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COMPANY BACKGROUNDER C O M PA N Y Vitria is the leading ebusiness platform provider. Our products and solutions enable companies to rapidly build and modify business relationships, automate and manage all core business processes and deliver customer-centric solutions. Vitria’s ebusiness platform, BusinessWare,® and the Vitria Business Network® allow companies to automate mission-critical business processes – like the fulfillment of product and service orders – by managing the flow of business information between internal IT systems and the IT systems of partners and customers. BusinessWare gives companies end-to-end visibility and control of key business processes across their extended enterprise, enabling them to improve the efficiency of their business operations, reduce time to market for new products and services, develop closer relationships with partners and customers, and rapidly respond to changing business conditions. To date, we have licensed BusinessWare to over 225 industry-leading customers in telecommunications, business services, manufacturing, and financial services industries. Vitria went public in September of 1999, and ended the year as the 11th best-performing IPO of 1999. Vitria is traded publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol VITR. Deloitte and Touche recently named Vitria the seventh fastest-growing software company in Silicon Valley, with five-year revenue growth of 11,284%. EBUSINESS MARKET Ebusiness fundamentally changes the speed and nature of business. Companies must move quickly to transform traditional “brick and mortar” business models into Internet-enabled ebusiness models. In the face of this transformation, customer demands are spiraling ever upward. They demand more choices, lower prices, faster deliveries, higher quality, and better service. In response to these demands, businesses are working closer than ever before with their partners and customers – using the Internet to form business communities that work together as a“virtual company” to satisfy customer requirements. I N N O VAT I V E


The Vitria solution provides the enabling technology platform and infrastructure to manage today’s businesses • IMPROVES EFFICIENCY.

Reduce cycle times, lower operating costs and increase customer satisfaction by automating, analyzing, and continuously improving key business processes.

REDUCES TIME TO MARKET. Automate the business processes required to bring new products and services to market.

CREATES CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS. Automate the exchange of information with partners and customers over the Internet.

ENABLES RAPID RESPOND TO CHANGE. Modify business processes in minutes simply by changing graphical “process models” in a point-and-click visual environment.

To conduct ebusiness in real time, companies must collaborate with partners and customers over the Internet using highly automated business processes that they can continuously analyze and rapidly change. This requires a software platform that addresses four key ebusiness requirements: 1. BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION. Business processes describe, step-by-step, how a company conducts business. For example, a company may define its order fulfillment process as follows: receive an order, allocate inventory, ship the product from a distribution partner, and bill the customer. Business processes define how information should flow across internal IT systems and across the Internet to the IT systems of partners and customers. In many companies today, this information flow is not automated, adding unnecessary time and cost that can cause significant competitive disadvantage. Companies need a way to model and automate business processes in order to reduce cycle times, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 2. B2B COMMUNICATIONS. As companies extend their business processes to include their partners and customers, they need a way to communicate business information across corporate networks and over the Internet in a secure and reliable fashion, using Internet standards such as XML and HTTP. 3. APPLICATION INTEGRATION. To automate business processes, companies must exchange information between IT systems that were never designed to share information with each other. For example, the fulfillment of customer orders might require that a company's order management, shipping and billing systems exchange data to ensure that the order is correctly

received, that requested products are shipped, and that the customer is appropriately billed. Companies need a way to automatically access information in any IT system and translate it into a standard format that can be shared with and understood by any other IT system. 4. REAL-TIME ANALYSIS. Business managers need to continuously monitor and analyze processes and key business metrics – such as late orders – to identify and respond to problems the moment they occur. Traditional decision support tools require information to be stored in a data warehouse before it can be analyzed. The resulting delay between information capture and subsequent analysis reduces a company's ability to respond to problems and opportunities in a timely manner. When business is conducted in “Internet time” this is unacceptable. Companies need a real-time analysis tool that allows them to analyze business information as soon as it is captured. Vitria has also pioneered and fostered the creation of “ecommunities” where a group of trading partners automate their intercompany business interactions. Vitria provides the tools and the expertise required to support these ecommunity participants as they link their business processes and applications over the Internet in an automatic and intelligent fashion. The result is automatic, system-to-system exchange of business information and transactions in real-time. The Vitria Business Network enables ecommunities to connect to richer network of communities and services including: •

Emerging trading exchanges and hubs where they can identify new trading partners and collaborate with them;

Internet-based business service providers that can enable a greater and richer range of transactions with trading partners in areas such as real-time credit check, electronic bill presentment and payment, and logistic services;

Application service providers who can host business applications for the community.

The Vitria Business Network provides the enabling technology platform and the infrastructure services that accelerate partnerships and simplify the formation of new hubs and exchanges into online markets that support electronic collaboration within and across industries. CUSTOMERS Vitria has customers in multiple industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, and energy. Customers include 3Com, American Century, Applicast, BP, BellSouth, Cablevision, Covad, Dana Corporation, Deutsche Bank, FedEx, Galaxy Latin America/Direct TV, Genuity, ICG Communications, KLA-Tencor, Lend Lease, Marex,, NorthPoint, Qwest, Reynolds and Reynolds, SBC, Southern California Edison, ShipLogix, SingTel, Telstra, Trans Union,, Verizon, WebLink Wireless and Wellogix. PA RT N E R S Vitria has developed close partnerships with major system integrators, value-added resellers and complementary technology partners such as Accenture, CTA, Clarify, Cygent, DMR Consulting, EDS, Inventa, KPMG, MetaSolv, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft/Vantive, Portal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Primix, Quintessent, SAP, Sapient, Siebel and Sierra Systems. MANAGEMENT Vitria’s management team has extensive experience in building world-class software companies. Red Herring named JoMei Chang a top ten entrepreneur of the year in 1998, and awarded Vitria’s best management team for 1999. Key members of the Vitria management team include: JoMei Chang, Ph.D. Founder, President and CEO. Previously co-founded Tibco. Dale Skeen, Ph.D. Founder and CTO. Previously co-founded Tibco. • Jay Shiveley, SVP, Worldwide Sales. Previously held executive sales positions at Forte and Oracle. • Frank Yu, VP, Engineering. Previously held executive engineering positions at Walker and Cadence. • Paul Auvil, CFO. Previously held executive management positions at VLSI. • Ed Sweeney, VP, Human Services. Previously held executive management positions at National Semiconductor. • Mark Hill, Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development • Pete Daffern, VP of Worldwide Alliances • •



Vitria Corporate Headquarters 945 Stewart Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Phone: (408) 212-2700 Fax: (408)212-2720

Visit the company's Web site at, or send email to

Vitria has over 30 locations, throughout North America, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Vitria,® BusinessWare,® Vitria Business Network™ and VBN™ are trademarks of Vitria Technology, Inc. All other names may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.


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