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Now pull up your sleeve and become the member of Indo Rummy tournament squad!

All that a person needs to do is to register him for the tournament.

A newly launched website is Indo Rummy which has carved its niche in the hearts of the rummy enthusiasts.

The website is determined to be the best website that offers the game of Indian Rummy.

The game of rummy that the players get to enjoy at Indo Rummy is 13 cards Indian rummy where the player will have to form sets and runs using the cards by proper and wise decision of taking in and discarding the cards.

The website has launched its specially tailored tournament which will feature the game in 101 pool rummy format.

A player will have to go through multi tables and emerge victorious in each and every game.

The elimination of players will be in terms of knock out basis.

The player scoring the highest number of scores will be eliminated from the tournament.

The player with the least score will advance to the next round. Multi tournaments will have to be played by a single player for him to emerge as the winner.

The qualities those are necessary for a rummy player is that he must have sound knowledge about the working of the games.

The player must possess a high level of reasoning.

The player's mental strength and capability to make wise decisions comes handy while playing the game of Indian rummy game.

If you are among the lucky persons playing the tournament then I assure you that the adrenaline rush that you are going to experience will be very high.

The tournament of Indo Rummy Game bears a cash prize of Rs. 10, 00, 000. Is 10 Lakhs a small amount! I think it is not.

And your thinking is alike as mine then it's the time for you to quickly register for the tournament.

The tournament game is same as that of the ordinary game the only astonishment is that the game will bring large number of players together at one single place and at one single time.

The tournament is scheduled on 15th of august, 2014 and will commence sharply at 9.00 pm IST.

Here at Indo Rummy the players are always benefited. The website strives in the well being of the players.

If you are in search for a shelter to cater your rummy needs, then Indo Rummy is the one and only place for you.

Play Rummy Game, Win Cash is the slogan for the tournament and which holds the reality.

What a feeling it might be if you can earn Rs. 10 Lakhs just by few clicks.


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Now pull up your sleeve and become the member of indorummy tournament squad!