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Advertise in Ace B2B and Sell More Products!

Vol. 1, No. 1 • SpriN g 2009



• Contractors • Property managers • Churches • Schools


The Ace B2B program focuses on helping Ace retailers sell products to four primary customer segments:

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PeRmiT No. 417

Ace B2B magazine is the premiere communication tool for Ace retailers interested in expanding their B-to-B sales. This magazine provides them with selling tips, product information and business-to-business retail success stories.

G et p r a is e s fr o m Your

Lebanon Junction,

Now you can support Ace’s new business-to-business program and reach out to Ace’s dealer network with information about your product!

inside: 10 Tips for Wooing Property Managers A Chicago success sto ry Outside sales dos and don’ts

Ace B2B magazine will put your product and brand in front of the most successful and influential network of retailers in the industry! Ace B2B magazine is published twice annually in advance of Ace’s Buying Markets so readers will be primed and ready to place their orders! Here’s how to take advantage of this valuable opportunity:

Advertise in Ace B2B magazine, the official publication of Ace Hardware’s new Business-to-Business program, and reach its 4,500 members nationwide.

Complete and return the space reservation form below by mail, fax or e-mail: 1. Fax this form to (317) 275-9403 Attn: Freda Creech 2. Call or e-mail your sales rep 3. Mail to Ace B2B magazine, 6325 Digital Way #300, Indianapolis, IN 46278

Space reservation form

Yes! q Full Page

I want to advertise in Ace B2B magazine. q Fall 2009 q Spring 2010 q Half Page

q Quarter Page

Company Name_________________________________________ Contact Name_ _________________________________________ Address_ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone_________________________________________________ Fax_ __________________________________________________ Signature_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ q Please Contact Me About Possible Editorial Opportunities

B2B Businesstobusiness

Advertising Rates Number of issues Two Page Spread Full Page Half Page Quarter Page

1x $9,500 $5,200 $3,200 $2,100

2x $8,000 $4,200 $2,950 $1,600

Product Knowledge: Two-page insert; display ad on one side, product knowledge story on opposite side. Price $6,500.

Ad Sales & Insertion Orders: Freda Creech Sales & Marketing Coordinator 6325 Digital Way #300 Indianapolis, IN 46278 (317) 275-9428 (317) 275-9403 fax

ISSUE CLOSING DATES Ace B2B magazine prints twice per year with the following closing dates:


Closing Date

Fall 2009

Sept. 1, 2009

Spring 2010

Feb. 1, 2010

advertising rates and Digital media Specifications AD MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS Ad material may be submitted as Quark Xpress 6.5; Adobe InDesign CS3, Photoshop CS3 TIFF or EPS file; Illustrator CS3 eps file or Hi-res (300 dpi) PDF file format. All Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator files need to be saved as 300 dpi TIFF or EPS files. Convert fonts to outlines and embed images. Flatten Layers. Specifications are given below for each option. QUARK XPRESS & INDESIGN FILES All files must be Mac formatted, and collected for output. Include all fonts used in files, including fonts used in EPS embedded images. Ads should be set up for 4/C process printing. All images are to be in CMYK mode, saved as EPS or TIFF format. Images must be CMYK, high resolution (300 dpi for CMYK and grayscale images and 600 dpi for line art). RGB and JPEG files are not acceptable. PLEASE NOTE: Any ads submitted in other digital formats, artwork or paste-ups may be charged additionally to convert to acceptable formats. Please call for details before submitting materials. Film is not acceptable. PDF FILES Advertising materials may be submitted as PDF (PDF X-1) files. General specifications are outlined here. • Supply single-page files only. • All fonts must be properly embedded. Do not “menu-style” fonts. • All images must be CMYK. Never use RGB or Lab color. Do not save using jpeg compression. • All component files and resources (linked EPS and TIFF images) must be embedded. Embedded raster files must be in composite TIFF or EPS format. Do not nest EPS files within EPS files. • Build all pages to trim size, and extend the bleed 1/8" beyond the document page. • Leave a safety margin of 1/4" for type and other elements not intended to bleed the page. • Output with crop and registration marks centered. Set bleed to 0.125. Quark Files: Offset: 6 • Paper Size: Custom Paper Width: 10" • Paper Height: Automatic Page Position: Center Horizontal

InDesign Files: Offset: 0.0833 • Paper Size: Custom • Paper Width: 10" • Paper Height: 12" • Page Position: Centered • Do not use the “Save page as PDF” feature of your page layout program. Always print PostScript to disk and refine to PDF using Distiller.

Trim size: 8" x 10.75" Bleed Sizes: Includes 1/8" bleed all 4 sides Ad Size


Full page* Half page (Horizontal) Half page (Horizontal Spread)

8.25" 8.25" 16.25"


H 11" 5.5" 5.5"

Non-Bleed Sizes Ad Size Full page* Half page (Horizontal) Half page (Island) Half page (Vertical) Quarter page

W x H 7" 10" 7" 4.875" 4.5" 7.5" 3.375" 10" 3.375" 4.875"

* Please Note: Documents for full page ads, bleed and non-bleed, must be set to 8" x 10.75", extend bleed 1/8". A 1/4" safety area from trim is recommended for live matter. Spreads are to be set up as two 8" x 10.75" pages side by side. Allow 1/4” safety on both sides of gutter for copy that flows across gutter. Do not set document to bleed size.

Send all advertising materials to:

Ace B2B Attn: Nancy Vondersaar 6325 Digital Way #300 Indianapolis, IN 46278 (317) 275-9408 e-mail: ftp information: username: nrha3 password: DBa6zR Navigate into the “nrha3” folder and place ad into the “Ace B2B” folder. If you are using a Mac, you will need to use fetch and only use “” as the host name.

Act NOw! call your regional sales manager today! MIDWEST





TONY SARANTAKIS 1404 Afton Circle Barrington, IL 60010 p. (847) 934-9515 f. (847) 934-2494 e.

GREG COLE 6325 Digital Way #300 Indianapolis, IN 46278-1679 p. (317) 275-9420 p. (317) 650-0008 Cell f. (317) 275-9403 e.

Lowell Huffman 6325 Digital Way #300 Indianapolis, IN 46278-1679 p. (317) 275-9422 p. (765) 541-0785 Cell f. (317) 275-9406 e.

Karen Swaynie 6325 Digital Way #300 Indianapolis, IN 46278-1679 p. (317) 275-9437 p. (317) 437-5923 Cell f. (317) 275-9403 e.

Beverly Allen 360 Dupont St., Toronto, Canada M5R 1V9 p. (416) 489-3396 f. (416) 489-6154 e.

Ace B2B Magazine Sell Sheet  
Ace B2B Magazine Sell Sheet  

Ace B2B magazine sell sheet.