumentally this guy puts the “Z” in skillz. His music ranges from coast to coast with soft ballads, edgy blues, straight jazz, acid jazz, and yeah buddy, a little bit of his own thing. If Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Ben Harper, James Taylor, John Mayer, Bill Murray (Yes, the comedian.) and Béla Fleck had a baby it would surely be this guy! One might say you have to hear him to believe it, but chances are, even once you do, you won’t. Just Listen.

All performances are the first Friday of every month at 9:00pm. Located in the Common Grounds Coffeehouse in the University Union. For more information and to listen to these artists, please visit

09 - 10

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