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The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) of Minnesota proudly presents

Registration Brochure August 3-7


SUMMER SUM A choral workshop for choral directors, music teachers, and voice instructors of all teaching levels DIALOGUE 25 DIAL St. Olaf College, Northfield MN

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

Welcome To Our 26th Anniversary Summer Dialogue! For twenty six years, Summer Dialogue has brought together hundreds of ACDA-MN members to a very unique and special professional development conference. Directors of every age group and performance level have gathered to be engaged in “dialogue” as they encounter and are exposed to new learnings, all in a supportive and nurturing environment. Each year, Dialogue continues to be developed as an opportunity to personally connect with clinicians and fellow members at a time of year when we aren’t so busy that we can’t think straight! The result: a relaxed atmosphere, an openness between people, a willingness to share and listen – and play! Brian Stubbs

The 2011 Dialogue program has been creatively planned to give directors at all teaching levels the opportunity to think deeply, recharge your batteries, and get organized for the coming school year. Here are some of the highlights being prepared for you:

Outstanding reading sessions will provide a huge and practical resource of “new” plus “tried and true” titles for all voices at all levels. For all church musicians, a special (pre-Dialogue) Tuesday morning reading session focused on choral music for worship. Internationally recognized clinician Mary Goetze will share useful thoughts, approaches and repertoire suitable for elementary music classrooms and children’s choirs. All-State Choir directors Geoffrey Boers, Sandra Snow and Axel Theimer will present new perspectives in sessions related to the art of conducting, tone production and vocal blend. ACDA-MN member Steven Hoemberg will share success stories with middle school singers in sight-reading methods and procedures, along with practical ideas of dealing with boys’ changing voices.

Dione Peterson, formerly of South Dakota, will share the personal and professional story of the landmark national court case dealing with the programming of sacred repertoire in the public schools. Angela Broeker will return to Dialogue this year as the resident conductor of the Directors’ Chorus and will collaborate with Mary Goetze in offering a unique perspective on multi-cultural choral music. We are thrilled to program a unique first-time collaboration with the Minnesota State High School League and clinicians Carl Lipke and Bruce Phelps, as they offer training and certification to choral directors who wish to be music contest adjudicators. And...for the first time in Dialogue history, we have secured the interest and support of businesses in the music industry for a fabulous one-day Exhibits Fair featuring twenty exhibitors! As you can see, the week will be jam packed with incredible opportunities for personal growth and professional development. So, click open the rest of this registration brochure and be amazed at the time will we share with each other this coming August. Clear your calendars and make plans to attend Summer Dialogue on the beautiful campus of St. Olaf College in Northfield. This week of connection and ideas will have a positive impact on your entire year! Brian Stubbs, Conference and Program Chair

Accolades has been custom designing international tours for music ensembles for over 25 years Specializing in choral performance tours to Korea Diana J. Leland, Group Tour Specialist


Minneapolis, MN

ACDA of Minnesota – The choral director’s source for ongoing and engaging professional development Our Mission – To support and inspire a community of choral musicians

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

featured headliner Mary Goetze, Professor Emerita of Music Jacobs School of Music • University of Indiana, Bloomington IN As a music educator committed to multiculturalism, teacher education and children’s singing, Mary Goetze continues to challenge the profession to promote cultural understanding through the way musics are presented and performed. An internationally and nationally recognized clinician, author and conductor, she educated teachers about children’s voices, and through her synthesis of research, music composition and teaching practice, she has paved the way for the resurgence of children’s choirs across the country. Since 2007, as Professor Emerita of Music at the Indiana University School of Music, Dr. Goetze founded the International Vocal Ensemble and the Indiana University Children’s Choir. In addition, she continues to compose for choral groups, write articles and books, and travel to present lectures, workshops, and conduct honor choirs. She holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Indiana University, and the University of Colorado. Her dissertation, titled “Factors Affecting Accuracy in Children’s Singing,” was named Outstanding Dissertation of 1985 by the Music Educators National Conference and Council for Research in Music Education. “Mary Goetze offers music and music situations which delight, challenge, teach and inspire children ‘of all ages,’ with whom she has an unmistakable affinity and solidarity.” The Choral Journal

Session One: Holding Onto School Choirs: A Round Table on Today’s Challenges of Choirs in ­Elementary ­Schools

Let’s put our heads together to consider creative ways to maintain opportunities to provide children with meaningful musicmaking experiences within school settings in light of today’s economic challenges.

Session Two: The Choral Rehearsal: A Perfect Setting for a MUSICAL Education

Musicianship, artistry and a love of music – the intellectual, creative and emotional aspects of choral work – can be nurtured through the approach we take to presenting music to singers in rehearsals as well as performances. This session will focus on warm-ups and strategies for teaching songs that, coincidentally, contribute to our singers’ musical development. Repertoire appropriate for children’s voices will be presented.

These sessions and the appearance of clinician Mary ­Goetze is sponsored by JW Pepper

DIRECTORS’ CHORUS CONDUCTOR Angela Broeker, Director of Choral Activities

University of St. Thomas, St. Paul MN In addition to her responsibilities at UST, Dr. Broeker is a national clinician specializing in treble choirs. She presents for state, regional and national conferences for the Music Educators National Conference, American Choral Directors Association and the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. Her honor choir and all-state guest conducting work has taken her to thirteen states, including the 2010-11 Minnesota All-State Mixed Choir. She conducted the National OAKE Children’s Honor Choir in 1999, 2003 and 2008, while conducting the ACDA regional honor choir for the North Central and Central Divisions in 2002 and 1996. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Broeker has accepted our invitation to conduct the 2011 ACDA-MN State 4-5-6 Children’s Honor Choir. Directors’ Chorus Concert for All-State Choir Students Thursday, August 4, 4:30-5:15 pm Boe Memorial Chapel

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University of Washington, Seattle WA As the Mary K. Shepman Endowed Professor of Music, Dr. Boers supervises a choral program that includes twenty graduate-level choral directors, as well as nine ensembles conducted by five faculty with nearly 600 students participating. He conducts the UW Chamber Singers, the university’s premier ensemble of graduate and advanced singers. His focus with conductors and choirs is building communication through gesture and expressivity, and building community within the ensemble. He continues to explore connections between breath and spirit in disciplines as far reaching as Yoga, Tai Chi and world faith systems. This study is leading to evolving thought of gesture as it relates to breath, evocation of sound and touching the heart.

Session: Transformational Conducting: Building Empathy in Gesture and Rehearsal

This session will explore and unpack the personal connections that can be made to understanding the thinking, science, gesture and process to invite transformation in our musical lives every day. Scientists are calling the recent discovery of mirror neurons as the next leap forward – akin to the discovery of DNA! We will explore the implications of this science as we play with gesture and experience that encourages this mindset and the possibility for daily transformation.

Sandra Snow, Womens’ Choir

Michigan State University, East Lansing MI As conductor, teacher and scholar, Sandra Snow’s work spans a wide variety of ages and abilities. At the MSU College of Music, she interacts with undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of conducting, choral pedagogy and choral singing. She conducts the MSU Womens’ Chamber Ensemble, a group that has appeared at both the divisional and national ACDA conferences. She has made guest conducting appearances with several all-state choirs, and the 2010 Southern Division Children’s Honor Choir, along with serving as headline clinician at various ACDA conferences, including the 2011 national ACDA conference. Snow is the author of the DVD “Conducting-Teaching: Real World Strategies for Success,” a resource for conductor-teachers at all levels of teaching.

Session: Singing With Intention: Bringing Vitality to Choral Tone Through Articulation and Diction

Using the All-State Women’s Choir SSAA repertoire, this session will be a hands-on, practical approach to bringing beauty and vitality to choral tone. Issues addressed will include articulation, diction, vowel modifications, and impact of gesture upon sound.

Axel Theimer, Mens’ Choir

College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, Collegeville MN Beginning his 42nd year in teaching, Dr. Theimer is a conductor, composer, singer and professor at CSB/SJU where he conducts the Chamber Choir and Mens’ Chorus. He is an acknowledged expert of the healthy vocal production for solo and choral singing, and the effect of conducting gesture on vocalists and instrumentalists. His choirs are known and praised for their particularly warm, natural, expressive and efficient sound. In addition to his duties at CSB/SJU, he is the founding director of Kantorei, a professional choir specializing in 19th-20th century a cappella music from central Europe. Theimer has conducted all-state choirs, choral festivals and honor choirs throughout the United States, Canada and Asia, and has presented master classes, workshops and seminars for state, regional and national music conferences, including ADCA, MENC, MMEA and NPM. As Executive Director for the VoiceCare Network, his annual Impact Course has attracted choir directors, classroom teachers, singers and others interested in the human voice and human compatible learning/teaching from around the world.

Session: The Perfect Blend: Uniformity With Individual Personality

We will explore thoughts, suggestions and strategies regarding how to take a group of individual singers and make them sound ‘as one,’ without taking away their personality. We work on maintaining vocal integrity and health as we look for that (elusive?) ‘perfect ensemble sound.’ The session will include singers from the All-State Men’s Choir.

“I enjoyed the information on conducting.”

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presenters and clinicians

Steven ­Albaugh

Bruce W. Becker

Mary Kay ­Geston

Steven ­Hoemberg

Leigh ­Kallestad

Steven Albaugh, President, ACDA of Minnesota Session: State of the State Membership Meeting

Come and hear first hand about the exciting events and activities that you and your singers will encounter with ACDAMN in 2011-12! Over recent years, this session has been well received and will be expanded at this summer’s event.

Bruce W. Becker, Executive Director, ACDA of Minnesota Session: New On-Line Audition Registration for 2011-12 Honor Choirs

ACDA-MN is joining the growing list of states and divisions within ACDA that will be moving to a new on-line honor choir audition registration program. Developed, tested and successfully used for the 2011 ACDA National Honor Choir auditions, users will see first hand the ease and time-saving aspect of registering and downloading your honor choir auditions on-line. No more mailing audition CDs, registration forms, and the check-processing hassle! As ACDAMN Honor Choir Co-Coordinator, Bruce will demonstrate the new program.

Mary Kay Geston, Chair, 50th Anniversary Task Force Session: A Golden Anniversary Showcase

The year 2011-12 has been designated as the year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ACDA-MN. Mary Kay Geston will reveal the exciting plans that are being developed to commemorate this milestone event in our organization!

Steven Hoemberg, Choral Director, Staples-Motley schools Session One: Boys to Men: A Remarkable Middle School Transformation!

This session will identify what is happening to boys’ voices and what to do about it. We will explore the passion behind the process, and provide applicable ideas into the selection of appropriate repertoire for boys’ changing voices at the middle school level.

Session Two: Strategies for Making Sight Singing Simple and Relevant

This session will explore the process of laying down a successful foundation to teaching sight singing. Of primary focus will be the use of innovative and relevant sight-singing strategies at the middle school level, although application can be made with other levels of teaching. Specific focus will be in the student’s personal development using the language of sol-feg and its effect upon the emerging independent sight singer.

Leigh Kallestad, Clinician, Make Music Inc. Session: NEW SmartMusic 2012 Vocal Assessment and Repertoire

Make Music Inc of Eden Prairie MN has recently developed a new series of programs to enhance choral musical training in the rehearsal hall. Come to this session to experience SmartMusic 2012’s new vocal features firsthand. This clinic will introduce our NEW SmartMusic vocal assessment books and sightreading books as well as warm-up exercises created specifically for voice. Import any MP3 into SmartMusic and change key or tempo or use Finale 2012 to create your own vocal assessment files. Bring your voice and ears and check it out!

“Once again, thank you for another chance to dialogue with fellow conductors.”

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presenters and clinicians

Carl lipke

Bruce Phelps

dione ­peterson

Susan ­Gilsdorf

judy sagan

Kari ­Werdahl

Michael Skaar

Thomas D. ­Rossin

Carl Lipke, Facilitator, Minnesota State High School League Bruce Phelps, Clinician, Minnesota State High School League Session: MSHSL Vocal Judging Certification Workshop

For the first time in the twenty-six-year history of Summer Dialogue, and as a convenience to our membership, ACDA-MN is collaborating with the Minnesota State High School League in offering training to receive certification or re-certification as a vocal judge. This session will equip both novice and veteran music educators to become skilled in adjudicating student vocalists in MSHSL-sponsored music contests. Join ACDA-MN veteran members Carl and Bruce as they skillfully guide you through the training. NOTE: Participants in this workshop must have completed at least three years of teaching music to receive certification. Dialogue registrants with less than three years of teaching experience are invited to audit the session.

Dione Peterson, Choral Director, Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, Faribault Session: Sacred Music in the Public Schools

As a former junior and senior high school choral director and music supervisor in the Sioux Falls SD public school system, Dione and her vocal music colleagues were personally involved in the events surrounding a parent’s challenge to the use of sacred music in a public school music classroom during the late 1970s. The ensuing controversy resulted in the landmark ruling by the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of “Florey vs. Sioux Falls School District (1980).” As choral directors in an ever-changing and expanding cultural demographic, registrants will hear Dione’s unique perspective as it applies to the 21st century Minnesota choral music classroom.

Follow-up Session: Panel Discussion – Sacred Music in the Public Schools: Current Resources, Practices and Program Suggestions Presenters: Brian Stubbs (moderator), Susan Gilsdorf, Judy Sagen, Kari Werdahl

What are some of the effective practices used in choral music programs that reflect an understanding and appreciation for diverse classroom cultures when performing sacred music? How have these practices evolved over time? What implications do they have for students and communities? What are the further implications for our choral music programs? What are the resources available to choral music educators and administrators as they craft enlightened responses that serve to inform their constituencies? These are but a few of the questions that will be addressed in a panel discussion format.

Michael Skaar, Falcon Ridge Middle School, Apple Valley MN ACDA-MN State 7-8 Boys’ Honor Choir Co-Chair

Session: Digital Audition Recording/Assessment Made Easy: You Can Do It…I Can Help!

This session will equip directors to learn easy and effective recording techniques that can be directly applied to honor choir auditions or classroom assessments. Demonstrations will feature free software already available on your computer (Audacity, GarageBand, Smart Music, etc.) As an honor choir co-chair and as a member of numerous listening/ selection teams, Michael’s unique perspective offers directors practical ideas for improving the quality and consistency of audition recordings.

Thomas D. Rossin, ACDA-MN Webmaster Session: Browsing the ‘Best State Website in the Nation’

See what the entire country is buzzing about ACDA-MN’s award-winning website! Join Webmaster Tom Rossin as he takes you on a personal guided tour of the unique and fascinating features of the ACDA-MN website. As ACDAMN launches its golden annversary celebration, learn about the added HISTORY section and ideas for future creative resource development.

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at


Plan your entire church choir season by attending the pre-Dialogue reading session (‘New’ plus ‘Tried & True’) on Tuesday, August 2, beginning at 10:30 am. Repertoire will be personally selected by the Summer Dialogue Repertoire Selection Committee and will be presented for choirs of multiple ability and voicing levels.


Reading packets this year will include both new titles and, for the first time, “tried and true” selections. Multiple sessions for treble, male, and mixed voices of all ability levels (children, middle level, high school, college, community) will be scheduled throughout the week. Two sessions for treble voices (including children) – all ability levels Two sessions for male voices – all ability levels Three sessions for mixed voices (including SAB) – all ability levels Note: Free reading packets are guaranteed for the first 200 registrants. Remaining packets will be available for daily registrants as supplies last.


For the first time, we have scheduled a three-hour Exhibits Fair during Summer Dialogue week to be held on Wednesday, August 3, from 11:30 to 2:30 pm. Meet, greet and make professional contacts with music industry representatives such as music suppliers, composers, independent publishers, professional recordings, fundraising and tour companies, music equipment and performing attire, all located on the lower-level “Crossroads” of St. Olaf’s Buntrock Student Commons. Accolades International Tours for the Arts – Minneapolis JW Pepper and Son, Inc – Edina Cantus – Minneapolis Minnesota Opera – Minneapolis Collegiate Cap and Gown – Minneapolis Music Barn – Minnetonka Concert and Study Tours – Vadnais Heights Music Connection – Forest Lake/Edina Entertainment Extreme Fund Raising – Minneapolis Performance Tours – Minneapolis Gateway Tours – Monticello Popplers Music Inc – Grand Forks ND Grand Tours – Minneapolis Spartan Promotional Group – Oakdale Graphite Publishing – Minneapolis Sunshine Travel Company – Burnsville Heartland Concert Artists – Plymouth Varsity Photo and Awards – Burnsville Hi-Note Fundraising Company – Minneapolis Wenger Corporation – Owatonna Independent Music Publishers Cooperative – Twin Cities


For the first time in the twenty-six-year history of Summer Dialogue, and as a convenience to our membership, ACDA-MN is collaborating with the Minnesota State High School League in offering training to receive certification or re-certification as a vocal judge. This session will equip both novice and veteran music educators to become skilled in adjudicating student vocalists in MSHSL-sponsored music contests. Join ACDA-MN veteran members Carl and Bruce as they skillfully guide you through the training.


Following a complimentary continental breakfast, join your ACDA-MN colleagues and friends each morning for a fifteen-minute session focusing on the “gems” of choral literature for multiple voice and ability levels. Three pieces presented each morning at 8:45 am…don’t miss it!


The year 2011-12 has been designated as the official year observing ACDA-MN’s 50th anniversary. Hear about the exciting and amazing plans for the year-long celebration of events as planned by a special ACDA-MN and FMC Endowment Fund Committee 50th Anniversary Task Force. Task Force Chair and Past President Mary Kay Geston will present the highlights of our golden year!


Special “Retired” daily or weekly registration rates. Check out the Registration Form on page 17.


Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at


Since the summer of 1991, Groth Music Inc. of Bloomington has supplied Summer Dialogue registrants with reading packets hand selected by Groth Music staff member Mark Johnson and our ACDA-MN Repertoire Selection Committee. Celebrating this supportive collaboration with ACDA-MN, Mark and long-time choral department colleague Brad Brandt will again be on site the entire week to process your music orders at a special 20% Summer Dialogue discount. Bring your checkbooks, credit cards, or school purchase order numbers! Save a chunk of change when you place your order for the year!


On Tuesday early evening outside the Buntrock Commons building, overlooking the beautiful St. Olaf College greenscape, all Dialogue registrants will be treated to a FREE All-American picnic buffet supper. Come renew and build new collegial relationships as you enjoy all your summer picnic favorites: burgers, brats, hot dogs, beans, potato chips, cole slaw, condiments, assorted cookies and beverages.

Evening Afterglows on Historic Division Street, Downtown Northfield Following the exhilarating days of singing and learning together, take some time to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings on the banks of the Cannon River in downtown Northfield. Enjoy good friends, good food, fellowship and lasting memories each evening at the #1 rated afterglow location in 2010…the Contented Cow!

Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday The Contented Cow 302B Division Street

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at


AWARDS & RECOGNITION BANQUET FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 LEGENDS GOLF CLUB • PRIOR LAKE MN Cap off the week in grand style as we caravan to nearby Prior Lake and the beautiful picturesque country setting of The Legends Golf Club, site of the Awards & Recognition Banquet. In addition to a sumptuous buffet, we will honor the following individuals:

Judy Sagen

Mark Potvin

Tom Hale

Mark ­Howarth

Thomas ­Hassig

Brad Brandt

Judy Sagen, as she completes her final year on the ACDA-MN Board of Directors and begins her official status as Past President. Mark Potvin, as he completes his service as Editor of Star of the North, and as we celebrate the 2011 receipt of two national awards for excellence in editing our state newsletter.

Tom Hale, as he completes six years as Webmaster for ACDA-MN and as we also celebrate the 2011 receipt of the very first “Best Website in the Nation Award” from ACDA National.

Mark Howarth, as he completes his tenure as our ACDA-MN Registrar. You have seen him at every Summer Dialogue and State Conference for nine years – a modern day record!

Thomas Hassig, who will be resigning his position as Coordinator of the Men’s/Women’s Choral Festival this coming fall, has faithfully served our organization in this capacity for ten years – another modern day record!

Brad Brandt, who will receive a “Special Award” from ACDA-MN for his extraordinary support and service to our organization and membership as a long-term staff member of the choral music department at Groth Music Inc. Note: This award has been presented on only two other occasions, once in 1988 and once in 1994.

ACE (Advocate for Choral Excellence) Award will be presented for the fourth year to six individuals

representing each geographic district of our state who have made a significant contribution and difference in the choral community in which they reside. The recipients are selected by each ACDA-MN District Chair.

A buffet menu will be expertly prepared and will include:

Chicken Marsalla

Mixed Salad Greens with Assorted Dressings

Marinated Grilled Bistro Steak

Pasta Salad with Juliene Vegetables with Lime Vinaigrette

Au Gratin Potatoes

Dinner Rolls, Butter

Fresh Steamed Asparagus Tips

Dessert, Soda, Coffee

“The Directors’ Chorus is such a highlight experience for me.”


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Remember a Loved One • Honor a Mentor • Acknowledge a Friend A gift to the F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund is a lasting way to remember or honor loved ones, musical mentors, friends, or colleagues. Your contribution will help sustain the distinguished legacy of exemplary choral music in Minnesota.

A Special Gift...A Lasting Legacy Plan a special gift that will make a difference for many years to come. Designate the F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your will or trust. The following statement will ensure that your gift is appropriately directed: I bequeath ____% of my estate (or a specific fund) to the FMC Endowment Fund of the American Choral Directors Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation located at 12027 Gantry Lane, Apple Valley MN 55124. A bequest and estate planning form is available at: For further information contact: Diana J. Leland, Director of Development, 612.861.5071,

Our Legacy: A Distinguished Past...A Vibrant Future

SUMMER DIALOGUE DAILY SCHEDULE All sessions located in the Gold/Sun Ballroom, 3rd floor level in the Buntrock Commons (Schedule is subject to change)

TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 10:00 am Registration Opens/Graduate Credit Registration 10:30-11:45 am “Pre-Dialogue” Worship and Music Reading Session 11:45-12:45 pm Lunch 12:55 pm Welcome to Summer Dialogue – Brian Stubbs, Dialogue Chair 1:00-1:50 pm Presentation: Sacred Music in the Public Schools – Dione Peterson 1:50-2:00 pm ACDA-MN Live Update – Opening Comments 2:00-2:50 pm Presentation: Panel Discussion: Sacred Music in the Public Schools Current Resources, Practices and Program Suggestions Brian Stubbs (moderator), Susan Gildorf, Judy Sagen, Kari Werdahl 2:50-3:00 pm Break 3:00-4:45 pm Rehearsal: Directors’ Chorus – Angie Broeker, director 5:00-6:30 pm Free Picnic Supper on the Plaza 6:30-7:20 pm Reading Session: Mixed Voices (A) 7:30-9:00 pm Observation: All-State Choir Rehearsal Mixed Choir – Orchestra Room 140, Christiansen Hall of Music Mens’ Choir – Choir Room 233, Christiansen Hall of Music Womens’ Choir – Band Room 138, Christiansen Hall of Music 7:30-8:00 pm Presentation: Browsing the Best State Website in the Nation – Tom Rossin, Webmaster 8:00-8:30 pm Presentation: Digital Audition Recording Made Easy – Michael Skaar, Honor Choir Co-Chair 8:30-9:00 pm Presentation: New On-Line Audition Procedures for Honor Choirs – Bruce Becker 9:30 pm Afterglow – Contented Cow

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3 8:00-8:45 am Continental Breakfast 8:15 am Registration Opens 8:45-9:00 am Rise and Sing! Literature Gems That Shine! 9:00-9:50 am Presentation: Transformational Conducting: Building Empathy in Gesture and Rehearsal Geoffrey Boers, conductor, All-State Mixed Choir 9:50-10:00 am Break 10:00-11:30 am Rehearsal: Directors’ Chorus – Angie Broeker, director 11:30-12:00 noon Lunch 11:30-2:30 pm Exhibits Fair – Buntrock Commons Crossroads 2:30-3:30 pm Presentation: Holding Onto School Choirs: A Round Table on Today’s Challenges of Choirs in Elementary Schools – Mary Goetze 3:30-3:40 pm ACDA-MN Live Update 3:40-5:10 pm Rehearsal: Directors’ Chorus – Angie Broeker, director 5:15-7:00 pm Dinner 7:00-7:50 pm Reading Session: Treble Voices (A) 7:50-9:20 pm Presentation: The Choral Rehearsal: A Perfect Setting for a MUSICAL Education – Mary Goetze 9:30 pm Afterglow – Contented Cow

“I can’t wait for my students to see what I have planned for them this year.”


Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

SUMMER DIALOGUE DAILY SCHEDULE THURSDAY, AUGUST 4 8:00-8:45 am Continental Breakfast 8:15 am Registration Opens 8:45-9:00 am Rise and Sing! Literature Gems That Shine! 9:00-9:50 am Presentation: Singing with Intention: Bringing Vitality to Choral Tone through Articulation and Diction – Sandra Snow, conductor, All-State Women’s Choir 9:50-10:40 am Reading Session: Male Voices (A) 10:40-10:50 am ACDA-MN Live Update 10:50-11:00 am Break 11:00-12:15 pm Rehearsal: Directors’ Chorus – Angie Broeker, director 12:15-1:30 pm Lunch 1:30-2:20 pm Presentation: Strategies for Making Sight Singing Simple and Relevant – Steven Hoemberg 2:20-3:10 pm Reading Session: Treble Voices (B) 3:10-4:00 pm Rehearsal: Directors’ Chorus – Angie Broeker, director 4:10-4:30 pm Stage Check: Directors’ Chorus 4:30-5:15 pm Concert: Directors’ Chorus for All-State Choir Students 5:30-7:00 pm Dinner 7:00-9:30 pm Presentation: MSHSL Judge’s Certification Training and Workshop – Carl Lipke & Bruce Phelps 7:30-9:00 pm Observation: All-State Choir Rehearsal Mixed Choir: Orchestra Room 140, Christiansen Hall of Music Womens’ Choir: Band Room 138, Christiansen Hall of Music Mens’ Choir: Choir Room 233, Christiansen Hall of Music 10:00 pm Afterglow – Contented Cow

FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 8:00-8:45 am Continental Breakfast 8:15 am Registration Opens 8:45-9:00 am Rise and Sing! Literature Gems That Shine! 9:00-9:50 am Presentation: The Perfect Blend: Uniformity with Individual Personality Axel Theimer, conductor, All-State Men’s Choir 9:50-10:40 am Reading Session: Mixed Voices (B) 10:40-10:50 am Break 10:50-11:30 am Presentation: State of the State Membership Meeting – Steven Albaugh, President Presentation: A Golden Anniversary Showcase – Mary Kay Geston, Chair 11:30-12:20 pm Presentation: Boys to Men: A Remarkable Middle School Transformation! – Steven Hoemberg 12:20-1:45 pm Lunch 1:45-2:35 pm Reading Session: Male Voices (B) 2:35-3:25 pm Presentation: NEW SmartMusic 2012 Vocal Assessment and Repertoire Leigh Kallestad, Make Music, Inc. 3:25-4:15 pm Reading Session: Mixed Voices (C) 4:15-4:25 pm ACDA-MN Live Update: Closing Comments 6:30 pm Awards & Recognition Banquet: The Legends Golf Club, Prior Lake


9:00-10:00 am Check out of dorm rooms 10:30 am MMEA All-State Choir Concert – Boe Memorial Chapel

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at



Housing for all Summer Dialogue registrants will be located in the air-conditioned Ytterboe Dormitory. Single or double occupancy is available. Please indicate your choice on the Registration Form. Bed linens, towels and washcloths are provided. You might want to bring an extra blanket and your favorite pillow! Housing check-in and room key distribution will be handled at the Dialogue Registration area (3rd level) located at the Buntrock Commons.

Per Night Stay Rates: • Single Occupancy @ $37.91 per person/per night • Double Occupancy @ $24.61 per person/per night Note: Your housing reservations are contracted directly with St. Olaf College. No refunds or exchanges are offered. In addition, due to the advanced scheduling of campus housing staff, no on-site housing reservations will be offered. Registrants must pre-register your on-campus housing requests by July 15.


Scholarships provided by the F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund Committee are available for young conductors and first-time attendees to Dialogue, regardless of years of experience. Interested members may apply for full or partial scholarships to this event that will cover registration and on-campus lodging expenses. Deadline for scholarship applications is June 1, 2011. Go to the ACDA-MN website at for application forms and detailed information.


Meals in the Buntrock Commons are available to all Dialogue registrants at the following prices (including tax): Breakfast – $6.41 Lunch – $9.08 Dinner – $10.69


Back by popular demand, start each day by selecting favorite items (pastries, fruit and coffee) from the continental breakfast buffet located on the 3rd level of the Buntrock Commons, just outside of the Gold/Sun Ballroom, site of all Summer Dialogue sessions.


Two semester hours of graduate credit will be offered by the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education Studies of Hamline University in St. Paul. Registrants must participate in all Dialogue presentations and attend a brief concluding evaluation seminar. Written journal observations and direct teaching application summaries are required for graded or pass/fail grading options. Please indicate your intention to register on the Registration Form. Formal course registration and $128 per semester credit ($256) total fee accepted on August 2 only. Checks payable to: Hamline University. Either personal check or credit card is accepted.


CEUs will be available for licensure recertification at the end of the week from ACDA-MN. No fees are required. Participation in all Dialogue sessions is expected. Refer to page 20 for more details from the Minnesota Department of Education.


AFTERGLOWS – The Contented Cow, downtown Northfield ALL-STATE CHOIR REHEARSALS – Christiansen Hall of Music Mens’ Chorus – Choir Room 233 Mixed Chorus – Orchestra Room 140 Womens’ Chorus – Band Room 138 CAMPUS HOUSING – Ytterboe Dormitory CLOSING BANQUET – The Legends Golf Club, Prior Lake EXHIBITS FAIR – Buntrock Commons, Crossings Level FOOD SERVICE – Buntrock Commons GROTH MUSIC DISPLAY – Buntrock Commons, Black Ballroom, 3rd level REGISTRATION SITE – Buntrock Commons, 3rd level SESSION PRESENTATIONS – Buntrock Commons, Gold/Sun Ballroom, 3rd level SUMMER DIALOGUE OFFICE – Buntrock Commons, Room 220


Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

REGISTRATION FORM 26th ANNUAL ACDA-MN SUMMER DIALOGUE – St. Olaf College, Northfield MN August 2-5, 2011 Name________________________________________________________________ Are you an ACDA Member?



Home Address__________________________________________City_______________________ St_ _______ Zip_______________ Summer Email Address__________________________________________________ Home Phone (________)____________________ Institution Served_______________________________________ Grade Level:






GENERAL INFORMATION Please check days in attendance:





I will participate in the following Summer Dialogue Program Activities: NEW: Pre-Dialogue Music and Worship Reading Sessions on Tuesday, August 2, 10:30-11:45 am Director’s Chorus – Circle voice part: S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2 Graduate Credit offered by Hamline University. Payable to “Hamline University” on site only on August 2.


$205 Discounted Registration (deadline before July 15, 2011)....................................................................................$_______________ $255 Registration (after July 15, 2011)..............................................................................................................................$________________ $125 Discounted RETIRED Registration (before July 15, 2011)..................................................................................$�������������� $175 retired Registration (after July 15, 2011)............................................................................................................$________________ $75 Single Day Registration: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday..................$________________ $35 retired Single Day Registration: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday..................$________________

HOUSING at Ytterboe Dormitory, St. Olaf College Per Night Stay Rates: Single Occupancy: ____ Number of Nights @ $37.91 per person/per night...........................................................$________________ Double Occupancy: ____ Number of Nights @ $24.61 per person/per night.......................................................$________________ Nights reserved: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Name of Double Occupancy Roommate:������������������������������������������������������������� Note: No on-site housing reservations available. No refunds or exchanges for campus housing reservations.

FOOD SERVICE Tuesday evening welcome picnic and continental breakfasts each morning are included in registration fee. Daily meals may be purchased directly at Buntrock Commons: Breakfast @ $6.41; Lunch @ $9.08; Dinner @ $10.69 Friday evening closing recognition banquet at Legend’s Golf Club in Prior Lake: _____ Number of banquet tickets @ $30..............................................................................................................$________________

TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED.................................................................................................................................... $________________ Please note: Registration fees must be included with registration form and are non-refundable. Enclose Registration Form and check payable to ACDA-MN and send directly to: Amy Jo Atherton Cherner, Registrar 150 E Burnsville Parkway #114 Burnsville MN 55337

OR Register on-line with credit card

For registration questions, contact:

DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION DEADLINE – POSTMARKED BY JULY 15, 2011 American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota • Land of 10,000 Choirs!


Directions to St. Olaf College


Registration online at

St. Olaf College campus map

Registration online at


Hotel Information Along with twenty-four hours of continuing education clock hour credits earned throughout the week, the following Summer Dialogue presentations will incorporate six additional clock hours of targeted presentations that directly apply to teacher re-licensing certification requirements from the Minnesota Department of Education:

Accomodation, Modification, and Adaptation of Curriculum, ­Materials and Instruction Applicants must include in their professional development activities which address accommodation, modification, and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards (i.e. differentiated instruction). • The Choral Rehearsal: A Perfect Setting for a Musical ­Education – Mary Goetze (2 hours) • Boys to Men: A Remarkable Middle School Transformation – Steven Hoemberg (1 hour) • Strategies for Making Sight Singing Simple and Relevant – ­Steven Hoemberg (1 hour) Technology Applicants must also include in their 125 clock hours instruction or other professional development activities that integrate technology effectively with student learning to increase engagement and student achievement. • New SMART MUSIC 2012 Vocal Assessment and Repertoire – Leigh Kallestad (1 hour) • Digital Audition Recording/Assessment Made Easy – Michael Skaar (1 hour) Reflective Statement of Professional Accomplishment and ­Assessment of Professional Growth …each individual who was employed as a teacher…must include “evidence of work that demonstrates professional reflection and growth in best teaching practices. The applicant must include a reflective statement of professional accomplishment and the applicant’s own assessment of professional growth…” in his/her license renewal materials. Note: Dialogue registrants may directly apply acquisition of new learning throughout the entire week in professional development presentations, and include those reflections in this required statement for license renewal.

“Enjoyable – Inspirational – Motivating!”


America’s Best Value Inn and Suites 507/663-0371 or 888/315-2378, So. Hwy. 3, – In-room high-speed Internet, free continental breakfast and an upgraded bath are just some of the amenities offered. AmericInn Lodge & Suites 507/645-7761, So. Hwy. 3, – Pool, free high-speed Internet access, cable TV, free local calls and complimentary breakfast included with every room. Another Time Bed & Breakfast 507/645-6367, 305 Railway St. So. – This quaint bedand-breakfast offers four guest rooms in a classic 1913 home and four-course gourmet breakfasts. Children welcome. Archer House River Inn 507/645-5661 or 800/247-2235, 212 Division St., – Opened in 1877, this thiry-six-room inn is a grand four-story red brick building situated on the banks of the Cannon River. Pets welcome. Archibald Inn Bed & Breakfast 507/664-9481, 107 First St., – This 1869 Italianate Victorian home is on the National Historic Registry and features two private suites, elegant breakfasts and onsite trail access for hikers, skiers and snowmobilers. College City Motel 507/645-4426, 875 N. Hwy. 3 – Conveniently located just one mile north of town, this recently remodeled motel offers low daily, weekly and monthly rates. Country Inn & Suites By Carlson 507/645-2286 or 800/456-4000, 300 So. Hwy. 3, – Free high-speed Internet and complimentary breakfast are standard with each comfortable room. Froggy Bottoms River Suites 507/650-0039, 309 So. Water St., – All suites feature a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living areas and WiFi. Magic Door Bed & Breakfast 507/581-0445, 818 Division St. So., – Just two blocks from downtown Northfield and the Cannon River, this three-room inn features homecooked breakfasts, private whirlpools and an extensive movie selection.

Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at


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740 Southcross Dr W #205 Burnsville, MN 55306

The American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota (ACDA-MN) Our mission – to support and inspire a community of choral musicians

Consider the MANY Benefits of Membership in ACDA of Minnesota You may take advantage of (or) may attend ongoing professional development and continuing education activities that nurture growth in your understanding and practice of the choral art. You will experience rewarding and career-enriching connections with more than 750 colleagues at all levels of teaching and conducting, who are passionate about choral music in Minnesota. You may participate in the annual Summer Dialogue, a conference offered in conjunction with the MMEA All-State Choir camps that includes: Reading sessions of more than 200 new choral music titles at all grade and difficulty levels Workshop presentations by leading clinicians in our state and nation All-State Choir rehearsal observations Directors’ Chorus participation Special concert events Social events designed to connect you to other Minnesota choral professionals Graduate credit offered You may attend the annual Fall State Conference Auditioned performances by leading choirs at all levels Performances of state honor choirs Workshops and clinics by noted clinicians Reading sessions Annual awards luncheon Graduate credit offered Your students will be eligible to audition for the statewide honor choir program which includes a grades 4-5-6 Children’s Honor Choir; 7-8 Boys’ Honor Choir; 7-8 Girls’ Honor Choir; and 9-10 High School Honor Choir. You will receive the national award-winning state newsletter Star of the North featuring articles of interest, designed and written to be practical and helpful to every professional choral educator. You will receive the monthly ACDA national Choral Journal and the North Central Division newsletter Melisma. You will have access to statewide sponsored choral festivals targeting specialty ensembles such as Chamber/Madrigal Singers, Jazz and Show Choirs. Your students will be eligible to participate in our largest annual statewide event…the Men’s/Women’s Choral Festival… bringing together 1000 high school and collegiate level singers. You will receive regular electronic communication informing you of job vacancies, audition and concert announcements. You will have access to MN Choral Connect, a statewide communication network for choral directors. You will have access to MN Commission Consortium, a new project designed to connect choral directors and Minnesota composers in developing single or combined commissioned projects for school, community and worship organizations.

ACDA of Minnesota – Land of 10,000 Choirs! The choral director’s source for ongoing and engaging professional development For further information on membership in ACDA of Minnesota go to

Membership Form


New Membership


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Online Renewal: Fax or mail: ACDA 545 Couch Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2207 Phone: 405-232-8161 x110 Fax: 405-232-8162 (no cover sheet please)

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Boy Children & Youth Community Ethnic & Multicultural Girls Jazz Men SATB / Mixed Show Choir Women

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Primary: ACDA Student Chapter College & University Community Elementary Junior High / Middle School Music in Worship Professional Sr. High School Supervisor / Administrator Two-Year College Youth & Student Activities

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5. ACDA Membership - Including Choral Journal Subscription Visit our web site for a description of these types.

One Year Two Years Three Years 00 00 Active (US and Canada) $95. $190. $285.00 00 00 Active Iowa (Active members who live in the state of Iowa) $98. $196. $294.00 Active Minnesota (Active members who live in the state of Minnesota) $110.00 $220.00 $330.00 00 00 International (Those outside the US & Canada - payment must be in U.S. dollars) $135. $270. $405.00 Retired $45.00 $90.00 $135.00 00 00 Retired Minnesota (Retired members who live in the state of Minnesota) $60. $120. $180.00 Student (full and part-time students at any level) $35.00 $70.00 $105.00 00 00 Associate (Choral Singers, Administrators & non-directors) $95. $190. $285.00 Associate Minnesota (Administrators & non-directors who live in Minnesota) $110.00 $220.00 $330.00 Institution (Ensemble or School/Church Music Dept.) $110.00 $220.00 $330.00 00 00 Industry (Music-related businesses) $135. $270. $405.00 Paying Life** (Make a lifetime commitment) $2,000.00 Annual Installment of $200.00 or greater $__________ **(To qualify for life membership, you must have been an active member of ACDA for a minumum of 10 years) 6. Payment - Payable to ACDA in US Dollars. Total: $ Check #_________________ (Enclosed) Do not fax if mailing a check Visa



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2012 North Central ACDA

Honor Choirs It’s time to audition your singers!

APPLICATION FORMS, information, and instructions will be sent to all NC members by mail, and will be available for download at DEADLINE: October 1, 2011. Get your applications in early!


Contact Lynn Seidl at


Angela Broeker

Elementary Grades 4–6

Paul Caldwell

Sean Ivory

Middle Level Girls Grades 7–8

Margaret Jenks

Randy Swiggum

Middle Level Boys Grades 7–8

Brad Holmes

High School Mixed Grades 9–12

NC-ACDA CONFERENCE “BEYOND THE NOTES”...a conference designed to help ACDA members go deeper in engaging choir members to sing more artistically, with greater independence, understanding, and commitment in the rehearsal process. Join your choral colleagues in Madison, February 8–11, 2012. Special performance: To Be Certain of the Dawn, Paulus/Browne Outstanding guest choirs • Exceptional clinicians • Collegiate repertoire choir Venue for all performances: Overture Center for the Arts ONLINE at


Registration form on page 17 or register on-line at

ACDA of Minnesota 2011  

American Choral Directors Association